Twist Tutorial - Red Bull SPINKINGS Academy Episode 3

Uploaded by RedBullMusic on 10.05.2012

We're going to do the Twist
This is a very famous step, but the Twist, like all the other powermoves, doesn’t work without rotation...
you have to twist on your body axis and try to make a compact circle.
You don’t have to push too much to the left, nor to the right, your energy has to be compact.
I put the left arm on the ground and in the meantime I put the right leg up.
Put on the ground and put up. As soon as the right leg goes up, right arm, and left leg.
You have to maintain the horizontal position, not too vertical and not too low...
your legs have to be wide apart and go like this: 1,2.
It all begins here: as soon as you have this perfect position, start feeling the rotation and then start practicing the Twist.
As soon as I release my right arm, bam!
I find the ground with my left arm, and then back to the circle.
It’s the rythm, and I try to keep my arms parallel, in this position. It’s like this.
Never do the Twist and finish it with legs. You can move into the Windmill, to the flair, or to the Headspin...
go on with the moves and maintain the horizontal position.
I’m going to get on to the Windmill. Start, and then go.
I touch, and then I go down. Do the Twist if you feel the circle, if you can do the Windmill and the Headspin, go for it.