Interview with Markeloff after final @ IEM6 WC

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- Hi, markeloff
- Hey
- Itís the 5th day of Intel Extreme Masters Championship.
The finals vs you and Poles are over.
Tell us, why did you lose the game?
- You could have noticed it during the game.
We had a lot of communication issues.
We repeated the same stupid mistakes.
It travels with us from one championship to another.
I mean arguing after losing a round.
Even after winning a round.
Discussion of each otherís mistakes.
We had very little communication and team playÖ well,
we have much to work on.
- Why are you arguing?
You are four-time champions of the world.
- *knocks on his head*
Thatís why.
Some of us donít understandÖ
and me tooÖ
everybody tells each other what to do.
I donít know why.
We used to argue if something goes wrong.
I.e. we are not so cold-blooded as Scandinavian.
They donít give a damn, just sit quiet and play.
We are emotional nation.
Of course itís a big disadvantage for us.
Thatís it.
- Who lead the team.?
As far as I understand, there are like 2 captainsÖ
- Yes, there are.
- Who ruled today? Zeus or starix?
- The beginning on train was good.
Starix lead the defense.
Communication between the players is more important
in the defense. Starix was the main.
Zeus helped him from time to time.
In the beginning of each round starix typed 4A or 5A or smth like that.
Starix started ruling also for T-side.
We had some troubles.
When the score was 6-0
Zeus took initiative into his hands.
He typed one round. We took it.
Then he typed another one and we lost it.
Then we had an eco and we lost the deagles.
It was decided that starix should lead us on mirage.
If something went wrong, Zeus would help him.
- And what about gaming situations?
There were a few key rounds, which you could win.
I.e. you lost in the situation 2 vs 1
against pasha who became MVP.
- The initial situation was 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 2.
Two of us moved through zig in 2 vs 2 situation.
I left pasha with low hp.
He moved to the library.
Then I started moving to the plant,
I killed one of them through the window
and we got 2 vs 1 situation.
Ceh9 planted the bomb.
We had a little miscommunication.
Ceh9 said he would check the exit,
I took the window, however my position was not good for it.
We knew he had low hp.
Ceh9 playedÖ
well not insecureÖ
he sat on one place.
In my position I could be shot so I had to move.
Pasha could shoot me both from the window and ramp.
I saw him.
I knew he had low hp,
so I wanted to aim at his body at least.
He aimed at me and ceh9 was sitting aloneÖ
it was miscommunication and lack of team play.
It was not the round that provoked losing the game.
Iím 100% sure in it.
They would have an eco, then buy,
so the score would have been 14-13 to us.
I donít think it was a deciding round.
- Do you think mirage was a good choice?
Youíve never played it on the tournaments before.
- It was an advantage for us
as we practiced a lot on this map.
We had many key tactics.
It was our bonus.
Our pick and our bonus.
Poles didnít know how we played on it
so they couldnít give us anti-tactics.
- Thereís a popular belief that it was the last big CS tournament.
How do you thinkÖ.
- They will hardly pay for the 1st place $50 000 one more time.
- Previously the new season was announced
during the awarding ceremony.
This time it was not announcedÖ
- Thatís because they are really not sure.
As for now they approved only Starcraft 2 and LoL.
After they check the amount of viewers on hltv and
they should think twice before switching to other discipline.
- How do you like it from the organizational pov?
Itís extremely crowded here.
- I am impressed as well.
Despite our final was very early,
there is a plenty of people.
The organization is the highest level.
We played on the same computers all the time.
They just moved base units
and it was very convenient for warm-ups etc.
- What are your plans?
- Weíll have a rest.
Will have a lunch somewhere,
take a breather,
weíll have a talkÖ.
- And in global prospective?
- In Ukraine weíll have a few days of rest
in our home cities.
Then we have some internet practice.
After that we fly from home cities to Moscow
for TECHLABS finals.
We face SK, but they have some problems with visas,
so I donít actually knowÖ
weíll fight at TECHLABS for good prize money.
They pay cash what cheers us up.
Thatís all.
No, wait, thereís also Xperia in Copenhagen.
We got registered.
Itís most likely we go there.
- And maybe the last words, hellos, thanks?
- Well, thanks to our sponsors
SteelSeries, Kingston and Antec.
Huge thanks to our fans.
Sorry for losing after such a group stage,
but please donít get sad.
We donít get sad as well.
Everything is ahead.
We have the 2nd place and the 1st place on the European finals.
Itís not bad.
We hope to keep making you happy in the future.
Huge thanks to my parents, friends and brother.
Respect to all of my friends
who woke up at 9 PM after Friday night.
Iím very pleased.
I got many SMS.
We donít get upset and please donít troll us.
Everythingís gonna be alright.
- Thank you for the interview,
good luck!