Speed Stacks are Back in Stores! (New Retails Review)

Uploaded by Purperxo on 27.08.2012

Speed Stacks are back in stores!
Judging by the title, you know what is it… Speed Stacks are back in stores! Quick history
lesson for you guys; started in 2005, Speed Stacks sold license to Play Along Toys to
manufacture and sell Speed Stacks cups in various retail stores. These cups are what
are known as CP, SO, and PA Speed Stacks today. Little known fact, my first set of Speed Stacks
were actually purchased in a Toys R US back in December 2007. This license quickly ended
in 2007 and Speed Stacks were slowly taken off shelves at retail stores to be shipped
back to Speed Stacks. Today, Speed Stacks has done it again. Not
through the help of third party manufacturers, Speed Stacks themselves are now putting their
products back in stores. Currently, availability is limited. A list of stores can found in
on the Speed Stacks website via their store locator.
Without further ado, here they are. These retail cups are available in two packages:
a Competition Cups set, which comes with 12 speed stacks, a quick release carrier, and
an instructional booklet and DVD that are available in 7 different languages. The second
package is the StackPack set. The only difference is that the StackPack set with an additional
STACKit mat and timer. The StackPack doesn’t come with a quick release carrier, but the
STACKit timer triples serves as the timer, carrier, and a cup keep! Three products in
one! The Competition Cups set retails for $14.99 and the StackPack retails for $29.99.
The prices may vary from store to store. Both products are available in black, green, red,
and blue. A very noticeable difference you may see is
that the cups have a large single hole in the top like the Pro Series. A caveat you
may have when buying these cups are knowing that you are buying JW cups. In the past,
this would have been a problem. No one likes JW cups. However, this is a completely different
mold! They feel nothing like what ordinary JWs feel like. And I got them say, they are
amazing. I have been using my green set for little over a month now. Currently, they are
by far my favorite set. When they are brand new, they are little difficult to downstack.
However, it only takes an hour or two wear these in. A little defect I do see on these
cups there are that there are few imperfections on the cup texture. The texture on the cups
is just not entirely smooth throughout. The logos on these cups are also troublesome.
The logos gets dirty quickly. No, this is no unique to my green set. Other users have
also reported the same problem with their black, red, and blue set.
And now, the mat and timer. The mat is the same size as the Gen 3 mat, which is also
the same size as the Stackademics mat. I am fine with the size of the mat, my cups always
stay within the mat. The timer is what I have troubles with. It is not attached to the mat,
which causes it to fall randomly when you’re stacking. The reason Speed Stacks choose this
route is that they have no choice. They are restricted to import magnets into the country.
And as you may know, the Gen 2 timers are only attachable because it has magnets. Honestly,
I think the timer is a cool collector’s item, but I would never use it as my daily
driver. I highly suggest that you spend a couple extra dollars and buy a standard Gen
2 or Gen 3 mat and timer.
As I have mentioned at the beginning of the video, availability is an issue right now.
So as part as Speed Stacks’s retail cup initiative, they will be holding a contest
on their website. All you need to do is submit a creative short video or photo that includes
the new retail Speed Stacks. You may choose to enter as many videos and photos you want
but you are only eligible to win one prize. The contest will be judge base on popularity.
The 3 most popular entries will win in descending order: an iPad, an iPod Touch, and a Toys
R’ US gift card.There will be an approval process to censor any inappropriate videos
or photos. As voters, you may vote for as many pictures as you want but you may only
vote once per photo. For more information, do visit their contest page at…