HetaQuest 27 [ENG subs]

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The door is locked. There seems to be someone inside.
The King wants to restore diplomatic relations with the Empire of Ära to deal with the monsters.
But is a nation that built a bridge to a neutral island really worth the trouble...?
We have friendly relations with the Empire of Vyek. If we cooperate with them, that should be enough.
God, the Prime Minister's attitude has been infuriating lately.
Does he think he can do anything just because he is His Majesty's uncle?
Obtained Hyper Potion!
This is the Great Council Hall. The Council is over for today.
The northern side of the room is higher, see? That's where the King sits. There are also the stairs that lead directly to his chamber.
He will come if asked, but he doesn't usually attend the Council. He just checks what has been decided.
Since he has such an important duty as using the Jewel, he doesn't get very involved in government affairs.
Article 3: The King proclaims the execution of a matter based on the decision of the Council,
which consists of twenty-three members and one Head Wizard.
Article 4: If requested by one third of the council members, the King's will must be respected. In this case, the King's word is absolute.
Article 5: The Head of Council... Oh, I give up! I feel like my head is going to explode! This is completely beyond me!
There are some pictures engraved in stone.
There is a numeral counter. Do you want to enter a number? - Yes - No
... Nothing happened.
There is a plate that reads, "Cleaning in Progress."
Oh, Lord Kirkland. Thank you for all your hard work. Are you done reporting to His Majesty?
It is our job, as council members, to keep the whole kingdom stable. I can't do much about the prejudice against Elgnand, but you still have my support.
After all, it is thanks to Elgnand that our nation is so magically advanced.
I have a wife and a son in Netischenitel. Since those monsters have been showing up lately, I'm worried about them.
I wish Zeldwintsar would do something about it...
Obtained Leather Cloak!
[Leather Cloak] Feel free to take it with you on your journey.
Oh, hello there. How did you get past the guards?
You deliberately left the cell door that leads from the Council Hall open...
Thank you for coming. Would you care for a drink? I have wine and tea.
Well, I have to work tomorrow, so tea it is.
You and I are so odd, aren't we? Ten years ago we were constantly at each other's throats, and now we can even peacefully drink tea together.
That's because back then you were a hopeless bloody pervert! Taking off your clothes just like that...
Yeah, I was really shocked. I'd never been hit by anyone before.
Shut up. Anyone would have hit you if you had showed them something of the sort in a first meeting.
You're lucky there was no one around at the time. You'd have been arrested as the nefarious individual who hit the prince.
I didn't know who you really were until the investiture, even though we had met many times during my test to become Head Wizard.
Yeah, you should have seen your shocked face then! It was just brilliant!
I couldn't have known that the guy who had been talking next to me until the previous day would be standing next to the throne later on.
Who cares? It's why now we can be like this. You wouldn't normally be able to come into the King's private room if we weren't friends, now would you?
I suppose you're right.
By the way... you haven't stripped here in many years.
Uh, do you want me to strip? Well, if you would please leave...
No! I was just remarking on it!
I've quit selling myself cheap like I used to! You can't see me naked any more! ♪ Too bad, huh?
That's not bad at all!
I heard Peter has run away from home.
News travel fast. Who told you?
Matthew told me after dinner. No matter how much time passes, Matthew is still such a good kid.
Yeah, he's always even stayed with me.
But that's over, too. He'll also leave me eventually.
Stop being so pessimistic. That's not fair to Matthew.
As time passes, it's better to just give up... Long ago, I wasn't satisfied unless I had someone with me at any cost.
That's one thing I hate about you.
... After you go to Blue Mine, I'll tell the neutral council members not to give you any work for a while. Then you can go look for Peter, all right?
Thanks, by the way. For looking after my brothers-in-law.
Oh, you actually noticed? It's no problem. I do it because I like them.
Alfred has got a new gun. Don't you think you're spoiling him a little too much?
I spoil him when I can. It's not like I can see him all the time.
He's helping me develop guns. He lets me know if it's comfortable to use and so on. I mean, we can't match Ära with just magic.
I just can't like those lead balls and gunpowder.
Me neither. They smell of death.
I wonder why I even made those things... I don't even create when I'm feeling depressed.
Oh, so you're the one who made them?
Now, shouldn't you go back to your quarters? I don't want anything to hinder your mission.
Yeah. Well, then, see you tomorrow in the throne room.
Good luck on your mission, Artie.
Don't call me Artie! Beth is the only one who can call me that!
All right, all right. You never change, do you? Good night.
Hmph... Good night. Thank you for the tea.
Francis' cooking really is delicious. And he treated us to dinner in his own room yesterday. We should repay him somehow.
Eating while thinking about paying back? That's not really nice, is it?
Are you guys ready to go?
Good morning.
Where did you go last night? I happened to see you go out.
It doesn't matter. Let's go to the throne room.
Aww... I can finally get some sleep... I don't want to get up...
The King has been very interested in the research about magic lately. I think he wants to use it to make guns, though.
Somehow, he's going to do all by himself something that we do in group.
And if he succeeds, that will leave us wizards in a fix. I guess we're no match for the Jewel...
Swords are easier to imbue with magic than any other weapon.
I think some new swords are going to be commercialized soon. In fact, they might already be found in some weapon shops.
By the way, the King borrowed some material about Fire magic yesterday. But he doesn't have the gift of Fire...
Does he, Arthur?
Not that I've seen.
Well, I guess it's nice that he's so studious.
... So, this time your mission is to exterminate the oh-so-strong monsters that have broken through our defenses and got into Blue Mine.
And if you find any treasure hunters, you can arrest them without mercy.
From what I've heard, they sell the Creation Stone ore for a large sum.
However, that's not something that should be put in the hands of just anyone.
What should I do in case I find an ore, sire?
Feel free to destroy it.
Apparently, they aren't very strong against fire, so you should be able to eliminate them.
Well, then, good luck, Head Wizard. And both of you, do give your brother a hand.
Yes, sire.
You can count on me!
(Their relationship really is hilarious!)
Just a second, Alfred.
What's up?
Here, a new gun. I got some clues at the institute and tried using the element of Fire to make it! ♪
Obtained Scarlet!
Wow! It's so awesome! Even I'd never seen anything like this before! I'm feeling really fired up all of a sudden!
Can I really have this?
Don't worry about trifles! Now, give me back the old one.
Returned Revolver!
Why do you keep calling me Alfred? Don't you know I'm not him?
It's just that I'd feel sorry for Alfred if his death were revealed just like that. You should also take that a little more into consideration.
So you're helping him, after all, huh?
Don't make fun of the King!
Off you go now, or else those two are going to leave without you.
What were you talking about? Don't tell me you...
C'mon, let's go to Blue Mine!
Are you listening to me?!
[Scarlet] A gun imbued with the element of Fire.
Oh, Lord Arthur. Congratulations on your mission accomplished in the backcountry. Please, take it easy now.
Is the Knight not here today?
No, my wife isn't home right now. Would you like me to give her a message?
No, that's all right. I was just wondering.
Who's the Knight?
An old friend.
That's a painting of the Knight of the Rose Fairy. My wife brought it along when she married me.
It makes me proud that she was the Fairy's knight.
Woof, woof!
This shop sells Carriedo's products from Spina. They deal with all kinds of goods, so it's really helpful.
All right, now I've got everything ready. The treasures in that place will be all mine!
(Was that... Italy's brother?)
(Something tells me I'll keep seeing familiar faces...)
Hello! We've got some nice products; check them out!
[Crossbow] A weapon that can shoot arrows with more power than a common bow.
[Crossbow] A weapon that can shoot arrows with more power than a common bow.
Hello! We've got some nice products; check them out!
[Magic Hat] A hat often worn by witches.
[Thunder Blade] A sword imbued with the element of Thunder.
[Magic Hat] A hat often worn by witches.
Long tunics were popular when I was a kid, too. It's really back in fashion now.
I deal with accessories. Can I help you?
[Flame Ring] A ring that protects from Fire element attacks.
[Warrior Bracelet] A bracelet that elevates offensive power and prevents darkness status.
[Wizard Bracelet] A bracelet that increases magic power and prevents silence status.
[Good Luck Necklace] An amulet against critical hits.
[Life Ring] A ring that automatically recovers HP little by little.
[Leather Cloak] Take it with you on journeys.
[Cloak of Darkness] A cloak that protects from Darkness element attacks.
[Cloak of Light] A cloak that protects from Light element attacks.
[Deep Crimson Bandana] Thieves' favourite bandana.
Thank you! Have a nice day.
Carlos, the guy in charge of this shop, is checking the goods at the harbor. You can go there if you want.
Hello, you can buy foodstuffs here.
[Bread] Plump, freshly baked bread.
[Pastry] Complete with all kinds of baking powder and wheat flour.
Thank you. Have a nice day.
I deal with tools. Are you going to buy anything?
[Antidepressant] Cures depression.
Have a good day.
We came on a ship directly from Spina, but we were careless and ended up going into an area full of monsters.
We had a really rough time, and then we came to this inn.
People in this nation have a prejudice against Elgnandians, but I'm from another country and can't tell them apart at all.
Well, maybe that's for the best.
The food in this city is the best! This is really going to cheer me up!
My husband brought me here because he said he was anxious to please me. This city is gorgeous, but the sea breeze bothers me.
Welcome to our café. Please make yourself at home.
Life in this city is really easy. Once a year, the King does maintenance on it with the power of the Jewel.
Did you know? The ghosts of the people who lived in Regeec appear in the ruins.
They're not like the monsters outside the city... They're real ghosts!
The ghosts of Regeec, huh...? There's a research group there now, isn't there? I think they'll be fine, but I'm still a little worried.
The King is a really wonderful person. However, it's been years since he came to visit the town around the castle.
Maybe his official duties are keeping him busy?
This city is pretty and lively, but sometimes I miss my hometown, Aricema.
Only now do I realize that I liked the smell of the earth and the pasture.
A lot of people come to this café, so I get to hear all kinds of things. I look forward to that every day.
The café really gets a lot of customers in the afternoon. Then again, we put on a stage show when night falls, so it gets really busy then, as well.
I've been to Ramneyg for work, but the bars there are so unrefined. Cenarf really is much better.
It's 150G a glass. Would you like a drink? - I guess so. - No, thanks.
Here you go, sir.
Got Liquor!
I hear that the army of the Empire of Ära, in the south, is really strong.
They've always been strong, but their military prowess has gone through remarkable progress, especially in the past two or three generations.
This is the art museum, where character portraits and soundtracks are on exhibition.
This is the art museum. On the left you'll find the graphics, and on the right is the sound room.
The sound room is currently under construction, so it is not available.
← Graphics Room Sound Room →
This is the portraits gallery. There will be more and more of them, so you should come check it out frequently.
ITALY Do you want to see this character's portraits? - Yes - No
FELICIANO Do you want to see this character's portraits? - Yes - No
LUDWIG Do you want to see this character's portraits? - Yes - No
KIKU Do you want to see this character's portraits? - Yes - No
So, this is the harbour... You can probably go to all kinds of places from here.
Oh, do you want to go out into the world, Matthew? Yeah, that'd be nice!
I wasn't really thinking about going that far! I was just wondering...
Fuck you, Alfred! This is for what you did to me years ago!
That hurt, man! What's the big idea?!
Three years ago, when you fired your gun in my shop! Don't think I've forgotten about it! I got called on the carpet by the Boss afterwards!
And then you keep coming back to screw up my business. Do you have a grudge against me or something?!
(Cuba?!) I don't know! I don't know what you're talking about!
(Alfred! Hey, ALFRED!! What the hell did you do to him?!)
(Why, you little--)
Al, if you did something to him, apologise.
Ooh, so it's your fault that that day that bastard Carriedo made those disparaging remarks about how I didn't teach my little brother any manners...
Phew, I'm saved... Good thing some sailor called him. Looks like he's gone to the ship.
So that's Carlos... You said something about Carriedo. Do you know this Carriedo person?
Yeah... he's just an acquaintance, though. He's a merchant from Spina and Francis' best friend.
He's the head of the Carriedo company and sends his "lackeys", the people he trained directly, to all kinds of places to make business.
He's pretty famous among people in that line of work.
That guy who was here must be one of his lackeys.
Incidentally, he hates my guts, and I'm not exactly fond of him, either.
Did something happen between the both of you?
We used to fight a little bit, is all.
Hmm, I see. So, I've been falsely accused by one of Carriedo's lackeys.
Al, are you sure you didn't do anything?
I told you already! I'm innocent!
Well, I'd rather believe you than Carriedo's lackey.
I heard that Mr. Carriedo will come back to Cenarf soon. I have to get some good merchandise.
This harbor has got pretty easy to use, too. It's all thanks to the Jewel. People in Âge are great...
Arthur, I really appreciate what you do for us. Huh, me? I'm going on board of the ship as an escort.
I'll serve as a legitimate member of the Magic Army!
Recently, our ship got attacked by some monsters, but the Magic Army guy we'd brought along saved us.
I mean, it's not like we can fight the monsters that come from the sky or the sea with swords or axes.
Don't get in the way of my work.
Blue Mine is east of here. It's on a small island with a bridge.