MGP Nitro Extreme She Devil Scooter Reviewed by Ben Grace | | Madd Gear Pro

Uploaded by SkatesCoUk on 24.02.2012

>> Ben: Welcome to, my name's Ben and today I’m going to be showing you the brand new Madd Gear Pro She Devil Nitro Scooter.
And yeah, she is beautiful.
This is Madd Gear Pro’s top end scooter (it’s the most expensive one currently on the market)
So let’s go through all the specifications and have a look at this scooter.
You’ve got lovely bat wing bars here. The first thing you’ll notice, aside from normal batwing bars is that they’ve tried to take away any excess weight.
This scooter, the She-Devil has been designed to be as strong as a nitro, with all the specs of a nitro but as lightweight as possible.
They’ve really done everything they can to make it the lightest version of a Nitro ever.
MGP have fluted the inside of the handlebars inside and out, that’s what the lines are here.
What that is is basically scrapping away all of the excess material without compromising any of the strength
It basically makes it a much lighter scooter
You’ve got lovely grips as well.
Going down, you’ve got a triple clamp and a HIC compression system (That’s a Hidden Internal Compression system). This means the bars are oversized.
The headstock has been cut away to reduce the overall weight.
You also have threadless forks and a FSA Threadless headset.
Madd Gear Pro have recently done a deal with FSA to provide their headsets giving you a top-end headset. The headset has enclosed headset bearings.
Going down, you have 110mm metal core wheels with Krunk K2 bearings. This scooter also comes with scooter pegs which you can fit.
The deck is where most of the weight-loss has happened. They’ve also gusseted the headstock which is cutting away any of the metal you don’t need.
They’ve cut out parts of the deck to reduce the weight of the deck with compromising any strength.
It’s got shock griptape as well which has a really cool design on it. Shock grip tape is patented and takes some of the pressure when landing.
Last of all you have a flex brake as well.
It is a stunner! Personally I don’t think I’ve seen a scooter that looks as good.
It’s lightweight, it’s incredibly strong as well, it’s a top-end scooter.
It’s available in a ton of colours and if you need anymore help at all check us out at
Thanks a lot, bye!