Jennifer Lawrence El Hormiguero Show April 20 2012 Part 4 English Subbed

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Ant: She dances with heels!
Marron: Nice to meet you
Marron: Enough, enough
Ant: See Pablo dancing
Man, you do anything, uh?
You don't ever stop
Well, Jennifer, I hope you're having fun, that you're comfortable
well, you have done 'The Hunger Games' and I'm called "the hunger body"
Ant: Handsome!
No, no. Stop laughing. The doctor has told me that if I lose more weight my organs are gonna fall off
with hanging lungs and other disgusting stuff
well, apart from this imbecility...
Let's do some science. As Pablo said, we have focused on the pressure
Please, man in black, come in
Ant: The man in black did his military service in Mordor!
Marron: Thank you "black man"
Ok, we're going to do the following...
Here we have some gum, normal gum
I want you to pick 3 gums each one
Pablo: 3?
Ant: 3
Open them, because we're going to make with them a cone
Ant: Cone?
Ant 2: Haha, yuck!
Ok, we take 3 and put them together and we mold a cone
A cone
I like Barranca's (Ant 2) laugh
I chew it?
No, some old people have been chewing them before
the only thing we have to do is mold them
Mine is not good
Look, we have a fantastic trick
we do...tada!
It's hard at the beginning
Pablo: they're 3 pepermint gum
Marron: 3 normal pepermint gum wich form a cone
and we're going to put that cone on the table
and we'll break through this watermelon with the gum
how can it be? It's possible because of the pressure
The pressure is force per unit area
I don't know if I can do this experiment if I can't make a cone with gum
it looks like an igloo!
Look, this one is yours
There is my helpless little cone
You can see that is a normal gum
Ant: Pablo twists it to the right
Ant 2: It looks like a tampon, Pablo
Marron: Well, we can't be perfect
Pablo: Ok, I got it
And now, we're going to break through that watermelon
because the cone surface is a peak, so its surface is minimum
so the force and pressure become maximum
and just by letting the watermelon fall, the gum will break through it
Ant: What'cha say?
Ant 2: C'mon...I don't believe it
Folks in jail, are you tired of making spikes with ballpen?
Pablo: No, no, no!
Jennifer, get back
Jennifer: What?
Marron: Let's see it
Ant: I don't believe it
Ant 2: It can't be
Pablo: a gum, a watermelon
will the gum break through the watermelon?
Ant 2: Maybe...if the gum is 'Boomer'...
Ant: Here comes Pablo...
Pablo: you don't have to use all your strengh
because the gum is a weapon!
Marron: there we are
too much force...
Ant 2: Unbelievable!
Pablo: look
Marron: You could think the gum is smashed
Pablo: no, it isn't
Jennifer: how could somebody think of this?
How did you think of that?
Marron: we have plenty of free time in Spain
Pablo: Are there more watermelons?
Ant: Do it again!
Pablo: You wanna try?
Jennifer: Yeah! Of course
Pablo: Hey, folks, we have some cheap watermelons here!
Jennifer: But I don't have to make another cone, right?
Pablo: No, no. Let's use the same one. This is your cone
It already has remnants of the previous watermelon
Pablo: You have to...
Ant: The dress you're wearing is very expensive ?
Pablo: You only have to let it fall
Jennifer: Do I have to hit it hard?
Pablo: No, no. Not very hard
Marron: Medium strengh
Ant: Let's see...
Marron: Very good, very good! Let's see
Ant 2: I think she smashed it
Ant: I don't believe it
Pablo: She did it perfectly
And there it is
Marron: and Pablo being piggy
So that's it
Let's do another experiment
Bring the other table, thanks Man in Black
Ant 2: The Man in Black is Arantxa Sánchez Vicario's (Spanish tennis player) father
Pablo: Survival advice: if you're in the jungle but you have a gum, you can break watermelons
that is very important for you to know
and maybe you can kill a monkey, or that kind of stuff
and with this, we're going to prove that magnets
apart from the attraction power
they are electrically conductive
we have here some neodymium magnets chains
which are the most powerful magnets in the Earth
and we're going to prove that they are actually electrically conductive
we brought a few engines
and inside this neodymium magnets chains we have put a battery
and two magnets at its sides
we can connect the engine...
Pablo is making jewelry
Pablo: I'm trying to make her a necklace
Marron: Yeah, look how nice
Ant 2: You're going to mess up with her microphone with the magnet!
Jennifer: Thank you
Marron: Normally...
Jennifer: Oh, I can't keep it? It was fun the time I had it
Marron: Alright, perfect
See? It is working already
And with this engine and these tops we have made of neodymium magnets
if we put the tip in the engine's tip we make the top rotate
Ant: Jennifer is freaking out
Marron: There you go. See?
Ant: lift it up
Pablo: hit it
if you hit it at the end...
like this
what flapdoodle, uh?
Ant 2: is like a UFO
Marron: and we could be like this hours and hours
Pablo: What happen if...?
wow! They broke! Oh my God