Xeo videoblog #1 @ The International 2 (with English subs)

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Aug 26, 2012

Hello everybody! It’s Xeo from navi-gaming.
Now we’re in the Hayatt Hotel in Bellevue. Few hours ago the 2ng day of trainings has finished
and tomorrow a group stage phase will start. What happened today? Unfortunately Puppey fell
ill yesterday, he has a food poisoning, that’s why our guys played with substitution today.
GoD played instead of Puppey, Smile was a captain and in general they played well, though there were
some problems. Our team played with Absolute Legends, and they also played with the Chinese team.
God played well too. As for the Valve Office, I was really impressed. It’s situated in a few
km from the hotel, we went there on foot. It is nearly 16 floors high into the air. Valve is
situated on three floors – 5, 6, 8. there are a lot of interesting stuff in the office, you can
see the photos in the gallery and we agreed to make a complete video review of the office with
photos as well, and we’ll make an interview with creators of CS 1.6 and DOTA2 on Monday or
Tuesday when it will be a break between the group stage and finals. Every team has its own
Valve official, who is in charge of team’s traveling, trainings and so on. Today we also had
such an officials and I had a chance to communicate with him. Yes, it’s true that all the Valve
staff can do what they want. As for International, they considered how to make a game which will
be the best in Style??? And they decided to create such a great tournament for a great amount
of money and to draw attention to it, what actually turned great. This year’s organization is
better. As you know; the traveling is paid for all the players, as well as luxury hotel, transfer
and the office itself as well. Players feel great here which it really good. A few minutes ago
we had a little team building; Alexander ZeroGravity had a conversation with the guys, so
they’ve got a fighting spirit. The team will play tomorrow first of all with IG from China; I
think it will be interesting. As for the participating teams, Malayan MUFC couldn’t come here as
according to the rumors one of its players whether lost his passport or smoked in the plain or
the both at once, so he couldn’t come by the end of the day. So there was a match for a quota
between World Elite and mousesports. The last has won 3:0. During the last game all
the Chinese teams were absent, there was a large projector which broadcasted the game and
after the 2nd game the Chinese left for their own matters. Well, in general mouse will participate.
They are in the Group A now, which according to our players is good for us. I communicated
with other players as well, but unfortunately the video became a fail in Marchello style.
Greetings to you! And I’ve made a great mute interview with Mouse, Black, SingSing, SexyBamboe It
was funny, but I’m lucky that Black agreed to make it once again and at the moment of our
present conversation this video will appear in the internet. As for SingSing we’ll talk to
him tomorrow as with the participator for International. So it will be cool. As for
the plans for tomorrow, we’ll make a few interviews with the Chinese teams I agreed it with Zhou
from IG as well as Loda from Zenith, I think it will be interesting. Talking about the city
itself, its weather is similar with Kiev’s one, though it’s a bit colder here. It’s like a
Canadian America, I mean it’s rather chilly here, lots of afforestation. Now we’re in Bellevue,
it’s like a Seattle’s suburbs and is considered to be like a town. Now we’re in its center,
there’re lots of skyscrapers, everything if filled with Microsoft logo, as it’s office it
situated here as well as Boeing’s one and as I already told you it’s a main Valve’s office too.
So tomorrow we start playing, so I ask you to support us and buy medals for you to get luck we
’ll play our best as this is a group stage and all the teams want to come to the winner’s
final, otherwise it will be difficult. I’d like to say that within the next few days we’ll
have news on our site, dealing with such a nice t-shirts and I think you’ll be able to buy
them or to win them in our contests. So stay with us and see you soon.