HP Indigo Flexible Packaging Open House at wipf (Zurich, Switzerland)

Uploaded by HPGraphicArts on 18.12.2012

My name is Riki and I´m very excited to share with you today
what we are doing here in our customer Wipf in Zurich.
Wipf is a new customer of HP Indigo.
He just invested in a new Indigo 6600
dedicated to the flexible packaging market.
That´s really what we´re here for
to share with 80 of our customers what HP Indigo for flexible packaging is all about.
The technology, the customers, the market trend.
This is what we´re been doing here all day.
We presented to our customers where the market is going,
where the technology is going
and we invited them to join us in this journey.
The flexible packaging industry, at the moment in Europe, is not growing a lot.
The reasons? Demographic reasons mostly
or reasons of the economy in Europe at the moment.
So, we believe that we have to change the game a little bit.
We were thinking about digital printing and about innovations.
This is actually the heart of the Wipf company and strategy,
we always try to make a difference by innovation.
So, with the help of Indigo, we found a very nice machine
we think will make a real difference in the market.
It will help us to add value to the brands of our customers
and it will also help us to run the short production runs
that we use on a day-to-day basis.
Especially the time to market today is very important
and it will speed up the time to market and delivery times to our customers
It is the speed to market of the Indigo
and the ability to turn product around quickly
that allows you to customize your packaging.
When you can customize your package and give consumers relevancy,
it´s something that´s happening in the world at the moment,
something that is important to them.
You´re creating excitement.
Yes, it was my first time to look deeper in the world of digital printing.
It was for me a very interesting event.
I think we will have exciting times in the printing area.
I think digital printing will have a big future
and for our business, it´s very important to go deeper in this business
and we´ll see what´s going on there.
It´s exciting.
It´s all about partnership.
You can be a big company. You can be small.
You can be whoever you are but alone, you are nothing.
So, what is critical in the whole chain is that we work together.
There is a lot of interaction with media and finishing.
There´s a lot of interaction which is needed there.
Therefore, partnership on the development side is extremely important.
That brings me to companies like Wipf which were very instrumental in that.
Although we have a lot of strengths, without the knowledge of companies like they are
we don´t grow fast enough. We need to be challenged.
Don´t hesitate to contact us, to talk with us, to come up with new ideas
because together we have to grow.