November 25, 1980 ~ It will be just like before

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What's up with him?
Jeff sounds as if he has lost his last friend.
I promised to eat with him tonight. Then I'll find out what's up.
Have you had a chance to talk to him privately in the last few days?
No. All I know is that it is between he and Anne.
I thought everything was sunshine and roses.
You should have heard him.
It did not sound like that at all. That is amazing.
Some more tea, Dr. Webber? No, thank you Luke.
OK, too early for beer?
No thanks. I'll stick with tea. Can't I get you anything at all?
Perhaps a piece of cake at least? No, nothin.
Joe, Lesley would like you to come and eat Thanksgiving dinner with us.
Would you like to come? Yes. That is really nice of her.
Rose, of course, is also invited.
So it will be--
Lesley, Laura--
Amy, myself and the two of you there.
Soll ein kleine, ruhige Familienfeier werden. It should be a small, quiet family celebration.
That's great. Please thank her for me.
I think she will get in touch with her personally.
It is short notice, I know.
Don't worry about that, Rick.
You know, with the chaotic life I've been living--
anything before midnight on Thanksgiving Day is early enough.
So you haven't made any other plans?
The only other invitation that I received was from the Hardy's, and I--
You probably understand why I didn't want to go there.
It could get a little...tricky.
That is exactly what I told Lesley.
Hey Luke!
I actually have this afternoon off, but I still have to go and see about a patient.
It'll be a long day for you. Yes. A doctor's life is never easy.
Luke? Luke? Yes?
I left money on the table.
Thank you, Sir. Good-bye then.
Good-bye, Rick. Have a good day, Sir.
Don't I wish.
Diana! I am SO sorry!
What for? I am so late!. I went over to Laura's to ask her--
--why she wasn't at exercize class this morning.
That doesn't matter. I just got here myself.
How is he doing? No idea.
Was she not at home?
She refused to open her door!
She said that she has been busy--
--with painting and she didn't want to let me in.
Why not?
Oh Diana! If you only saw that house!
It's awful! I mean dirty and run-down.
I guess it was a little embarrassing to her--
--for me to see how terribly she was living.
Once she gets it cleaned up, I'm sure it will look fine.
She probably wants to surprise you.
I don't see it that way. I think she is up to something.
I mean, I would love to help her paint the walls.
I'm sure she will show you her apartment soon.
And now, back to work, OK? I'll just go hang up my jacket.
Good morning. (Good morning.) Good morning, Diana.
Is there anything for me? No, nothing.
Well then. I'll be upstairs.
See you later. OK
Good morning. (Rick) Rick, uh...
Go ahead. I want to talk to Rick for a minute.
And you actually think that it will only be for ... a minute?
If it...lasts longer--
Then it will last even longer.
Just what I thought.
There were a few calls for you this afternoon. You're welcome.
Thank you, Amy.
Rick, I need to talk to you about Laura.
What about her? I went to her new apartment,
--to ask her why she wasn't at exercize class.
She absolutely would not open her door and let me in!
She would only speak to me through the door!
And then she told me quite coldly that I should go away.
because she was busy renovating... Amy-- that is really quite easy --
to understand why she doesn't want to talk to you.
It doesn't surprise me at all.
Why not? Because yet again one of your interviews made the front page.
My cousin, the runaway.
None of you will ever forgive me--
for speaking to that reporter!
Amy. I am not the foolish oner... I am so sorry!
I really didn't...! (Rick): Monica, what do you want? (Monica): Do you have a moment?
intend to be mean! (Monica: I need to speak with you.) (Rick: in a moment)
(Monica: I have been trying to call you.) (Amy:I am so terribly sorry, but it...) (Rick: Just wait a minute! Amy, please!)
It wasn't supposed to sound like that! (Monica: " ...the clinic.")
(Rick: What about the clinic?) It wasn't my fault! ( Monica: My goodness!)
It is OK, Amy. It appears that you are causing a lot of tears for women.
Could we please go to the cafetaria? I am so terribly sorry! (Yes.)
I don't have much time. It won't take long.
Rick! I am really sorry! Amy! Not now!
Make it short.
I will. What's this about?
Would you please...?
Thank you. You're welcome.
What it's about--
whether you can tell me yet when I--
--can start working in the new clinic.
The part-time work.
Monica, I thought that I had made that quite clear.
This topic is not up for debate. It is finished. Done.
It is not clear to me at all. I thought--
I thought it was all settled.
Monica, it is complicated enough for us--
to work together here in the hospital.
I will not make it even worse by having you work in the clinic.
I just can't believe that, Rick.
It would be on a voluntary basis.
I have really been looking forward to this.
I wanted to do it for you--
and, of course, for yiour clinic.
Yeah, sure. I understand you quite well.
I just simply do not understand--
that you would let personal problems--
get in the way of all the good we can do.
Rick, what about the patients?
Should they suffer because we--
because we have personal differences?
Save it, Monica. It won't work this time.
It isn't just because of personal differences, but--
--the situation would be totally impossible.
I don't see it that way at all.
And please let's not forget--
that we must work through our problems here as well,
when we work together. do you suppose it would be so different in the clinic?
It would be. Excuse me. That is not an answer.
I am sure it would all work out fine.
Monica, it would simply be too unpleasant.
I don't want to discuss this anymore, and you will create
even more problems if you make a scene.
Then am I to understand that...
that you have given Lesley my place?
Yes, that' right. I am very happy about it.
Thank you for the coffee.
I was told that you want to see me.
Yes. Thank you for coming.
Hopefully you won't be annoyed when you hear what I want to talk to you about.
I am glad that it doesn't bother you to talk about Laura.
If you are determined--
to talk about her, I will have to listen.
But if I had known what you wanted to discuss with me--
then I would not have come.
That is not a very positive attitude, Lesley.
Rick, you must realize that there is nothing you can do about that article.
What I would like to do is to give this louse a good thrashing.
Which is undoubtedly the best way to make sure the whole city knows.
When will it all end?
When they run out of things to write, then it will come to an end.
And until then--
we just have to put up with it.
You surprise me. In what way?
You have changed.
So you have noticed.
You have a cool and calm self-confidence.
Where did this come from?
It came about originally because I was quite determined--
-- to not continue to come to you for help.
I would like for you to still do that from time to time.
Yes, I know that quite well -- which gives me even more incentive.
I am not always so calm and cool.
If you only knew. You should have seen me--
dealing with Frank Smith!
When I tried to inconspicuously--
--return a letter that Bobbie had stolen
with him standing not two yards away!
And then I couldn't even leave!
Instead, I had to flirt with that man, who had ordered my daughter's death!
That was not one of the most peaceful moments in my life.
I can imagine.
You flirted with Frank Smith and were successful.
I guess so. Otherwise I would not be here to tell you this story.
Yes. Lately you have been charming to everybody you cross paths with.
Flor example-- to Captain Ramsay the other night.
Did you have a good time after I left?
Is that a joke? I was really annoyed.
Burt sat there with a sandwich and a glas of milk in my house!
As if he had been living there forever!
Rick, it was pure coincidence, and--
extremely amusing. Do not forget--
that he had just come to us to--
bring us the latest news about our daughter.
He had something to say and wanted to fix the--
--dishwahser, and he didn't even need my wrench!
It's nice to have your own handyman, isn't it?!
Who is always available for when something breaks.
Yes, it is just great.
Richard Webber -- do you want to talk peacefully
or do you want to have an argument?
Basically, I just wanted to see whether--
you were serious about the invitation for Thanksgiving dinner.
--for Joe, Rose and myself.
Yes, the invitation was genuine.
Will you invite them personally?
Yes I had planned to. I'll call them.
I better do it now.
Good. I already talked to Joe. He was quite pleased about it.
Wait a sec. I have to get the phone.
Kelly's Restaurant!
Luke? Is that you?
This is Lesley Webber.
Hello. How are you?
Well, thank you. And you?
That's great. I'm doing fine.
How nice. I hope everything---
is working out for you.
I am satisfied. Yep. Satisfied.
And how is Laura? She is very busy.
Her job is quite demanding.
And she is fixing up her apartment.
Well then, I do not want to keep you from your work.
Is Rose there? I'd like to speak to her.
Yes. Just a second. I'll get her.
Rose, it's...
Lesley Webber on the telephone for you. Oh, thank you.
Would you stand here and work with this cheese?
Yes, I've done it before. I'll take care of it. Thanks.
Hello? Lesley?
Hello! How are you? I'm doing fine, thanks. And you?
Very well. I am calling
because I would like to invite you and Joe over for Thanksgiving dinner.
We would be happy if you could come. It won't be anything special.
just a small and cozy family gathering.
That is so nice of you, Lesley.
I would love to come. Thank you for asking.
Hi Amy! I'm back. Did you get done what you needed to?
Yes. I visited Luke.
I went over to Laura's and she wouldn't even let me inside.
Why not? I don't know.
She's fixing up her apartment and she won't let
anyone come in for any reason before it is ready.
Too bad.
Lesley? Yes?
Have you talked to Laura about Thanksgiving?
Yes, and she is going to spend the day with us.
Well at least that's encouraging, Amy And Rick
is also coming over for Thanksgiving.
together with Rose and
Joe. That will make six of us for dinner.
For right now anyway. How wonderful!
It will be a family day just like the olden days. I will not have it!
I don't want anything at all from you. I just want--
--to be free and go out with anyone I want.
You cannot want that. That would mean that we are finished.
That would probably be the best for us both. Hello!
Good morning, Lesley. (How are you?) You sound like an old married couple.
That is one thing that looks like will never happen.
Your new haircut is beautiful.
Laura asked whether you could come for Thanksgiving dinner.
That would make me very happy at any rate.
That would be nice. Thank you.
My family is traveling to Florida for the holidays.
So I don't have anyone to spend the day with.
Brian? Can you come to?
Gladly. Good.
We will have a full house. Yes.
How lovely. So come with me now.
I have a lot to tell you. Excuse me (Excuse me)
Yes? (I just wanted to tell you that you're needed in ICU.)
Thank you. If you'll excuse me.
Rick is coming to our house on Thanksgiving Day.
Isn't that just wonderful? Lovely.
It will be just like before.
Lesley, do you have a minute? What is it?
Come over here.
So Rick is coming over for Thanksgiving Dinner.
I just want you to know that--
even if you two should get back together,
You will never really have him. Not all of him.
I do not understand what you are talking about.
Laura's father is coming for Thanksgiving Dinner.
Nothing else.
Pardon me. I must talk to you, Monica. What do you want, Alan?
I would rather speak in private.
I am sure Lesley understands.
Yes I do.