Installing Windows Live Essentials 2011

Uploaded by HelpDeskTV on 18.11.2010

Hello. I’m Rudy Stebih and welcome to our new series Help Desk For Windows Live Essentials
2011. During this series, I'll show you how to do more with Windows on your PC with free
programs from Microsoft for photos, movies, instant messaging, email, social networking,
and more. Get it all in one simple download. So let’s start by downloading these free
programs. But before we get started, even though our platform of choice for using Windows
Live Essentials for these videos is Windows 7, Windows Live Essentials works equally well
in both Windows XP & Windows Vista. Currently, there are 3 ways you can download
the Windows Live Essentials suite. The first way is via Windows Update. It’s not a critical
update, so it won’t be installed automatically. You will need to choose it to install.
The second way is in Windows 7 Start Menu. Click Start -> Getting Starting -> Get Windows
Live Essentials. Internet Explorer will open up to display the following window.
And the third way to download Windows Live Essentials would also include Windows XP & Vista
users in this method. Open your web browser of choice and browse to:
Again you will be brought to this window giving you the opportunity to download the Live Essentials
suite. Here you can read about the Windows Live Essentials suite which include such programs
as Messenger (instant messaging), Photo Gallery (online photo sharing), Movie Maker (video
editing software), Windows Live Mesh (Web-based storage), Mail (Web-based email), and other
Microsoft various PC-based downloads. This series of Help Desk TV videos will introduce
you to all of the Windows Live Essentials programs and provide shortcuts & usage tips
in future episodes. If you wish to continue, press the ‘Download
now’ button. A ‘File Download – Security Warning’ window will pop up. Press ‘Run’
to continue installing. A very small file will now download, after which a User Account
Control window will open. If you are sure to continue, press ‘Yes’.
After Windows Live Essentials prepares for the installation, another window will pop
up giving you the opportunity to install the entire Windows Live Essentials suite or to
choose only the programs you wish to install. For the purposes of future tutorials, I would
recommend you install the entire suite so that you won’t have to be bothered to install
it at a later time. Now click on ‘Install all of Windows Live Essential’. The process
will take a few minutes, so we will stop the video until the installation is complete.
After the installation is complete, it will be necessary to reboot the computer. After
rebooting, you will see a new program folder in your start menu labeled Windows Live as
well as 4 other Windows Live program entries at the top of your start menu.
In the next Help Desk TV Windows Live Essentials episode, we will get you up and started right
away with Live Messenger. I hope you enjoyed todays Help Desk TV. If
you have a comment about this program, a question, or a shortcut you would like to share with
me, send an e-mail message to me at
Thanks for watching!