Girl & Chocolate Skateboards Present Pretty Sweet Tuesdays (Teaser)

Uploaded by vice on Oct 2, 2012


MALE SPEAKER: It's pretty sweet to be here with like,
old school and new school.
Sorry, crazy old school.
Sorry, old--
and new.
No, I know the deal.
You blew up off that first video 5 years ago.
And it's been nothing but Rice Krispies squares and like in
Call of Duty.
Do you play Xbox or PS3 or what?
MO: PS3.
So Carroll, PS3's a video game.
A video game is a thing.
It's a little--
You wouldn't know that shit.
Take us back to 1995, Carroll.
Or as we call it, your good years.
CARROLL: I can't remember those years.
MALE SPEAKER: They were sweet.
You were skater of the year, right?
Don't mention '94 around him.
CARROLL: What year were you born?
MO: '90.
MALE SPEAKER: He was 4, dude.
MALE SPEAKER: Holy shit.
It's been downhill since he was 4.
MALE SPEAKER: Mo, I don't know what the fuck you're laughing
about, Jesus Christ.
You got to hit the gym and start skating, man.
The fucking street league is like, going to kick you out.
What's up with that?
How we looking this year?
MO: It's my last year.
MO: Yeah.
I got kicked out.
MALE SPEAKER: You did get kicked out?
MALE SPEAKER: Look at me.
I'm being real for the first time in my life.
Get your shit together.
You're a good kid.
MO: Thanks, man.
MALE SPEAKER: You're a lost cause.