Fred & Cookie Blomquist

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Fred: I'm Fred Blomquist, this is my wife Collette senior who is also known as Cookie.
We were in Granite Bay California. We have been in Placer County since 1979. We've been here since 1985. Cookie: right
Fred: That's 25 years. I was about to go in for some surgery
and I was going to be laid up for a while so that was an opportune time for me to do some work in the house.
Under my direction, I had a couple of people coming in. I didn't have quite enough cash.
We needed another 50 or 60 thousand dollars to get the place cleaned up that the way we wanted it.
He said that he could get us the best loan possible. I didn't realize how much of a preditory loan it was.
What had happened was that I had open heart surgery along with some vascular surgery.
Shortly after I had got of the hospital, our office was broken into and all the electronics were taken.
It wasn't about the 30 or 40 thousand dollars of electronics. It was all of the client files that were on there.
I think we wasted another hundred thousand dollars replacing some of it. We didn't replace all of it.
The lender has been unreasonable; they have even tampered with our identity by dealing unusually.
We have received a fair amount of harassment. In addition to our house, this lender had loans on our cars.
Cookie: We lived here for 28 years , we are here you know? This is ours.
Fred:My dad passed away here and we are kind of entrenched here.
We had couple of kids here who finished their growing up stages here and Its grandma and Grampas home. We just expected to stay and die here.
Cookie: The foreclosure amount is six hundred and fifty thousand dollars and a few pennies and they sold it to themselves---
for four hundred and fifty thousand dollars. They never gave me a chance like that. I refused to move. (laughter)
Fred:Thanks to the help of the My US Legal Services and Us Loan Auditors.
Cookie: Or we wouldn't be here if it wasnt for them. They first came to our house and we first met them both of them were very professional.
They looked over our papers and they seem to know what they were talking about and I was very impressed---
and they would get right back to us as soon as they were able to. and they did and they still do. You call there and you get answers.
When I had to go to the court in the unlawful detainer, I was a wreck and they took care of me. So I have the utmost respect for them.
Fred: They have been...if nothing else they've been comforting. it looks like the attorneys and the auditors are doing one fine job for us.
It isn't over but, even if we end up losing I can't complain. They've done what they said they would do.
Cookie: They've helped get some of the stress off of me..
Fred: They have given us comfort additionally.
Cookie: US auditors have really helped my husband and I stay at our home even after the foreclosure, even after the sale date---
and when we were told to move, we have stayed here and their advice has been absolutely great.
We are still in our home and we appreciate what they have done for us.
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