Ten 4 Tech: Captions on YouTube Videos

Uploaded by UNCPDoIT on 01.10.2012

youtube has released the ability to view closed captions on any video
even if you didn't upload a transcript
this software is based google's speech recognition technology and today
we want to show you how it works, lets take a look!
using the google speech recognition your youtube video will already have
but as of right now they are not that accurate
so you'll have to manually go in and add captions
first you'll want to log itno your youtube account
and make sure your video is already uploaded
mouse over to your username located in the upper right corner of the page
click video manager
you will then be directed to a page showing you your uploaded videos
find the video to which you woudl like to add captions and click the down arrow
located to the right of the edit button
select captions from the drop-down menu
click the whote bubble that says english machine transcript on the right-hand
side of the page
you can select the appropriate language
if you wish you could also enter a track name
scroll down to the caption text box and begin fixing your captions manually
starting from the top
every time you fix a word or phrase it will put a line through the old sentence
letting you know that your new sentence has been recognized
do the same thing for ever line when you finish click the blue done button located
right underneath the caption text box
to view the captions
click on your youtube video
you will see a small red cc button on the bottom bright of the video box
click the red cc button and select turn captions on
you will now see your captions appear at the bottom of your video
we hope you enjoyed this brief segment on the latest version of youtube closed
and we hope it was very helpful for you
thank you for joining us today on ten for tech my name is Topez Mitchell and remember
its really not that hard!