HetaQuest 28 [ENG subs]

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[Spin Kick] Deals damage to a single enemy with a spin kick and makes the enemy lose balance.
[Continuous Attack] Continuously deals damage to a single enemy.
[Recover] Restores HP for the whole party.
[Hoata! ☆] The angel shows you a miracle. Uses up drive gauge.
[Fish and Chips] Deals damage by feeding the enemy fish and chips. Sometimes causes poisoning. Uses up 1 x Seafood.
[Blind] Causes blindness to all enemies.
[Confuse] Causes confusion to all enemies.
- Scarlet - Scale Shield - Ten-Gallon Hat - Usual Jacket - Ice Ring
- Crossbow - Magic Hat - Long Tunic - Leather Cloak
- Magician Wand - Magic Hat - Magic Bolero - Wizard's Bracelet
The treasure hunters have been coming after this mine nonstop lately.
And we don't have enough soldiers to guard it because we also have the monsters to worry about...
This is really troublesome.
↑ Blue Mine No entry without authorization
Head Wizard Lord Kirkland, isn't it? I have been informed about you, sir. Please, be careful.
Please, be careful.
So this is Blue Mine... Why, it isn't blue at all.
That's not what it means. This is where the Creation Stone, that is to say, the Blue Stone was mined, so we call it Blue Mine.
It's kind of desolate. It must have been so full of life a long time ago...
Huh? There's something on the ground!
It's blueish... Is this the Creation Stone?
Don't just pick it up.
It's not that pretty...
That's because it's an ore. If it isn't processed into a gem, it's just like an ordinary stone.
Then again, you probably couldn't even process a fragment like that.
So, if we could process it, it'd be able to create stuff just like Francis' Jewel?
Yes, probably, though it wouldn't be as powerful as the Jewel.
But then, if anyone sneaks out with an ore, they'll be able to create--
That's nothing to worry about, since we haven't figured out how to process anything aside from the Memory Stone.
Did the Hero and his companions want to keep the processing method a secret?
That's the reasonable conclusion. If we haven't figured it out, by now they must have used some very advanced techniques.
I wonder what would happen if those techniques were rediscovered...
I'm sure things would go back to the way they were when the Hero wasn't around.
That's why the mines are off-limits and all gems and ores, with the exception of the Memory Stone, were destroyed into little pieces like this one.
But now even these fragments are being commercialized. We have to be thorough.
Oh, it's burnt black.
The monsters that have got into the mine must also be after the blue ores. Let's go.
Disable random encounters? - Yes - No
There is a mimic inside the box!
Obtained Pasta and Seasoning!
Goddammit, this place is full of monsters. This mine is already dark; now it's fucking scary! I'm going to get the hell out of here as soon as I can...
Oh? There's something on the ground!
Oh, it's just a dirty rock...
Isn't there a bluer stone around here...?
If I take one home with me, I'm going to be filthy rich! Maybe if I go a little deeper--
How's this, Arthur? (Wow, I didn't expect to see him again in this place.)
Well done.
Hey, treasure hunter. Done with your prayers yet?
I feel kind of sorry for him...
Matthew, you don't have to go easy on evil-doers!
Well, what do you have to say for yourself, you bloody thief?
What the hell, you guys! This place is off-limits!
Well, well, you have quite a mouth on you. Look, we ask the questions here.
He's the Head Wizard, even though he's pretty much useless! We're here on a mission!
(I'm toast...)
What's your name? Are you after the Creation Stone ore? How did you get in?
I've been running all over the continent on missions, so I'm feeling quite irritable.
If you don't give me straight answers, I'm going to beat the living hell out of you.
O-okay! I'll give you straight answers!
My name is Lovino. As you guessed, I'm after the Creation Stone ore. I can sell it for a high price in the black market. I got in through a crack in the wall.
There, I gave you straight answers. Now you'll let me go, right?
Don't worry. Even the jail food in Cenarf is delicious.
Captured Lovino!
You're coming with us. Don't try to escape. You do value your life, don't you?
Yes, Mr. Arthur, sir!
(Feliciano, I might never come back to Spina...)
[Continuous Attack] Continuously deals damage to a single enemy.
[Double Attack] Randomly deals damage to two enemies.
[Headbutt] Headbutts the enemy with great strength. May cause the opponent to lose balance.
[Life Drain] Drains HP from a single enemy.
[Cheer-Up Charm (Revamped)] Uses a cheer-up charm and increases the defense of all party members.
[Angry Outburst] Attacks to relieve his usual anger all at once. Uses up drive gauge.
[Pasta] Treats party members to pasta. Uses up 1 x Pasta and 1 x Seasoning.
[Ignore] Ignores all enemies and makes them depressed.
[Halberd] It can not only stab, but also beat and slice.
[Feather Hat] A light hat adorned with feathers.
[Fur Robe] A robe made of white fluffy fur.
[Scarlet Bandana] Thieves' favourite bandana. It raises speed.
Lovino: Treasure Hunter A young man who trespassed a mine and is after the Creation Stone ore. He's useless, though.
Obtained Magic Robe!
[Magic Robe] Magic robe made of durable cloth.
It's pretty wide here...
Maybe this hole is here because someone made a mistake when digging and it caved in? It's pretty deep!
Are these suspension bridges really safe? I mean, they've been here since the mine was closed, right?
You guys are sure having fun, aren't you?
Disable random encounters? - Yes - No
What was that noise?
There's something there... You, go and see what it is.
Me?! N-no way! I don't want to!
Then it's goodbye for you.
... Fine! I'll go, okay?!
That thing is dangerous! Let's get out of here!
Don't be stupid. If it's got this deep into the mine...
It's a really strong monster, isn't it?! Man, I'm so excited!
I'm sorry, but it's our mission to kill that monster, so I'm afraid we can't leave just yet.
Oh, give me a break!
We'll attack all at once. Understood?
OK, OK! It's show time!
Chimera Horn has appeared!
Lovino's Continuous Attack!
Chimera Horn takes 143 damage!
Chimera Horn evades the attack!
Matthew fades even more into the background!
America's Continuous Attack!
Chimera Horn takes 163 damage!
Chimera Horn takes 140 damage!
Arthur throws fish and chips into the enemy's mouth! This is just--!
Chimera Horn takes 118 damage! Chimera Horn is poisoned!
Chimera Horn attacks!
Arthur takes 589 damage!
Lovino uses Super Potion! Arthur recovers 679 HP!
Matthew: "Kumakichi, help me!" Kumajirou: "... Who are you?"
Chimera Horn takes 532 damage!
America: "Open supporting fire! Kill the enemy! ☆"
Chimera Horn takes 725 damage!
Chimera Horn's Double Attack!
America takes 601 damage!
Lovino takes 523 damage!
Arthur: "I'll show you a miracle! Hoata! ☆"
Chimera Horn has deaged (though you can't tell by the sprite)!
Lovino: "Here's a cheer-up charm for you, jackass!"
America's defense is increased!
Matthew's defense is increased!
Arthur's defense is increased!
Lovino's defense is increased!
Arthur casts Fire!
Chimera Horn takes 248 damage!
America hands out hamburgers!
America recovers 278 HP!
Matthew recovers 276 HP!
Arthur recovers 341 HP!
Lovino recovers 281 HP!
Matthew casts Spirit Bless!
Arthur's magic is increased!
Chimera Horn's Double Attack!
America takes 162 damage!
America takes 160 damage!
Lovino drains HP!
290 HP are drained from Chimera Horn!
Matthew casts Heal!
America recovers 494 HP!
America's Continuous Attack!
Chimera Horn takes 212 damage!
Chimera Horn evades the attack!
Arthur casts Fire!
Chimera Horn takes 258 damage!
Chimera Horn attacks!
Arthur takes 202 damage!
Lovino's Continuous Attack!
Chimera Horn takes 215 damage!
Chimera Horn takes 215 damage!
America's Continuous Attack!
Chimera Horn takes 228 damage!
Chimera Horn is defeated!
America's party wins! Obtained 6500 EXP! Obtained 2000 G!
America is now Level 14!
Matthew is now Level 14!
Arthur is now Level 14! Learned Pudding!
Lovino is now Level 14!
Phew! Mission accomplished!
I wonder why that monster came this far into the mine?
... There might be ores around here.
Really?! Okay, where are they? ♪
Guys, don't take your eyes off him.
You three, come here for a minute.
What is it?
Don't you think this rock looks unnatural?
It does look like there's a passage behind it.
Maybe the treasure is there?!
Okay, I'll take care of it!
Okay, let's go in.
This is...!
It's just amazing!
So beautiful...
A-awesome! I could be filthy rich with this!
Don't take your eyes off him under any circumstances. Understood?
It's amazing how many ores are left!
Oh, but they...
I have to destroy all the ores immediately. I'll burn them.
Are you serious?! But that's such a waste!
I guess it'll be easier to burn this whole chamber... You guys can leave.
What the hell?! Don't you guys want these stones at all?!
We can sell them and make a lot money, and maybe we can even use their creation power!
... Oh, but what do you care? You Âgeans have the King's Jewel to count on. I'm so fucking jealous!
It's true that most of Âge's population has always lived with the benefit of the creation power.
I know, right?
But that's something I really hate about this country.
They use that power for a lot of benefits without even knowing the price of creation.
And they don't even try to find out what that price is, as if knowing it were some kind of taboo.
I can't help the feeling that someday, something terrible will happen because of it.
I've got work to do. Get out.
Let's go.
*sigh* The air is so much fresher outside! The mine was a lot darker.
We have killed the monster that had got into the mine. I've also disposed of the remaining ores, so the monsters will start coming here less and less.
Understood, sir. Now this area will be safer. We are very grateful to you.
Still, I was really surprised when you, the Head Wizard, complained about the country's system.
That surprised me, too.
That's because I can't talk about it inside the castle. I had to get it off my chest.
Even you don't know what the price of the creation power is? He's always answered all our questions, though.
No matter how many books I read over and over, I still haven't figured out that one thing. And when I ask him directly, he won't tell me anything.
I don't even know if the Prime Minister, who's closest to the king, knows...
You mean he's hiding it? That can't be good.
If you really think so, you will stop getting guns from him.
Hmm, I'll try. (And here I was looking forward to the next one...)
Why would he keep it a secret? If he talked about it, maybe the Council and the people would change the way they think...
You'll have to ask him what his true motives are.
Oh, shit! Lovino!
Didn't I tell you guys over and over not to take your eyes off him?!
I-I'm sorry! I got distracted with the conversation...
You didn't notice it, either! Don't blame just us!
Damn him...! When we get back, I'm going to issue a wanted poster! I'll make him wish he had gone to jail!
Lovino has got away!