Va Beach Sportsplex get synthetic turf by Sportexe

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bjbj When the Virginia Beach Sportplex first opened, its playing surface was a grass surface
that was state of the art for its time. Technology in athletic playing surfaces has come a long
way from those days, and when Hometown Sports Management proposed a rebirth of the Virginia
Beach Sportsplex, a key component of that change would be a total upgrade from grass
to professional quality turf. Converting to a better playing surface makes the Sportsplex and all-day and all-year stadium
and a truly multi-sport home.
new turf was developed by Sportex is called PowerBlade HP and is a state of the art playing
surface used by teams like the Baltimore Ravens, the New Orleans Saints and many other top-level
college and professional teams. The playing surface for the Sportsplex qualifies as FIFA
1-Star surface. The PowerBlade HP synthetic turf system is an amazingly soft and resilient
playing surface with the durability you expect in a professional stadium and it will maintain
its natural look, amazing softness and high-performance year after year. With this fantastic playing surface, along
with numerous partnerships with multi-sport athletic clubs and teams, from the High School
football game of the week to soccer tournaments, the Virginia Beach Sportsplex is poised to
be the premier multi-sport facility in Hampton Roads. The Sportsplex is now a year-round
athletic venue hosting soccer, football, rugby and is also available as a training facility.
With the help of its strategic partners and sponsors, the Sportsplex will fulfill the
vision made a decade ago of being the center of athletic competition for the region. The
Virginia Beach Sportsplex is the premier multi-sport facility in Hampton Roads David Rourk
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