Moove In - The College Welcomes the Class of '14

Uploaded by woosteredu on 31.08.2010

John: I’m assigned as a greeter, so I am supposed to say hi to people as they pull
up and begin to tell them what to do. I am doing this because it’s a great opportunity
to do things with staff and students and alums all at once, and I love greeting the new students
as they come Kirby: I helped out last year a little bit,
and they didn’t have it set up quite like this. I just enjoy being around the college,
it’s a great school and I guess it makes me feel young to be around all the new students
and everything Elizabeth: We’re talking to people, hopefully
answering their questions, making it a little bit less stressful for parents. And the biggest
question usually is ‘where is there a Lowes or a Wal-Mart, because we forgot something.’
Maggie: I decided to come to Wooster because I really felt at home on the campus and it’s
a really fun school Maggie’s mother: I love the size of the
school and the hospitality that was extended to us every time we were here, everybody was
so outgoing and friendly and made things really easy and it looks like a great campus
Stephanie: I just like the warmth that we felt on campus
Eric: I’ve read about Wooster in Colleges that Change Lives and I just know you get
a really good quality of education here Eric’s mother: I really like that it’s
a private school, but it seems very unpretentious, because so many schools just didn’t seem
like they’d be a good fit, and everyone’s been so amazingly friendly. The move in process
has been amazing, they’re so organized and very friendly. The group of dancing, waving
people was just really fun, got it off to a good start.
Nancy: My favorite thing about Wooster is just the people, like other international
students, as well as American students, everyone is nice around this place. You can ask questions,
you can visit people. Nitin: After coming here we are quite satisfied
with the ambiance… Archana: And very happy…
Nitin: And the faculty, the dean, and the President of the College who received us very
nicely, we feel at home. And above all, I feel it is a very vibrant place.
Diana: First of all, it’s beautiful. Second of all, there very much seems to be high-touch.
Lots of people are caring, and that’s been fabulous.
Greg: Yeah, every interaction we’ve had with the school has been very warm, and has
left us with a great feeling President Cornwell: Peg and I walk around
and visit the families as they move in, and every one of them is just so appreciative
of the way people turned out for this. What a celebration it is for the opening of the
College, which is just great.