Maquillage Effets Spéciaux : Oeil Crevé

Uploaded by EmmyMakeUpPro on 15.03.2010

So today I'll do a special effect make up.
Tiffany here will be my model
And I will make it look like her eye burst out on her left eye.
So, you will see every steps of the process for that effect.
Normally this video will be in one part only
so be careful, this video is not for sensitive people
the content of this video is graphic
and you may pass out if you are sensitive to the sight of blood
This is a make-up done on movie sets, so it's very realistic.
So, you've been warned, let's start !
We begin with applying an adhesive bandage over the eye.
Apply an adhesive bandage over the eye
Once the adhesive bandage is laid
we'll apply a paste around Tiffany’s eye to make a skin effect.
Once the paste is applied, we begin to pigment it.
At that point, the injury becomes much more realistic.
Then we darken the inside of the eye.
So now, we're going to apply the fake blood.
Here is how it looks.
And now girls, we're just going to mess it all up all over her face
to have consistency and to make it more realistic.
So girls, now I'll put these small pieces in Tiffany’s eye
as if that was what messed up her eye.
And here's Tiffany's burst eye done!
So, as you can see, it does look like a burst eye.
Usually to create a burst eyes, we use a prosthesis because it makes it easier
The way I have done here, it's more difficult to make it truly realistic.
So I will zoom on it and then will show you the pictures
Does it hurt Tiffany ? No, it’s ok.
So here we are girls, I hope that you've enjoyed this video.
Thanks again for everything.
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And also thank you to model Tiffany
She was very patient because this makeup takes time.
I hope to see you soon, and wish you a good day. Bye