Best of Álvaro&Bea (32) - with English / Hungarian subtitles (Álvaro's letter in the description)

Uploaded by tixy83 on 12.11.2008

Hi, Bea!
What are you doing here?
Er, I asked him to accompany me.
The thing is, we are both his exes.
You're his ex ex and I'm his ex-prison mate.
Ok. Officer, why don't we go on?
That way.
First of all...
Merry Christmas!
The same to you.
So you know each other from prison.
Well... as you can see.
It happens sometimes, I guess.
Thank you for everything you've done for me.
You don't have to thank me for anything.
We are now square.
I'm very glad to see you again.
I have a lot of things to say to you.
Can we talk for a moment in private?
What's up?
I'd like to talk to you about the letter.
What do you want to know about the letter?
What did it mean to you?
When I read it, everything made sense.
It changed my life.
Thanks to that letter I found true love.
I had it right under my nose but I didn't see it.
That's what I wanted to know.
No! Wait!
There's something more...
Thanks to that letter I realized how happy I was with Nacho.
I love him like I haven't loved anyone else.
That's what I feel.
How paradoxical!
Isn't it ironic that a love letter written by somebody else made you realize that you love Nacho?
That's the essence of poetry.
You identify yourself with the feelings it expresses.
I guess.
And why are you so interested in my opinion about the letter?
It's just that I've considered the "Eel" a great writer since I knew him.
I only wanted to verify it.
I haven't read anything so beautiful in a long time.
He's a very special person.
I'm really glad you are happy.
I wish you all the best!
So do I.
I feel terrible for not having the courage to tell Nacho the truth about the letter.
But why couldn't I do it?
Maybe the fact that the letter was written by the "Unnameable" affects me more than I thought?
Now you really look like a real manager.
I liked you more with your old bag.
It quite suits me.
I got it from Nacho.
It didn't take you long to mention him.
What do you want to say with that?
That you are the same girl I fell in love with.
And Nacho won't change this.
Nor anyone else.
I don't have the right to rebuild my life with another person?
I thought you had already gone.
I don't like to be cut off in mid-sentence.
No love letter could make me change my mind.
What letter?
The "Eel" has confessed it to me.
I know you wrote that letter
thinking of me.
Let me live my life.
That letter was written by me...
but I wasn't thinking only of you
but of all the women who had crossed my life.
The "Eel" must have been wrong.
He has a lot of free time and too much imagination...
Are you disappointed by the fact that the letter wasn't inspired by you?
For me our love is history.
You've already reminded me of it and broken my heart many times.
I don't love you anymore.
Neither do I.
Are we quits?
At last!
I have a lot of work to do.
How things have changed since we kissed here for the first time.
A lot.
Don't kiss Nacho here!
Keep that memory for you and for me!
I'm only asking you not to do it here.
What are you doing here?
I was told your father is about to sell his shares to Diego.
I want to talk to him.
'Super Bea' in action.
I know your father needs to rest but....
Could you wake him up? Please!
It's important.
It's important that I talk to him before it's too late.
It's already too late.
My father has already gone to sell his shares to Diego.
Why didn't you do anything to prevent it?
I did everything I could to prevent it.
I even offered to buy his shares myself.
I had the strength to fight for Bulevar,
but he preferred to sell them to Diego.
I'm leaving for Bulevar...
Maybe I'll arrive in time to prevent the catastrophe.
By now they must be toasting to the new deal.
Your father must have had a good reason to give in to Diego.
That of always, Bea.
My father doesn't trust me.
I failed as a director and ruined the company.
It's over.
I can't believe you're saying that.
As if it didn't matter to you at all.
And what should I do?
Shall I start crying?
It's time for me to live...
to forget about Bulevar...
Diego... my father
and you.
You should stop drinking.
Here you are!
Álvaro, I haven't given up.
You never give up.
How do you want to get out of this?
I don't know.
I'll ask Nacho to contest the contract.
He always does what you ask him to do.
Is he your boyfriend?
Or your butler?
Álvaro! Don't pick on him anymore!
You're going to slap my face.
I have no reason to do so.
I'll give you a reason.