How to Install Bi-Xenon HID: Nissan Xterra 2005-2010 Pt 1 of 2

Uploaded by XenonSupply on 24.04.2010

Hi, Phil with
today we have a 2007 Nissan Xterra
that we're going to be doing a
Bi-Xenon HID installation on
let's go ahead and pop the hood and get started
let's take a look at the tools we'll need for this installation
now we're going to be using a Xenon Supply premium Bi-Xenon HID kit
it comes with the wiring harness
the two Bi-Xenon bulbs, two ballasts, and the instruction manual
the tools you will be using
are the 8 zip ties included in the kit for secure your ballasts
a 10mm socket preferrably an extended
socket wrench
and some wire cutters
the first thing you want to do with any installation on your vehicle
is remove the negative battery terminal the reason we want to use a 10mm extended
socket is because this screw is a little bit long
go ahead and loosen
you with that, give it a tap
should come off
now I like to use some painters tape just to cover of up the connection
so it doesn't come back
and get you later on
and that should be good
now to remove the
passenger side halogen bulb
you're going to see a blue connector
like this
go ahead and press down
on the end of the black side
and pull away
now this is just the wiring harness that we were using earlier the halogen
removal should be the same process
there is a retaining
ring here that you need to turn counterclockwise and remove
before you can remove the halogen bulb
let's take a look at the wiring harness that we're going to be using
with the automotive relay
to connect your Bi-Xenon HID kit
now the automotive relay has all the connections coming out of it
there's a 30 AMP fuse that you need to connect
inline to the battery terminal
the rest of the connections
this side here is the passenger side
there is a ground terminal that needs to be plugged into the chassis
which I will show you later
the 9007 style plug
that goes into your stock
wiring harness
the Bi-Xenon signal wires
and the wire that goes to your ballast
now for the driver's side there's a little bit less because your signal is coming from
the passenger side headlight
you don't need one on the driver's side
all you need to do is connect the Bi-Xenon signal
and a connection to the chassis for the grounding wire
let's go ahead and set this up
the first thing we need to do is connect the positive terminal
it connects inline with the 30AMP fuse
now there should be a plastic cover over your positive terminal pull up and away it should
pop off
and there's an accessory bolt right here that you can use to connect
take the 10mm socket
loosen it
it should come off
you can then place this on top
and put the nut back on
let's go ahead and tighten this
now that that's connected
we can go ahead and get the connection set as well as the grounding wire set
on the passenger side
you'll be taking the side of wires
that are shortest in length
and bringing them over to the passenger side
now the grounding wire will be connecting to a chassis bolt
right here if you can see
it is a 10mm bolt
and should come out
with the socket wrench
now that we have the bolt removed
go ahead
and place the new lead on
attach it back to the original
chassis wire
and screw it back in
should be able to tighten it from here
now that the grounding wire is done on the passenger side
we can go ahead and connect the automotive relay
to your factory harness
let's take a look here
this does come with an H13 connector it should go directly inline
with the black side here
just go ahead and press it in
wait for that snap
make sure it's firm
now we can go ahead with the grounding wire
on the driver's side
the connection is going to be made
you can see it right here
where the air filters coming out
right at the bottom there
take your 10mm socket
and loosen the nut
now that you have the grounding bolt out you can go ahead
and connect it to the grounding wire from the HID kit
and plug it back in
where it came from
make sure to tighten it back up securely
and this wire should be set
we're going to now place the premium ballast inside the chassis
the easiest way to get this done is to use the zip ties that we supply
press them in to like a U shape
and for the passenger side we are going to be mounting it
to a wire bundle that goes across the chassis against the wall
now you should be able to see it right here it will take some patience to get the zip
ties through
and to tighten them
we have the premium ballast now mounted
against the wiring harness there are two zip ties holding it in place
we can move on to the driver's side
the driver's side
is a little bit easier to access
same method using the zip ties
we're going to be using the wiring harness right along the chassis just like the
passenger side
right here
its a good spot to put it, it's nice and secure I'm going to go ahead and do this and then we'll show you how to put the bulbs in