This Is My KLR650

Uploaded by halfthrottle on 25.05.2011

I will never be the first to set foot on an uncharted island.
Or stumble through the jungle onto an
undiscovered Mayan city.
Brave men like Columbus, Magellan, Cortez
ruined my chance
at ever becoming an great explorer.
The closest I will ever come to venturing into the unknown,
and discovering far off places,
will be on my motorcycle.
I don't care about shiny chrome,
or loud exhaust.
I don't ride to be seen, I ride because I want to disappear.
For me it's about freedom.
The freedom to explore.
To get lost.
To find somewhere silent.
It may only have one 650cc cylinder.
And the trim is no longer shiny and green.
It has rust and scratches.
And more than a few pieces that need to be replaced.
But I didn't buy to ride up and down main street on sunny days.
And I don't turn around when the pavement ends.
I take adventures not road trips.
I wear protective gear,
not because I might fall,
but because on roads like these I know I will.
This is my ticket to unlimited adventure.
This is my ugly, old, slow
And I'm going to have more fun with it
than anyone on any other bike in the world.