Tips for Men: Erectile Dysfunction (ED) | HealthiNation

Uploaded by HealthiNation on 20.01.2012

Sports and sex – it’s the common stereotype that all men think about are sports and sex.
Now, what if one made the other better? Well, medical research shows that healthy living
– the sports part, with healthful eating mixed in – can help prevent erectile dysfunction.
So, the key to a healthy sex life … is a healthy lifestyle. Many cases of ED are caused
by health problems like diabetes and blockages of the arteries. In fact, ED may be a sign
that heart disease is underway. Smoking, being overweight, high cholesterol and high blood
pressure and too much alcohol can also contribute to problems in the bedroom.
Erectile dysfunction is difficult to talk about, and more common than you may think,
affecting about 30 million men in the US. Don’t be embarrassed to talk to your doctor
about it—we’ve got good treatments today. I know it’s stressful… and not just for
us guys. A healthy sex life is important to maintaining healthy relationships.