Chiropractics for Sports Injuries : Chiropractics for Sports Injuries: Preventing Injuries

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One thing I get asked a lot, additionally to some of the other questions that we've
put out today, is that "how do I prevent injuries from happening when I'm taking part in any
kind of athletic event?" One thing to make sure is that you do have proper fitting shoes.
We've got to start at the foot, which is the base. Everything that we do, we're going to
be standing on our feet, we want to make sure that we're supported properly. We want to
make sure that the shoes support our arch adequately. Each one of us have different
arches that need different support, so it's very important to make sure that we're getting
support under those arches. Also, for you runners out there, make sure that you're not
wearing out your shoes too early, and trying to keep going in them. I've seen a lot of
runners have to replace shoes about every three months, or maybe even sooner depending
on how many miles their putting in. One thing we talk about too, when we're talking about
prevention is that we want to make sure that we're balanced in our approach to our athletic
activities. One way to make sure we do that is to make sure that we work out both the
front side of the muscles, and the back side muscles, to make sure that one does not get
stronger than the other one. We're talking about the lower extremity, we're about the
quadriceps, and we're talking about the hamstrings. When we talk about the upper extremity, we're
talking about the biceps, and the triceps. Now, as that applies to the spine in more
of the trunk, we're talking about some of the muscles of the back, in addition to the
opposite muscles, which are some of the muscles up in the front, such as the pectoralis major,
we're looking at deltoids, we're looking at rectus abdominis, we're looking at some of
the stomach muscles, some of the low back muscles as well. We want to make sure that
those are all balanced. If we get one side that's more toned than the other side, then
we're just asking to have some trouble down the road. Another way to look at some training
things for the athlete, is to make sure that we keep our core as toned as possible. The
core is a big catch phrase right now, in the world of working out. The core basically encompasses
the muscles of the stomach, the muscles of the low back, the muscles of the glut region,
and the muscles of the hip flexors. By keeping those toned, we're able to support the structure
of the spine, thereby heading off any injuries that may be coming our way.