Let's play Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk - 02 - The end

Uploaded by CPCGamer on 22.03.2011

Hey folks, welcome back to my absolute favourite Dizzy game in the whole entire world.
When we left off we'd gotten some exposition and found ourselves a gold nugget.
So let's continue onwards into this amazing new world.
Also that bat is a jerk.
So, presently we find ourselves on the bank of the river Styx.
How ironic, that's the very thing I said I didn't want to do.
Curse you, Richards and so on.
Waiting around reveals this ferry shuttling back and forth.
We can't jump onto it because...well, we'd keep rolling and fall off.
But what we can do is we have to keep walking with it, it's one of those weird platforms
that kicks out from underneath us if we don't.
Um. Well, no choice but to press on.
"I will take your gold as payment for your crossing" says the ferryman.
Screw you says the CPCGamer, I stole that gold fair and squenix.
Nope, looks like he's stolen it.
That's a load of rich creamery butter, let's have a word with him about this.
I don't wish it was faster.
Did you SEE the keeping up we had to do when we used it to get across?
And not once does he mention the gold he took.
Guess we'll have to win it off him in a game of Cluedo later on.
To the right we find the enchanted forest.
We also have this little furry friend, dancing away in all of his two-frame glory.
So this is Pogie the fluffle, he's a creature that Codemasters thought would be cuter than
he actually is.
His existence was retconned into the Yolk Folk history when the Dizzy games got ported
onto a couple of other consoles like the NES.
We need to catch him and we have a crate to do so!
So let's set it down...
...and the fluffle couldn't be more disinterested.
You know, to be honest, I hate it when people use that sort of stupid phrasing.
'Oh, it's not entirely undisinteresting', shut up and say it's fun like the rest of
us English speakers.
What we need to do - See if I can position myself right - Yes? No I can't.
Basically we need to go up here.
There we go.
Now, I can't make that jump. And the torch is in the way so that if I put in some sort
of cheat like, a moon jump, I would still burn to death and start off where I am here.
Luckily we have ourselves a bridge building kit, so let's go ahead and use it.
Dizzy, did you just make an 80's reference?
I think you just made an 80's reference!
You get a gold star.
The reason for our heading this way is quite contrived...
...also the screen's having a bit of a seizure there, sorry about that.
Basically we need to go as high as we can so we can jump off, through the sky, across
these clouds, jump off the clouds, into the castle grounds.
And you know what, I have NEVER successfuly made this landing. I've played this game ever
since it came out and usually I land in the thorn bushes over there, which launches you
out and onto the square that I am currently stood on.
Y'know, that's pretty impressive.
We don't need to be here for long, we just need to hop down and grab the golden harp.
Which in no way looks like the guiness logo.
Not that is what it is.
And with that in hand we head back out.
Now, this is one of the few times when the game actually does rely on backtracking, which...
Is unfortunate, but it's kinda short.
We need to go back into the enchanted forest and continue upwards.
I don't know why the screen is so seizuriffic in this game.
You've seen the other games, right? And the other games usually behave themselves, but
this one...I dunno.
Basically, we need to go back up to the trees to this screen: The upmost branches.
Here we need to make a ninja leap of faith.
And whaddya know, yet more cloud walking.
We...we do this to reach Heaven, apparently.
I guess we DID just die when we crossed the river Styx just now.
Folks, this has been the last let's play Dizzy the prince of the yolk folk.
Tune in tomorrow for a review of another delightful Amsoft game.
It's going so well this season...
So until next time, goodbye.