[S1] Day 1 "First Day! First Danger!"

Uploaded by McRayJason on 22.05.2012

land of unlimited possibilities
Infinite and beautiful.
In dark nights many dangers lurk.
Decided to stand against these dangers,
comes fearless or maybe even crazy, Jason McRay.
Yes, that's me.
My goal is to survive for at least 14 days.
Without any food, drink or friends.
Just myself and everything i can find.
These series are in honor of Pablo Punchwood from Man vs. Minecraft series.
There are fixed rules, that i can't broke
under any circumstances.
The rules include:
No buildings
Every night I have to survive in different biome,
and I can't stay for two nights in one biome.
Welcome to Minecraft Sole Survivor!
Ok, so...
First day
in Minecraft Sole Survivor
All based on Man vs. Minecraft by Pablo Punchwood.
Ok, so my crew dropped me off in here
they drove somewhere, somewhere in the distance. Great, no turning back now.
It's only me in here
and my camera.
Mounted on my head
It has little propeller
which means
i can use it and it will fly nicely around me
Up and down
More or less, basically fixed on me
Excuse me I have sore throat
just to make it a little more interesting.
So you can see everything like I am seing right now,
or like this, at my back,
or like this, from front.
Like i said, fixed on my head.
Come back.
What will happen here...
I must survive, like I said.
Each night in different biome.
I can't build anything.
Must use a nature, to get accommodated
in some kind of shelter
Oh, its noon already.
I must drink,
only thing i was allowed to take,
is this canteen.
It's filled.
If I won't drink I'll die, if I won't eat, I'll die as well.
It's huge in here
No, i don't trust that I can make that jump
Let's get down, carefully.
Coffee plant!
No coffee bean.
This region is basically called
Northern Minecraftia,
I think it's Northern,
And rumors said, it is one of the most
dangerous places from whole Minecraftia.
We'll see about that.
Ok, it's time to get ready for the night.
There are many monsters,
zombies, skeletons. You know.
And on top of that,
man in black.
No it's not that secret agent,
or maybe he is, who knows.
They're called Endermans,
their origin is in the Ender.
And they are, really dangerous.
I've never seen one of them, nor
would I want to come across them.
Hmm, it's still enough time.
Argh, what am I doing,
I want do these.
So first thing to...
poor piggy.
Damn huge ravine.
Ok, so
let's make a priority list.
First thing...
...it's still a little time...
...find a place to shelter.
Which is more or less,
random and coincidence. Where i get, there i get.
No coffee.
Second thing is food.
Speaking of this
With stick it's not possible to kill them.
So we will hunt at night.
Ha, I found my place to stay
Third thing is,
well it's just to survive.
I will try to go at one direction.
which means,...
...no. Zombie no.
I don't have...
Yea Zombies, you don't know you don't like sun, he?
Ouch! He bit me!
Ok, here we will shelter for this night.
Ehm, what was I talking about?
My memory is not really good, so...
Ok, here is the place. Nice and cozzy!
That's great spot!
Ok then,
let's get started.
Let's make a pickaxe.
Kinda one-use pickaxe.
Let's mine some coal.
Makeshift pickaxe!
Here comes the night!
Well, at least i got rid of him.
Always better he blew up outside than...
I need a few pieces of stone...
That should be enough.
For now
Let's make a furnace
Do I hear bones?
Or it's just me?
Yeah, bones!
Ha, little surprised, don't ya?
Fast sword making. Yes...
fast crafting, that's me.
With all this fighting, I am getting dry throat
It looks like we get the rest of the night calm.
I am hungry!
I am hungry!
I need....
I need an axe!
I need to chop through....
...some branches. maybe they are hiding some apples.
That would be enough.
For a light dinner.
An axe, that's it.
Come on, come on....
Come on!
I'd like to find red shrooms...
Little red shroomies...
Oh, skeleton...
Hmm, it looks like they aren't growing anywhere
just one please.
Just one red mushroom!
That's all i want.
Placing bets
That's fun wathing them
Over here!
I am getting really hungry.
Well, ...
We will have to just hope and survive.
Oh, another skelly.
He's afraid of me, ok
Argh, first day and already starving
that's just great.
Let's make a bit of....
...bit of charcoal.
Two pieces, nice.
i really need to eat.
Let's have a peak.
Maybe I'll find something.
Spider.. i don't want.
Spiders don't taste good.
A man when looking for something, he will find nothing.
As soon as he doesn't need it anymore,
he will find plenty of it.
COW! Yes!
Here we go.
Two pieces please. Yes!
Retreat, retreat!
They are comming for me!
Which way, which!?
I attended at some fencing lessons.
Sorry, that was my...
mine stomach.
Ok, this way.
Ok, first day and it was...
yeah, dangerous.
I am hungry!
Ok, that was...
pretty interesting night.
Let's have a drink
Last three,
gulps of water inside.
It will have to suffice for now,
than I will have to refill it.
And because i don't wanna get sick....
...burn down baby...
...because i don't want to get sick
I'll have to make a water filter.
I have been taught how to make a filter,
but there is still enough time.
I could make a bow.
Bow, filter, bow, filter
Filter is primary.
First night survived,
and second day is comming.
Day two.
Let's go!