WAI RAI FRESHY ep.7 (2/3) [eng sub]

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who tell you that i will suicide?
why do you go to the sea?
why do i come here? for play in the sea
don't want to suicide, will you mad?
i see you cry in this morning
why? cry and then must be suicide
i don't know
you make me upset,
i think that i don't suicide but you make me die more than
excuse me, please
let see it
i want to play in the sea, it's upset
hey....Nathalie and Dan
let's go.....if i am drowning, how will you do?
what's matter?
Aon, let see
i am play and sunbathe
but who come from? he take me from the sea to here
and think me that will suicide, will mad or not
i already excuse me
or want me take you go back
will take?....take
please wait
make mind calm please
o.k. you already know
i will introduce to know
Nathalie.....here is Dan, Big
our new friend
Dan Big...here is Nathalie
our friend
here is two guys
really too, let's go
both of you, i will tell one thing
before you know who
make it good more than this
don't use severe method, tired
calm please
what's matter?
aery it is....you again? why do i meet you everywhere?
Aorng....calm please
listen me first
Nathalie play in the sea
and Dan see Nathalie and think that
will suicide so he goes to help
he has a good hope, really nothing
don't explain anymore, Aon
we will total up with old account
really...Rye don't has the matter with them, it's only wrong understand
summary that you know them
they are my faculty friend
and why do you tell me?
i am afraid to be have the matter
o.k. this matter is not relate with you
i ask to calculate with plain face guy
do you want to very smart?
do you want to have fame?
or want smart want handsome?
fight until blood come out
why do you have to use cruel too?
want die which day, fight until die
want die which day, want stay which temple
use finger write on the sand that want what before die
o.k. let fight, awhile i will give wood for you
fight until blood come out
you are very smart, both of you
very smart, most handsome
let fight..o.k.
let's go better
come here quickly, take bag too
count down to one
who don't come reach, will go back Bangkok
line up please
today..there is ugly matter happen in our faculty
you first....boy in those side
it's not believe
all look love together
but today
at our faculty has lost thing
it's not believe really
this matter will be happened in scholar level
our faculty has a steal
who is here to be someone
steal gold necklace from glasses girl
necklace which my mother give for wear
Waen afraid...summary it is lost
and who steal thing of friend
rush to give it return
heavy punishment become to be light
Big Dan
both of you have what excuse or not
oho...senior say that mean both of us are steal exactly
when everyone certain that pure
so we ask to check bag of everyone
A B....sir
check bill.....yes. sir
here is my area...go away
pass.....see this bag, please
check carefully
ask to see this bag a little
nothing, sir
only clothes
give it to me
nothing, sir
oho...take care skin very much
everything...a much attention appearance guy
oh....no really
my mother put them in wrong bag
really wrong, mother put wrong
really.....really. sir
oh...i am fine
why my bag is very heavy?
ask to see this bag
help to carry it, please
ah....oh my god
actually, it's you
ask a little, this is still to called that friend
but i don't do it
evidence show that you do, you still to have excuse
summary to listen
all of us at this place
nobody trust you anymore
keep your bag and go to sleep at the beach
go to catch fish for your food
don't come back to have a meal here
but i think it's not correct
i assure that i stay with Dan all time
protect together, so stay together
everyone listen
don't help every case
and Golf, how?
let's separate.....go
i really don't steal it
already go
let's go
what do you see?
give my necklace, please