Qualcomm's Way of the Dragon Retreat

Uploaded by QUALCOMMVlog on 31.03.2011

Komodo Islands
Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset solutions enables some of the industries most powerful smart phones on the market today.
this is why, we say that inside today’s smartest devices beats the heart of a dragon.
But we cannot bestow the heart of dragon without first learning what that truly means.
Thus, Qualcomm has created the way of the dragon retreat.
So that we may all become one with the closest thing on earth to a true dragon; komodo dragons.
These creatures know all the truth of the universe if we simply chose to listen.
Our innovative training with komodo dragons makes Qualcomm engineers
more alert, more awake, more attuned to their essence.
It’s an innovative approach that helps our engineers develop new levels of creativity and ingenuity when faced with challenges
Komodo dragons help us see new possibilities, and I think that’s reflected by the fact that Snapdragon is the best chipset on the market
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