Smash - Episode 5 - Let's Be Bad - Luan Legacy Recap

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This week's episode had so many twists and turns in the
storyline, I felt like a Slinky bouncing up and down at
the edge of my seat.
For one, we see that the relationship between Julia and
her ex, Michael, may be growing into something a
little scandalous, as we find out that they're having a one
on one outing while her husband is out of town.
And first their mood is kind of cold, but who knows if
things could be heating up between the two?
I say don't do it, Julia.
They're called your ex because you're supposed to ex them out
of your life.
Julia's son Leo was seen again in this episode, but this time
he's wearing handcuffs.
Turns out he was with his friend, who was in possession
of pot and a vaporizer.
Julia blows up on him, grounds him, and lets him know that if
he does any more illegal things, it could potentially
affect the adoption that they're trying to have.
Think of the children, Leo.
Think of your sister.
Or brother.
Derek is still rehearsing with the main performers of the
show, and he does something outrageous when he interrupts
Ivy's singing to tell her that she isn't capturing the
essence of Marylin's vibrato.
Girl, she was pissed.
He tells Karen to show her how it's done, and tells her to
sing Happy Birthday as Marilyn.
Girl, she was pissed.
And then he tells Karen to give Ivy some vocal coaching.
Did I mention, she was pissed?
In another rehearsal, Derek's irresponsible behavior is
really starting to affect Ivy, because she forgets her line
and starts to break down.
However, the show must go on, and she still manages to put
on a great performance of "Let's Be Bad." However, it
must've been bad, because by the end of the number, Derek
storms out of the room without saying a word.
Karen vents to Dev about how there's so much emphasis on
sexuality to be successful in Broadway that he persuades her
to changing into something a little more revealing so he
can show her off at his work function.
And we watch as she primps herself up, singing "It's A
Man's Man's Man's World," and watch as she really turns up
the heat at the party.
Oh boy, is it getting hot in here?
Actually, it's kind of cold where I am, but I do know
where it's getting hot outside.
Outside Julia's apartment, where after a harmless dinner,
Michael and Julia are waiting for his ride.
He tries to win her over in a romantic plea by singing "A
Song For You." She resists the temptation, but right as
Michael is about to leave, he sweeps her into a deep kiss,
and she completely gives in.
All of this is happening while her son is watching from the
window above.
Need I remind you her husband is out of town?
Where will these cliffhangers lead the main
story line of the show?
Guess you'll just have to tune in next week to find out.
With that being said, my name is Luanlegacy, thanks for
watching, and tune in next week for your Smash recaps.