Clara's ashes ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat ep 1835

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Max, there is a piece of omelette from yesterday evening left
That one of potatoes and onions, that one you like so much
If you want it I warm it up
Im not hungry at all I woke up late
You have to eat something
And if we share a beer? Beer ups my hunger
Or an appetizer
No, Beni. Its not necessary
Damn it. Max, Jesus, sorry that Im so tedious but its that
Its that I dont know what to do. I dont know what to say
Since you have returned we hardly talk with each other
and since you have seen Iago the thing has gone worse
I dont know if I make myself clear but between Clara and..
It will pass, Beni
Dont say that it went well with Iago?
I thought yes but now I dont know it
You asked him for forgiveness
Well, now its over. You did what you had to do
He forgave you; it's over. I dont know, Max
He is with Gonzalo now and you shouldnt put between them
I dont know if I make myself clear
Come in, come in
Ah, Im going to the kitchen for a moment
We do what you want
And when do you leave?
In a while
I would have liked to stay with Nuria for a few days but she has very much work
Maybe it is better this way
Take it
Finally we havent done it so badly, right?
I want to say tha...tthat Clara would have agreed with what we have done
I guess. But I would have liked if she hadnt died in prison, drugging herself
I prefer to remain with the wonderful things
You remember that day when Trasto...?
I have to go
Max, sit down. If we are talking
Sit down, please. Its that I dont want us to separate making each other angry
I would like it that we stay in contact
And that we write e-mails to each other and
You can come and see me at Prague
When you want to and with whom you want
I know you'll like it
Thanks for inviting me butI dont think I will come
You are my brother and Im just trying
You dont need to make things harder, Nuria. You have your life and I have mine
We have been years without knowing anything about each other
And when Clara returned to prison you didnt move a finger to help her nor me
What have we to do now?
Meeting once in a year to pretend that we are a family?
We are not. We have never been it
Clara promised me that I would have a family. And she tried but..
But she didnt get it. With Quim happened the same thing
I never had a family and I will never have it
I will always be alone but I have already accepted it. It doesnt matter
Now I dont need it
Dont worry about me
Take care
Goodbye, Max