Android 1.6 Official Video

Uploaded by androiddevelopers on 08.09.2009

>> Android 1.6 enables applications to be rendered properly on different display resolutions
and densities. Developers can also specify the types of screens supported by the applications.
Android 1.6 includes support for CDMA in the telephony stack. Support for new screen sizes
and CDMA means Android can run on even more devices and networks. Quick Search Box allows
users to search the web and their phone directly from the home screen. It provides suggested
results from the web even while the user is still typing. Quick Search Box provides relevant
contextual information like local business listings as suggestions without having even
to launch the browser. Users can also find answers to common queries with Quick Search
Box, for example, local weather. Users can search for information managed by applications
like contacts. But they can also take actions such as...
>> Call Adam's mobile. >> Users control how Quick Search Box works
on their phone. For example, they can select what types of content is included in their
searches. The search framework provides developers a way to easily expose relevant content from
their applications. Here's an app for letting users track what books they have read. The
developer made the app searchable from the Quick Search Box, by author name and provided
suggestions. Android 1.6 includes a Text-to-Speech API. This API uses a multilingual speech synthesis
engine that allows applications to speak text strings with the right accent. The initial
set of supported languages is available to users from Android Market.
>> Wie geht es dir? >> In Android market, we're making it even
easier for users to find great apps from developers. The latest version of Market improves overall
discoverability. Users can quickly choose among apps, games and downloads. In the category
view, they can explore the Top Paid, Top Free and titles that just came in. And with each
app or game, users can now see screenshots submitted by developers as well as read the
reviews from other users. To learn more about the Android 1.6 release, visit