Egg Nog Recipe : How to Separate Eggs

Uploaded by expertvillage on 03.02.2008

My name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert Village. Today I'm going to show you how to
actually make eggnog and stop of buying that stuff in carton at the grocery store. So we
got our eggs. Now the important thing to do here, make sure your eggs are really cold
because if your eggs are warm or room temperature even, that makes this a lot harder. I'll show
you what happens here. So were just going to take our egg, one of down sides to using
a plastic bowl, is that it's not really hard enough, well I guess it is, it is barely hard
enough to crack an egg. What we'll do, this is how I do it. Everyone's got their own way.
I just take the top off the egg like that, take my hand and just go like this. What I
want to do is make sure I keep my yolks in one bowl, and my whites in another. You want
to try hard as you can to not get any yolks with your white because if you do, you'll
have to start over. Having a little problem here, see what I told you about that plastic
bowl, if you get any yolk in with your white, your whites won't whip, you get any fat in
there at all. See if you crack it a little further down you get lucky and a lot of it
just falls down in that first little crack there. Just a couple more to go here. Like
I said take your time, be careful, because if you get any yolk, any yolk whatsoever,
it ruins it. See what I'm doing, I'm holding the yolk like this. I'm letting the white
fall through my fingertips get squish my fingertips together to make sure it all gets out of there.
Now you can get white with yolk all day long and that won't cause any problems at all,
except for the fact that it'll just make your yolks a little harder to whip. Also, you keep
the shell out of both of them, because that's an undesirable part. Let this last little
bit just drip off, if it will,
and if it won't, there we go, so that is how you separate eggs.