ARMA 3 | GAMEPAGE Preview | English subtitles

Uploaded by sukyII on 06.05.2012

You might remember our previous ARMA III preview
It has been a long time since that, so we were curious what's new
ARMA 3 remains tactical military simulator
It's the genre that we've introduced in our previous games
However, we decided to improve, change and expand some things
So ARMA 3 stands for larger terrain, bigger than in our previous titles
We're going underwater
and be able to modify your weapon and soldier as you want
Also ARMA 3 will bring huge amount of military entertainment
So, what are the hot news?
This innovation you see, is not really the hottest
We've finally managed to improve fighting underwater
Submarines, underwater exploration, the seafloor...
We are about a few hundred meters far from the Stratis island
Here you can see sank fishing boat
As you can see, there's a lot of fishes in ARMA 3
This vehicle is designed for infiltration, so it doesn't exhale bubbles
Oh, and there we have seen a tuna :-)
The vehicle is hardly noticeable
The seafloor apart from those small rocks
consists of these nice structures
Now, I can switch to the commander's position
which is not completely realistic
I gave him an order to maintain periscope depth
and I can use the periscope
That is the small part of island Stratis
Another piece of news is the island Stratis itself
ARMA 3 will feature 2 island, however we planned only one
Apart from large Limnos
there is Aglos Efstratios, shortly called Stratis
Stratis will be the first player's "base" in ARMA 3 campaign
Stratis is rather rocky island, more "green" than Limnos
Compared to reality, we added more towns, farms and villages
and certainly this big anti-air radar, which I'm heading to right now
Like on Limnos, we changed the terrain for our own picture
We slightly made it smaller
so infantry missions will be better
Here you can see the military base
large airport
Everything you see is still under development
Thus some areas are not looking as we yet desire
Nonetheless, I can say Stratis is very nice alternative to Limnos
For example, for those who want to fight for the island
will like this island
Let's have a look at short gunfight
In between NATO soldiers namely US light infantry
and Iranian occupants
As you can see, from now the animations are improved
It's one of the things player will feel instead of seeing them directly
from the monitor
However I hope these short examples will tell you something about it
Of course, apart from improving animations
of movements
We also pay attention to guns' behaviour such as recoil
To be like real life, when our designers
went to the shooting range and tried the weapons
I still don't see any enemy
I'm proceeding very incautiously
Here you can see... and that was pretty quick
When you see the flash it's already too late :-)
There you can see who was killed
Last question, tell us something you haven't told to anybody else
It might have not been said, but players will be able to use
chemlights, those chemical lights
You break it, throw into the grass and it emits light
Real soldiers like to use that
One of my co-workers who was in military
Was really happy, when he found out chemlights are included in game
And he's really looking forward to use it in CO-OP missions
To mark routes, LZs, DZs and how he will enjoy the game with his
I was really surprised of his reaction.