Kim Kardashian Talks About Cristiano Ronaldo

Uploaded by ryanseacrest on 17.08.2010

Ryan Seacrest: With us now, Kim Kardashian, Jonathan Cheban, from E's series The Spin
The Spin Crowd Crow and Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Sunday you can watch
both those shows starting at ten o'clock Kim!Twitter question! Have you ever dated,
Cristiano Rinaldo?
Kim Kardashian: Next question! We're friends but...
Ryan: Have you ever thought about kissing him?
Kim: I've thought about a lot of things,no I'm just kidding, I'm just kidding!
Ryan: Is he orange?
Kim: Can we get on to the next question?
Ellen K: Does he wear pink?
Jonathan Cheban: Boxers or briefs?
Ryan: Very good!
Kim: No, none of the above.
Ellen K: None of the above?
Ryan: Jonathan, who have you worked with that Kim has kissed?
Jonathan: Well, the list is very long...
Kim: WHAT??
Jonathan: I'm kidding, I don't know, have you kissed Rihanna?
Kim: I wish!
Jonathan: Yeah, I don't know...
Ellen K: Do you approve of anyone Kim's been around?
Ellen K: Because you would be a good filter!
Kim: He's the best, like-
Jonathan: I am a good filter, I give her like, bullet points.
Jonathan is so honest with me, sometimes he would say
Kim: okay, you got to change your whole outfit, we gotta look a little more Victoria
Kim: Beckham you're so friendly, you gotta like put on the mean face, put on these
Kim: sunglasses
Jonathan: I'm like stop smiling all the time!
Kim: He fully gives me these make overs, before we leave the house.
Ryan: Why do you want her to be angry?
Jonathan: I don't but she can't be happy all the time this girl..Look at this piece of work!
Ryan: No way, she should be grinning from ear to freaking ear!
Jonathan: She is!
Ellen K: On the inside!
Ryan: Kim! Perez Hilton, our good friend, has sent me this photograph and I cannot
Ryan: identify the people at the table there at Chili's
Ellen K: At Chili's?
Ryan: Can you describe who you see at the table with you?
Kim: Oh my God! You know, I swear I saw this person taking a picture at the bar
Kim: People are so shady!
Ryan: Now who's at that table?
Kim: Can't describe it, so funny how they describe it! That is ridiculous!
Ryan: Let me see..Kim Kardashian seated at the table with Miles Austin and Tony Romo
Ellen K: Tony Romo? That's fun! That's a fun table!
Kim: We went to Chili's! It's not like I can deny it when there's a picture right there!
Ryan: And was there an after party?
Kim: I was about to say, I have no idea what you're talking about...
Kim: No after party!
Ellen K: They're in training!
Kim: Training camp, just a little Chili's.
Ryan:And we can see how all this unfolds, as you watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians
and good luck with your show Jonathan! Good to see you both!