Growing Tomatoes at Garden2Blog | At Home With P. Allen Smith

Uploaded by ehowhome on 12.06.2012

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Hey, my name is Shawna Coronado, and right now I'm at P. Allen Smith's garden home. It
is so cool that it is 89 degrees out. Super hot. And today, I wanna show you a tip: How
to plant Ralph. This is my friend Ralph. He's a tomato. And there's a special way to plant
a tomato. And what it will do is make your tomato stronger and tougher all through the
season. Okay, here's the idea: Ralph is actually a superhero. No kidding. When you peel this
is off and you rip off Ralph's arms--I'm gonna do it--I'm ripping off his arms like that.
Don't break the stem. Hold on, I'm gonna rip them all off. What we have is one giant, long
stem. Now, what you wanna do is dig a trench– straight trench in the soil. Close enough.
And we're gonna lay Ralph down. And what we're gonna do is put him right on the side. Now,
it looks like I'm being harsh to Ralph. But the reality is–is that we're gonna give
him new life. I think we're even gonna go one more arm off. And lay him all the way
down. What happens is: We cover him with soil and then Ralph the superhero grows new roots
all by himself. It's really cool. He grows little, tiny root hairs all along this and
pretty soon it will be like a rock. It's a great foundation for your tomatoes to grow
around. So we'll cover it all with soil. And then what we'll do is make sure there's only
a little bit of Ralph peeping up. And that's it. That's all there is to it. Easy way to
plant a tomato and it's gonna make your garden far more successful.