QUT Bachelor of Public Health

Uploaded by TheQUTube on 02.10.2011

I’m Lydia Deutscher. I’m a QUT Graduate, with a degree in public health.
I chose to work in public health because it’s a really exciting and expanding field
with a broad range of career opportunities.
And at QUT you start with the core subjects, but then you can elect an area of interest
that aligns with your career goals.
I’ve always been really passionate about politics, and my degree has set me up well
for a career in federal government because I have a solid background in public policy,
project management, environmental science, and community nutrition.
I know this, I know it! (laughter)
One of the highlights of my degree was being able to represent QUT
in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Where my research partner and I were able to study environmental health policy,
public health nutrition, and water treatment.
And then following my degree at QUT I spent 2 months working as
a summer intern in Washington DC.
Attending industry meetings with US Senators on Capitol Hill,
sitting in on a policy task force for health care reform,
and getting to network at some industry awards nights.
It was awesome.
I’m currently working for my local member of federal parliament,
and one day ideally I would love to work for the United Nations in New York,
in the economic and social development branch.
QUT really is the university for the real world.