Basketball Tips for Beginners : How to Throw a Backboard Shot & a Pull-Up Jumper in Basketball

Uploaded by expertvillage on 26.10.2008

Hello my name is Donaill Dixon and on behalf of Expert Village I'm going to be talking
about beginning basketball. The back board shot is a shot that gives you a better chance
of making it. Also the back board shot also gives you different styles of scoring because
it's good to score from the post and it's also good to score from the guard position.
The reason why the back board is good because it gives you way better opportunity and rather
than a jump shot, a pull up jumper because you're using the back board and you're not
going to be shooting as far as too many, it's going to be more of an action shot. An action
shot is pretty much you shooting at a designated space of the back board and it just gives
you a better overall shot of shooting the basketball. The next shot I'm going to be
talking about is the pull up jumper which you have to use a real quick release. You
take about I say two or three quick dribbles, keeping the defender off his toes and you
have to really, really use a real quick release when shooting a pull up jumper. Also the pull
up jumper is a shot that is mostly used by shooting guards and by point guards and sometimes
occasionally the small forward.