Na`Vi and Polina interview female gamers in Kiev CyberSport Arena (with Eng subs)

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Hello my dear friends.
We are at KievCyberSport Arena at the moment.
StarLadder tournament takes place here.
There's a popular belief that girls
shouldn't play computer games.
Contrary to this belief we met
a lot of gorgeous beauties here.
Let's ask what they do here.
Moving on.
- Hi. What's your name?
- My name is Diana.
- Amazing girl.
Diana what are you doing here?
- I'm MadHouse team manager.
I'm here on business.
- Are you interested in computer games
or is it just a part of your job?
- I played esports earlier,
but it's just business right now.
- Which games did you play?
- Point Blank.
I play DOTA just for fan.
- Can you imagine?
She states so easily that she playes DOTA.
Are there many girls in esports?
- Quite enough.
By the way most of them are pretty.
It's a stereotype that a girl-gamer is a pimpled nerd.
It's not true. Many beautiful girls are gamers.
- Abs, packs, stiff booty, sexy strings...
- It's true.
- Ok. How much time do you have for esports.
- Quite a lot.
- I got it.
Look, guys-gamers usually
don't have enough time for a girlfriend.
What about girls?
- I was a captain of female Point Blank team.
We played pro-league against boys.
We spent much time on it.
We gathered every day and played for
5 hours not including solo games on publics.
In the evenings.
- It's not so much.
- It's without solo-game on publics for warmup.
It's plus 2 hours.
It took 5-7 hours a day.
- So what about private life?
- Awesome.
- Really?
- Yep.
- Can you combine both?
- Easily.
- Are your boyfriends gamers?
- Yep.
- So you play together, naked,
without abstracting from the gaming process.
- Sometimes it's like this.
- Awesome.
It was nice to communicate with you.
She's a supergirl.
Follow her example.
- Hi. What's your name.
- Hi. I'm Victoria.
- Victoria!
What a beautiful name!
Victoria what are you doing here?
- I cheer for Point Blank team called Mind.
- Are you interested in esports?
Do you have many gamers-friends.
Why are you here?
- Yes, I'm gamer.
I play Point Plank.
- Well-well.
Guys, now you know where to find such gorgeous ladies.
Tell us how did you get into esports?
- I liked the game and I started playing.
It's easy.
- What about the results?
- I participated in female teams.
- And now?
- Now I don't have a team.
I cheer for Mind.
- Would you like to continue?
- Definitley.
- Wow, amazing!
Tell us about your private life
'cause everybody's interested in it.
Boys-gamers live a so-so private life.
What about girls?
- As for now I'm free.
- As for now you are free.
- I mean already.
- already.
Did you have relationship with gamer?
- No.
- So he didn't understand.
- He didn't.
- So you broke up with him.
- I did.
- Boys and girls have common stories.
Not a big deal.
Do you have many female friends gamers?
- Not so much but they exist.
- I got it.
How many hours per day do you spend for practice?
- Quite a lot.
- 10-12 hours?
- Around 6 hours.
Or more.
- What do your parents think of it?
- They don't support me.
- What do they say?
Dont they't let you
play computer games prior to making home tasks?
- They say nothing
but they really don't like this occupation.
- Do you get any prize money for gaming?
Can girls do it for living?
- Girls can't.
- SO you have to work and play
to prove that girls run the world.
Are you going to be into esports and stay so pretty?
- I can do it.
- Thank you for amazing interview.
Good luck.
You are yet another proof that ...
Film this amazing lady.
How awesome our female-gamers are.
Thank you Victoria.
- Hey beauty. What's your name?
- Hello all.
I'm Nastya.
- Anastasiya.
My favorite name.
Anastasiya what are you doing in this rich-with-boys place?
- I'm here accidently.
I work here.
I wanted to find a job for summer
but it seems like I'm here for long.
- Ok. What's the job?
- Video production. We create tops.
I'm responsible for 2 disciplines.
We make reviews and all video related stuff.
- But you have to understand what you are editing.
Am I correct?
Have you tried any of the games?
Did you like anything?
- I tried, but it's not for me
- A few headshots and you are out of the game?
- Yep.
- It's the same with me.
Ok, are there any gamers among your friends?
- I came here and found many gamers
who want me to become part of their world.
I also have many friends who
play outside KievCyberSport Arena.
My current job raised their interest.
- You became the most popular among your friends.
Look, there's a common thought
that gamers are pimpled stupid nerds.
Is it true?
- I wouldn't say so.
Of course it depends on the age.
It's interesting to look at boys aged 12-13.
They are so tiny and they play DOTA.
No, I wouldn' say that all the gamers are pimpled.
- They do are handsome.
They use tonics, creams and make hair designs.
- Yep. They are always in front of the cameras.
- Do you plan to play anything?
- I'd like to.
There are many moments when
I have nothing to do at work.
I'd love to try something
but I can't find the right game.
- Here's my advice.
Boys, a very beautiful girl is waiting for you
to teach her play any game.
Come to KievCyberSport Arena tome o meet Anastasiya.
- Hello, what's your name?
- I'm Anya.
- Anya what are you doing here?
- I came to see the World of Tanks finals.
- Are you a gamer?
- Yep.
- Which game do you play?
Is your boyfriend a gamer?
Where is he from?
- My boyfriend is currently playing World of Tanks.
I've been playing for half a year.
I'm an amateur.
It's intriguing.
I cheer for several famous teams
and I'm on my way to create my own team.
- Wow. Both of you are gamers.
Is it difficult to combine both relations and gaming?
Or you sit shoulder to shoulder and play your games?
- Smth like this. W live together.
We have no problems with time.
- Nights are available.
- Nights are for nerds.
Day is enough for us.
- How do gamers earn money?
What about your boyfriend?
- We both study and work.
So we combine.
Money and time are not problems for us.
- Awesome.
It's an ideal couple.
How many hours per day do you dedicate to esports?
- I spend approx 2 hours
and my boyfriend plays for 3-4 hours.
- Is esports hard for girls?
- I'm like a boy in the esports world.
- You're a bro.
- I got used to boys companies.
- Beer, girls...
Do you have many female friends gamers?
- I'm the one.
I think it's just because of the boyfrind.
- Do girls have future in esports?
- Yes, they do.
I know many successful examples.
Not every boy can stand against them.
- So you are one of those to promote esports among the girls.
- Hello beauty.
What's your name?
- My name is Mila.
- Mila is so cute and shy.
However she has chosen this steel.
You are such a beauty.
What are you doing here?
- I came to cheer for my freinds.
- Cool. Who they are?
- I have someone to cheer for in every team.
- It's Dendi in Na`Vi, Goblak in Darer.
I also cheer for M5 in general.
- Super. Are you interested in esports?
- Yes.
I play DOTA.
I have my own women team.
I stream as well.
- And now in detal.
In which team do you play?
For how long?
Isn't it difficult for girls?
Each of you has special days.
These days can affect your game.
It's damn interesting to know how it all works.
- It's quite nice.
We've been playing for a long time.
We played DOTA 1 first.
Then we've switched to DOTA 2.
Our team is called OldBy.
Girlds play a bit worse than boys
but we have some sort of future as well.
- I'm sure in your future.
What are the reasons that girls are weaker in esports?
Money. What else?
- They lack serious attitude to the game.
We show bad play picking heroes which require many buttons.
So we have to practice a lot.
- Do you strive for it?
- Yes-yes-yes.
I came here so see pro-gamers.
Their picks and bans.
- Amazing.
What about your private life?
How many hours do you dedicate to gaming
and what about the boys?
- With boys?
As a matter of fact my boyfriend plays DOTA as well.
He plays for Empire.
That's why I came here.
- Do you practice together.
How do you combine love and DOTA?
- We have 2 computers so we play together.
Sometimes he plays and I stream his games.
- Love and game.
You can always find a solution.
Thank you Mila.
Your dress is gorgeous.
Pay attention to her dress.
Here they are girls-gamers.
My dear friends.
As you can see,
a talanted person has many talents
. There are many girls in esports
and they are amazing!
So if you meet a feemale-gamer,
treat her with respect.
Maybe she'll cook for you in return.
See you!
Thanks for being with us.