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Uploaded by TheParachutes on 22.12.2011

Hi this is Parachutes again.
We want to wish you a merry Christmas and therefore
we prepared a little review of the last year without any personal fallouts.
Have fun.
Ok so the highlights of 2011... one of them was (especially for me)
the Karlsberg Dinner Show.
It was a big thing and it was really cool there.
There we received a certificate
(which we could show you if we had it here)
Carsten has it home so we never saw it again since that evening.
Yeah it was tasty...
the wine and the food so kudos tot he cook,
yeah Karlsberg (local beer company) the wine was good...
All drinks for free so it was a successful evening.
Then the work on our new record began.
Such a lot of stuff I was forced to do...
And then you write instead of being
battered but I think we made some good stuff... hopefully...
Yes. I like it!
In summer, mid of June exactly,
we played with one of our all-time-favorite bands Boysetsfire.
For me as a newbie in the Parachutes company
really a highlight to play with Boysetsfire.
We played with them years ago and it was just awesome
to see them again.
But there were also som other bands like our good friends in Traeos.
It was a really exciting party.
Here we have some pics for you.
After our label Redfield Records just went 10 years we are next.
In January we also went 10 years old.
So now we get a lot of articular gout.
Therefore we will check our archive (haha he said Arsch = Ass)
and provide you with some never before seen pictures
and will give you a review of ten years of Parachutes.
Maybe we should do a Parachutes Top 10 style – crimes?
Yeah we could do that but we won’t.
Some things should stay in the dark.
And that was the year 2011.
Not that exciting huh? Beside the wine... from Karlsberg...
Also fascinating was the suggestions which beer
we should drink for which course.
I didnt care... the wine was the best.
Merry Christmas and a happy new year.