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And woe personal okay with you
I hope so
I'm Valeria Luciane
And I'm bringing a makeup
Inspired by Halloween
Well Halloween is coming by ta ai
I would like to send a kiss to Isadora Oliveira
professional makeup artist
Thanks for the tips, you are seeing
colors used are yellow orange purple and black
Black Enough
uses Halloween make up a more elaborate
One day I'll get there
I hope you like it
I would have put false eyelashes
At the bottom of the eyes had no more
But what to do, hope you like the make
if you want to know how to make me come
we begin to apply concealer stick
eyelid movable across to the base of the shade
start with the yellow shadow
palette of 120 colors shadows c
applying to the inner corner of the eye,
soon after applying the same orange color palette
in two parts of your eyelid
esfume colors among themselves
apply the purple and blending to apply
purple lighter pink and purple pulled
palette of 120 colors c
apply the purple on the outer corner and concave
will get ugly early
more at the end of all right
esfume well with a soft brush or a brush concavo
I just got a shadow brush and I use it is
apply lighter purple
colors with similar shades lighter is
easier to do the smoky
and now applies pulled over pink to purple
As you can see the color is not so different
will illuminate the somrancelha with a champagne tone
ta seeing the rose that we use is this one near him
Now pick the color black
bottom of the palette of 120 colors c
ll give this a darkened purple
looking like an old lady talking to thrift
apply to wander for no regret and get very dark
my battery ta ja ja makes me weak in hand
I've done the skin will finish with you the details
ta outlined seeing this eye ta very thick and crooked
I messed up and had to go fix it engrossarainda
is the basic eye that
I will now outline the eye and back
pass a mask of cilia, that you have at home
pass several layers
opa to getting stoned
I today to that to
I do not like people burn day
to enjoy the kids are asleep
because of the noise most of you can not hear
Heita Luciane
Today was the husband off
the business well ta crazy
then let's clear the blurred that I did
forgot something'm getting crazy
apply the same colors applied in the upper eyelid
at the bottom of the eye
if you have the same problem as me tearing of the eye
preferably the delineators Waterproof
battery over and I already applied the lashes
apply the shadow and pass a pencil Waterproof
use the brand you have
disregard the nail by doing,
I did not find the nail polish remover: D
apply the returning pencil
and pass the mascara lashes after applying the pencil
I'm going to outline ultilizar brown shadows
you have viewed the clips she uses Clacson Kelly
contour well marked
you apply the amount that you think nessesaria
also apply below the chin to disguise
or score more and drawing the outline of the face
spend more brown blush
I'll clean with a sponge and a bit of bread to take
the shadow that fell BATON 00:11:29:81 00:11:34:73 I wanted to spend some black lipstick, and had no more
I'll pass that same brown
with a brush
People will try something if it fails it is a comedy in video
but I'll try to apply lipstick in a black shadow to see what the
and is logical then wash the brush and blending well with the black lipstick
you talk about why there has not applied an eye pencil WHY I FORGOT: D
So girls this is the end Loock
I've done with your hair
threw him down and spent a lot of gel at the tips
more if you already have curly hair does not need
back there with him hitting well to give volume and ta ready
for those who have straight hair like me who gun is not the solution
I applied lipstick mouth black shadow
where the pencil and I would not start
then the final look is that if you like the video
s a positive for me
is not like you can give more negative comments
that Luluzinha like to know your opinion
so I can improve
I leave my kiss to all who accompanied me
commercial shop
then I'll see you in the next video
thanks for watching