Hells Kitchen US Season 10 Episode 2

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(Male announcer) Previously, on Hell's Kitchen...
18 chefs from all over America
came to compete for the biggest prize
in Hell's Kitchen history.
This year, I'm looking
for my head chef,
[gasps] at Gordon Ramsay's Steak
at the Paris in Las Vegas.
(Announcer) At the signature dish challenge,
Dana, Royce and Robyn stood out.
That's delicious. Thank you, chef.
He loved it. That's like the best orgasm ever.
(Announcer) While Tavon, Don and Guy...
It's not for eating.
(Announcer) All failed to impress.
And when it came down
to the final two dishes on the table,
it was the chef de cuisine from Philly, Christina...
Amazing. The women have the challenge.
(Announcer) Who clinched the victory for the women.
Yay! We won!
(Announcer) At the opening night's dinner service,
Christina quickly...
Oh, my God.
(Announcer) Fell out of chef Ramsay's good graces.
What in the [bleep] is that?
(Christina) I'm sorry that I couldn't come through.
(Announcer) Also, in the red kitchen...
Scallops! Yeah.
(Announcer) Roshni...
Ready, chef. Come here.
Just touch these.
(Announcer) Struggled with the scallops.
They're overcooked.
I screwed up.
I've cooked scallops millions of times.
(Announcer) On the blue team...
What the [bleep] have you done?
(Announcer) Tavon butchered the scallops.
They look like they got cut with a paper clip.
(Announcer) And Tavon's troubles didn't end there.
Stop! This [bleeping] pigeon's that raw it can still fly.
[Bleep] off upstairs.
Get out!
Tavon couldn't cook a squab.
Like, he's just a [bleeping] moron.
(Announcer) But Royce didn't fare any better.
(Royce) Anybody know where anchovies are?
Got to get some appetizers out!
(Royce) Guy was at the station.
I was ambushed 100%.
Get out! [Bleep] off.
(Announcer) After an embarrassing first dinner service...
The blue team, you sucked.
At least the red kitchen completed the appetizers.
(Announcer) The men lost.
Anybody who was on that line
that wasn't embarrassed doesn't belong anywhere in the kitchen.
(Announcer) At elimination, they nominated...
Tavon. (Announcer) And...
(Announcer) But chef Ramsay...
Don? Why? He didn't even cook.
(Announcer) Had a nominee of his own.
Step forward.
(Announcer) Forcing Royce to defend himself.
I felt sabotaged, by Guy.
(Announcer) In the end, it was...
(Announcer) Who saw his dream extinguished.
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♪ Fire ♪
♪ when you shake what you got ♪
♪ and girl, you got a lot ♪
♪ you're really somethin' child ♪
♪ yes you are ♪
♪ the way you walk and talk ♪
♪ really sets me off ♪
♪ and I'm so excited ♪
♪ woo woo woo woo ♪
♪ the way you swerve and curve ♪
♪ really wrecks my nerves ♪
♪ 'cause I'm smoking, baby baby, woo woo ♪
♪ the way you push, push, ♪
♪ let's me know that you're good ♪
♪ gonna get your wish, oh, no ♪
♪ fire ♪
♪ fire, fire ♪
(Announcer) And now, the continuation of Hell's Kitchen.
(Royce) I'm the happiest guy in the world.
You want to know why? Because I'm still here.
Here I am, look at it, side view. You got it, unh.
(Guy) Royce, he goes up there in front of chef Ramsay
and throws me under the bus, right? That's how you say it?
I didn't sabotage nobody.
Be a man, man,
take responsibility for what the [bleep] you did.
It's all about the [bleeping] team, man, that's all it is.
There's something seriously [bleeped] up with this team.
We can't seem to blend together yet.
We need a breakthrough, and we need one fast.
(Announcer) With the blue team completely out of sync,
The only thing that I've been worried about so far
is being a team.
(Announcer) And the red team not faring much better,
chef Ramsay sends a wake-up call
that he hopes will help all the chefs find their rhythm.
[Record scratching]
Is the place burning down?
Like, what the [bleep] is going on right now?
Like, I'm so confused.
♪ Get up, get out of bed y'all ♪
♪ get up, come on, get out of bed y'all ♪
(Barbie) It's too early in the morning
to party like that.
Chika-chika-chika-chika. What?
♪ Get up, get up now ♪
Get your shoes on and get downstairs, let's go.
Let's go. Quick.
Last night I witnessed
one of the worst performances of scallops ever.
Yes, chef?
I got a hold of a supplier early hours this morning,
and I told him to make a delivery.
That was the last thing I expected to see.
This ain't fun and games.
(Gordon) There are 125 scallops
in each mound of ice.
We see these two huge mounds of ice, with seaweed, and like,
ice was freezing. [Laughs]
Both teams,
get every scallop in that bucket.
And I mean move your ass!
(All) Yes chef!
Let's go!
[All screaming]
I don't care how cold my hands are,
I don't care how cold my feet are,
I'm just going to keep on digging and digging and digging
and try to find scallops like a dog.
[All yelling]
Guy just hit me in the face with a scallop.
(Brian) You all right?
Guy just hit me in the face with a scallop.
Boom, scallop to the face.
(Gordon) [Bleep] A medic, please.
Who gets hurt going to dig for a scallop?
Show me. Turn around.
Just try and put your head back.
I think that Royce deserved it for throwing me under the bus.
It'll bite you on your ass.
Another one!
There's one right there.
Come on, dig it, dig it.
I think we could have used
a little bit more hands-on from Barbie.
Dig, bitch.
And, stop! Stop.
We got it. Yeah, baby!
(Gordon) Good job.
[Bleep] Yeah, guys.
Where's your shoe, Briana, where is it?
It's in there somewhere. [Bleep]
Right, both teams,
take your scallops,
yes, put them into your kitchens.
Okay, now get upstairs and get changed.
And hurry up.
Yes, chef.
I'll see you in two minutes, let's go.
I expected hell when I got here, and you know what?
I'm ready for it, I got it.
Let's do it.
Let's not [bleeping] lose today. Let's not, honestly.
Girls, watch out, we're coming.
Blue team is here, and we're ready to go.
Your challenge this morning will be
to shuck, clean, and cook
as many properly-cooked orders of scallops
as you can. Got it?
(All) Yes, chef. Good.
First, I'm going to show you how to shuck and clean.
Watch carefully. Take your bread knife,
in and twist.
From there...
I never, ever in my life,
opened a scallop. Never.
No experience with scallops.
Thumb runs down the side of the scallop.
Carefully, it pries it out.
It's just nasty, and it's disgusting.
But yet, if you want to win this competition,
you've got to get in there and get dirty.
I want each and every dish looking like this.
How, exactly, we should have served them last night.
They're sliced evenly, they're cooked evenly.
We've got the flat sides of the scallop in towards the salad.
The first team to cook six
stunning scallop dishes wins the challenge.
You'll be working in pairs.
Are you ready? (All) Yes, chef.
You challenge starts...
Now. Let's go.
(Announcer) Chef Ramsay has selected this challenge
to get the chefs focused on their attention to detail.
The first team to produce six orders
that meet chef Ramsay's exacting standards will win.
This scallop is a sexy bitch.
He wants perfection, let's just give him perfection.
Get perfect plates up to that pass.
(Announcer) While the women work carefully to achieve perfection...
Hold on, hold on, hold on. We gotta go, together.
Let's put some of those beautiful greens up top.
Go, go, go, go, go. (Announcer) The men are focused on...
Getting dishes to chef Ramsay as fast as possible.
Come here, come here, come here, come here.
All right, come on!
Ring the bell. Oh, [bleep].
Ring the bell. Come here, you muppet.
Who put them on the plate? Look at mine.
What did I say?
Round side out. Flat side towards the salad.
Round side out, flat side in. Start again!
Oh, [bleep]. This is going to be
a little [bleeping] tougher than I thought.
Ah, I cut that one.
Come on, we can do this, guys,
we can do this.
Let's walk.
(Gordon) Let's go, I'm not touching anything
until you ring the bell. [Bell rings] No, the plate's not done.
Down, you have to wait.
Done? Let's go, they were first.
Scallops, one, two, three, four, five. Bearnaise, done.
Scallop? Beautifully cooked. Great job, well done.
Thank you, chef. Thank you, chef.
One point for the red. Great job.
Come on, let's do it again.
Tiffany and I are starting to hit our stride.
We know what we just did. And all we have to do is repeat.
The problem I've got with that...
One big scallop, one small scallop.
I want five scallops all the same!
Yes, chef. Come on!
One, two, three, four, five.
Nicely served. Well done. Good job.
Come on, girls! We got two, ladies, we got two.
I'm like, "boom goes the [bleep] dynamite!"
We got this!
All right, guys, look at me.
Speed up a bit, will you, please, yes? Let's go.
[Bleep]! I'm moving around, and we got nothing in the window.
I just gotta go for it because
we're not moving along at this point.
Who cooked that? Look, it's a rectangle scallop.
And look. Any rectangle scallops there?
One missing this. Start again! [bleep]!
They didn't even get one yet, guys.
They didn't even get one yet, guys!
(Announcer) While the men struggle
to complete even one dish... Come on, get that up!
(Announcer) The women get point...
Good job. (Announcer) After point...
Beautifully done. (Announcer) After point.
Well done. [lndistinct shouting]
Ladies, one. Ladies, one.
Men, ehhh! Men, ehhh!
You suck.
Come on, guys. Go, go, go, go.
They've got five points, and we've got nothing.
I mean, we gotta push it.
(Announcer) With the women needing only one more dish for victory,
the men need a miracle to catch up. Let's do it.
(Announcer) But right now they'll have to settle
for Guy and Royce.
Don't put it up there. It's not even there yet.
Always show the [bleep] boss. Square side in.
Beautifully cooked. Lovely sear.
Stunning. Well done. Good job. (Both) Thank you, chef.
Let's go, baby! Let's go!
A stunning, stunning dish. Well done, Guy.
Thank you very much. Royce, well done. Let's go.
Flat side in. Flat side in.
Want me to put the flat side in?
Flat side in.
Who cooked the scallops? I did, chef.
Solid done. Beautifully done.
Beautifully done. Good job. Really good job.
Hurry up! Let's go. Let's get another one.
Push through, guys, push through. Let's get this done!
I got a plate. We're ready to go.
Let's go, ladies. They guys are pulling it back.
Let's go. We gotta win this.
We have to win this challenge.
There's a lot of [bleep] pressure right now.
I've got all different sizes. Look. Come here.
There's mommy, there's daddy, there's the daughter,
there's the son, and there's the baby.
[Bleep] off. What's the matter with you?
Come on, ladies, .
We only need one more point. One more point.
Guy, feel these. He's gonna send these back.
Feel it. Feel it. Send 'em back.
Come on, guys, come on. Plate that.
This is it.
Please, let it be perfect.
(Gordon) Who cooked that?
(Announcer) In the attention-to-detail scallop challenge,
the women are ahead 5-2.
This is it. (Announcer) And Barbie and Tiffany
have a chance to clinch it for their team.
Who cooked those scallops? I did, chef.
They're cooked stunningly.
Ladies, congratulations.
[Women cheering]
I just put up three perfect scallops,
and we won!
I just rocked it out.
[Bleep] me!
If it's a close battle,
I could accept that sort of loss.
But it was a blowout. It's embarrassing.
Ladies, well done. Thank you, chef.
Yeah! Sorry, guys.
I'm not sorry. We worked hard.
Now, for winning today's challenge,
you'll be joining me...
on a trip to the stunning,
beautiful island of Catalina.
[Women shouting]
I've also got a stunning yacht to get us there.
Oh, my God!
I don't have a passport. You don't need one.
I knew it was gonna be something great,
but Catalina and a yacht? I mean, come on.
Head up to the dorms, get changed,
and don't forget your sunscreen.
Well done. Get out of here. Anybody get seasick?
Because it's kind rocky out there.
Guys, you are in for a crap day.
I want you to clean the mess outside.
That's our entrance to Hell's Kitchen.
I want it pristine.
And if that's not enough,
I need you to do some heavy duty prep.
I've got some amazing prawns arriving.
I want them shelled, cleaned, and de-veined.
Start cleaning up now.
Losing sucks.
And I'll be damned if I'm gonna keep losing
with a bunch of, you know, half-assed jabronis
not pulling their own weight.
Whew! I'd say four people take one side,
five people take the other. No?
It's a lot [bleep] bigger than it looks, man.
Oh, it's like a little piece of Vermont right out here.
See ya. We're gonna have a great day.
You guys are gonna have a [bleep] day.
Bye, guys. Suck it.
It wasn't even that hard of a challenge to win.
We got a lot of [bleep] to do.
This is a good enough reason to win a challenge.
(Announcer) While the men are on ice and seaweed duty...
How is there still more [bleep] ice?
(Announcer) The women are heading to the high seas.
(Gordon) Well done. Well done, well done, well done, well done.
Now, it's hot out here. Sip it slowly.
Chef Ramsay, outside the kitchen, is a cool cat.
How good is it to get out?
This is the first time away from my fiance,
so I'm a little bit homesick.
Robyn, this is our opportunity to pick chef Ramsay's brain,
and you want to talk about your girlfriend.
Why do I have to hear you chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp?
Look. Dolphins. Wow.
Treats for you.
Since everybody's so excited to waste food,
these are all the scallops that you guys
couldn't cook properly today.
I'll make it nice and smooth so it goes down easy.
Oh, my God. Scallop shakes? Ecch!
Ice-cold, [bleep] three-hour old scallops?
Horrific. Enjoy.
Thank you, chef. Thank you, chef.
Up in the middle.
Let's go. Salud!
Pound it. Let's go. It's like a protein shake.
Let's drink... [Bleep].
Oh, my...
Got scallop? [Laughter]
Get a scallop 'stache. Ha ha!
We gotta start acting like men. We're still acting like boys.
Listen, this beverage...
Royce is kind of starting to piss me off.
I'm not gonna sit there and be all business all the time.
If he keeps getting on my case,
I'm gonna explode, sooner or later.
It sucks. You [bleep] make the best of it.
It's not funny. This is not funny.
We lost.
Yes! This is awesome!
We get to take in gorgeous views of this gorgeous island.
Oh, my God! [Laughter]
All right, you ready? Yes.
I am totally psyched.
Zip-lining is something I've always wanted to do.
On three. One, two, three.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
I'm hanging probably, I want to say,
11,000, 12,000 feet in the air.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Is someone coming to save me?
Is there gonna be a helicopter? I don't know.
We love you, Roshni.
We're glad you made it safer.
Today was beautiful, just to hang out with each other
and to bond like that. I mean, it's priceless.
[All cheering]
Hi, guys. Hi, guys.
What's up, ladies?
Wow, somebody got a lot of sun.
You gonna be all right? It was amazing.
I'm mad, I'm angry, and truthfully,
I wouldn't mind getting sunburned.
Let's go!
This is getting old, guys.
It's getting old quick.
(Announcer) With the second dinner service just hours away...
New day. New day.
(Announcer) Both teams are desperate
to prove themselves.
But while the men have put their differences aside...
Bang it out. (Announcer) And are uniting as a team...
The women... Oh, she gets under my skin so bad.
(Announcer) Are taking a slightly different approach.
Barbie, did you get tape?
Um, I have a little bit.
Do you have enough for me to use?
Not really, but here.
Take it.
I'm not gonna argue about [bleep] tape.
I'm not arguing. Do you want the tape,
or do you not want the tape, Robyn?
Barbie's just pressing my buttons.
She's not a team player. She's here for herself.
We gotta watch our tones.
'Cause I know I can be aggressive too.
I don't have a tone. Stop.
Don't tell me to stop. It's her.
This girl is lucky that
we're not in the [bleep] hood right now.
I swear to God she's lucky.
(Announcer) While both teams are hoping to impress chef Ramsay
with tonight's dinner service...
Now I'm feeling good.
(Announcer) The red team has the start
of a feud brewing between Robyn and Barbie.
We gotta watch our tones.
I don't have a tone.
(Christina) There's definitely some tension building right now.
But we have to stick together.
We might have a brawl tonight in the dorms,
but we'll leave it for after service.
Blue's got their headbands on. They're all like...
They're ready. They're ready, dude.
They're sick of getting defeated.
We gotta be on point.
Let's go, guys!
Chef Ramsay's here. Let's go.
Opening night was a huge disappointment, right?
(All) Yes, chef.
Tonight is about redemption. It's about pride, right?
You can't be happy watching those customers leave.
Not even being fed.
Tonight is about pride. What's it about?
(All) Pride!
Let's go. Okay, James.
Let's go open Hell's Kitchen, please, let's go.
Yes, chef.
All right, let's go, guys. Yes?
(All) Yes, chef.
(Announcer) In addition to the regular
Hell's Kitchen menu...
I'm gonna get the Caesar salad. The risotto, please.
(Announcer) Chef Ramsay has added
a special tableside appetizer of shrimp scampi.
Okay, first order.
Two scampi tableside. Two pieces, all right?
(Announcer) Handling tableside service for the red team will be Christina.
Let's get started.
(Announcer) And for the blue team, it will be Brian.
Is this table 21 right here?
Table ten?
Ten? Thank you. I don't have the right table.
I will be back though. Okay.
Pizza's in, yes?
Yes, chef. Thank you, let's go.
I gotta the get the [bleep] pizza dough.
You got a pizza dough right here.
Stop slowing down.
Don't finger the pizza.
The man is intimidating.
(Gordon) I'm waiting on the pizza.
Okay, yes, chef. I'm moving.
Just his aura is very nerve-racking.
(Gordon) Hurry up, bozo.
And I'm anxious...
You got it. Confidence, confidence.
Petrified, terrified, excited.
Let's go, Donald. Coming out.
It's like an ocean of emotion.
Pizza, chef.
On the pass.
Don, I've got burnt pizza on the top...
Yeah? And raw underneath.
Burnt and raw.
How the [bleep] you managed that one, I don't know.
Oh, my God.
Look, oh, hey, hello. Raw and burnt.
What a dumbass.
He can't make a little, seven-inch pizza.
It's ridiculous.
Donald? Yes, sir?
We can't go down on a pizza. Let's go.
Yes, chef.
(Announcer) While don starts over on the pizza,
in the red kitchen, Kimmie is ready with her first pizza.
Very nice. Very nice indeed.
(Announcer) But to complete the order,
chef Ramsay needs one more item.
risotto's how long? Here, chef.
I know how to cook risotto.
It's one of my favorite dishes to make.
All I wanna hear is, "ding, ding, ding.
Service please. Service please."
(Gordon) All of you, come here.
Three risottos on the same table.
A light one, a dark one, and a medium one.
The same [bleep]ing table.
[Groans] Dagger in the heart.
Who's in charge of the appetizers?
I am, chef.
So you don't put them into one pan and finish them together?
I should have.
You cook them all the way, one minute to go.
Put them into one big pan.
[Bleep] me.
I'm like, Briana!
Do something. Sh-she wasn't doing anything.
Hurry up! Get everyone that.
That one was served in three different colors.
Yes, chef.
Oh, my God.
(Announcer) With chef Ramsay rejecting
the women's first attempt at risotto...
Make another one. Make another one.
(Announcer) Over in the blue kitchen, one chef...
How are we doing on that?
(Announcer) Is determined to make his first appetizer perfect.
First risotto.
All right. I'm following.
There is no [bleep]ing way that anything that I send
is gonna come back to me.
Who made that risotto?
I did.
Delicious. Thank you, chef.
[Bleep]. Hey, good job, Guy.
Let's keep on going. It's nothing.
I didn't do nothing. It feels so good.
Second pizza, chef.
Service, please.
(Announcer) After a bumpy start,
the men, led by Guy, are now on a roll.
Two risotto, two Caesar salad.
Right now, turning the pass.
(Announcer) And appetizers, whether they be from the kitchen...
Service, please.
(Announcer) Or the dining room...
(Brian) Fun, no?
(Announcer) Are quickly making their way to diners.
That's raw.
(Announcer) But maybe a little too quickly.
I do apologize.
Made by idiots. I do apologize.
I'll see what I can do. Okay.
They're all raw.
All of you, stop.
(Gordon) Brian, stop!
All of a sudden I hear...
The voice.
It's urgent! Yes, chef.
He's not calling me downstairs
to tell me that my dish was great.
Raw and overcooked on the same [bleep]ing table.
Raw and overcooked.
Start again. Yes, chef.
(Announcer) 45 minutes into dinner service, the red team
has yet to serve a single appetizer.
Where's the risotto? risotto.
Pizza, please, Kimmie.
(Announcer) The women are relying
on their star performer from the scallop challenge,
Barbie, to complete their first order.
Scallops, how long? Scallops, how long?
Two scallops coming up to the pass, chef.
Are we missing pieces? No.
(Tiffany) I thought it was five pieces.
There are supposed to be five per order,
and I looked at the bitch,
and she [bleep]ing hands me eight scallops.
Chef, scallops right here.
(Tiffany) Here you go, Barbie.
I'll just throw you under the bus
'cause that's where you belong.
I'm missing two.
Two scallops.
Two times five is what? Ten, chef.
And you gave me eight scallops. Yes, chef.
What's the matter with you?
(Gordon) Okay, everybody. Two scallops away.
Two times five is ten.
Barbie gives me eight scallops.
We're waiting for two more.
That's the state of the concentration
going on currently in this kitchen.
Do you even know how to count?
Ten. Ten scallops.
Coming out, coming out, coming out, coming out.
Go with that. Please [bleep] off.
(Announcer) Barbie's scallops finally add up to success
for the red team.
Service, please.
(Announcer) Meanwhile, in the blue kitchen...
Four scallops, one risotto.
Yes, chef.
(Announcer) Chris has his own math problem to solve.
Four orders scallops. That's 20 pieces.
I got you, man.
I know I had four orders.
That's 20 pieces of scallops.
I'm like, all right, cool.
I don't know if I should do it
in four orders in two pans,
or if I should just go with four orders in four pans.
And I'm contemplating... I'm like,
if I get two larger pans, I could bang out two orders...
and I could bang out four orders in two pans.
I'm just, like, completely freaking out.
Chris, how long on those scallops?
Scallops, ten seconds.
Come on, get them out of the pan,
get them out of the pan.
Put them right up there.
[Bleep] Now, you are killing me.
All of you. All of you! How dare you?
Did you learn anything yesterday?
(Gordon) I mean, come on.
(Announcer) After the men spent most of yesterday
working with scallops,
chef Ramsay expected perfection from the blue team.
All of you. All of you!
(Announcer) But what he got instead...
This is where it really hurts.
(Announcer) Was overcooked scallops from Chris.
Touch those [bleep]ing scallops.
(Gordon) How... [bleep] dare you?
How dare you?
All of you, go over there.
Take a [bleep] [bleep], and eat it.
Just see what we're about to send out.
[Bleep] you.
All of you, let's go. Have a snack.
My fat ass sat in a pile of snow,
picking up scallops,
and now I'm sitting there like a [bleep],
eating these things 'cause you can't pan-sear a scallop?
What are you, [bleep]ing kidding me?
No one leaves until they [bleep]ing eat them.
And if they don't eat them,
[bleep] off home. I've had enough.
Yes, chef.
Anybody else? Come on.
I've got six in my mouth.
(Announcer) While the men try to regroup...
I need four scallop pigeon risottos still, yeah?
Yes, chef.
(Announcer) Over in the red kitchen...
Come on, ladies.
Coming up with the scallops, chef.
(Announcer) Barbie looks to keep the momentum going on appetizers.
No, no, she can't [bleep]ing tell me that's [bleep]ing done.
All of you, come here.
You, put the pan down. Yes, chef.
You've just given me two portions.
Look at this!
L-l... just look...
Touch them, everybody.
They're all burnt.
Just cook it right.
Like, you just sank us.
Are you with us now? Yes, chef.
Or are you back in Catalina Island?
I'm with us.
Get off the zip-line, and get back down to earth.
Yes, chef.
Whenever Barbie touches anything,
it's, like, a disaster.
She makes me crazy.
(Announcer) While chef Ramsay gives Barbie another chance on scallops,
he had drawn a line in the sand with the blue team.
God help anybody
if something's wrong on this next ticket.
God help them.
We cannot [bleep] up scallops over and over again.
It's embarrassing. It's ridiculous.
Coming at you in two minutes, chef.
I gotta get over there and help them out.
Look at that [bleep]. Get another one.
We going like this. Get those out of the pan.
Oh, my God.
One, two, three, four, five, six of you cooking scallops.
There's more [bleep]ing chefs cooking scallops
than there are scallops in the pot.
Guys, have you any idea how stupid you look?
Yes, chef. Yes, chef.
Six chefs, one for each scallop,
and one to rub their asses.
(Scott) I need the scallops.
Right now. I'm walking, chef.
(Gordon) Service, please.
Uh, get a mouthful of this.
I feel like we got some swagger back.
(Announcer) An hour and a half
and 75 scallops into dinner service,
the blue kitchen...
On the line.
(Announcer) And the red kitchen...
One scallop coming.
(Announcer) Have just about completed sending out appetizers.
Very nice. Service, please.
It's really good.
(Announcer) And are now ready to go full-speed ahead on entrees.
Entree. Oh, [bleep].
Two sea bass, two lamb.
Yes, chef.
How long on your sea bass?
W-we're going on the pass.
All my meat was sitting there, waiting,
because everything for it...
order has to come up at the same time
on the pass to meet together.
How long to the sea bass?
(Barbie) Two minutes.
Two minutes on the pass,
you're walking the sea bass, correct?
Two minutes, look... yes, two [bleep]ing minutes!
You say "yes" then.
Two minutes.
Sea bass ready?
J-just give me... like, it's fish.
All I'm waiting for is just, like, a magic time.
I-it's just...
I don't think Barbie understands what times are.
She wears a watch on her wrist, but I don't think it works.
Two sea bass, two lamb.
Could someone give me an accurate time for the fish?
Ah, [bleep] this.
(Robyn) The bass up?
Just walk. Just walk.
You gotta talk to me. You gotta talk to me, Barbie.
I-I-I... No, you did not.
Okay. Not the time, guys.
Behind, coming through the pass with the lamb.
[Bleep] you are kidding me.
[Bleep] That's raw.
All of you, come here.
The bass is overcooked.
Watery and overcooked.
And look, lamb undercooked. Bass overcooked.
Because Barbie's screwing up, or is it you're following her?
I know how to cook good lamb.
My timing was [bleep],
and who [bleep] me on the timing?
Thank you, Barbie. Appreciate it.
All right, let's start again.
(Barbie) Starting again.
L-let's just start again, ladies.
Why don't we fire, like, four more [bleep]ing vats
right now too, okay?
Let's pick it up and get this food out, okay, guys?
(Announcer) While the women start over on their first entrees,
in the blue kitchen, Chris is hoping to redeem himself
on the fish station.
Four minutes, yes.
It's not the way you start. It's the way you finish.
I gotta push, I gotta push, I gotta push.
Just gather all the pieces, put myself back on the map.
Two Wellington... For how long?
Coming up now, chef.
Coming down, coming down.
Where's the...
Right behind.
That's raw. Stone [bleep]ing cold.
All of you, come here.
You especially.
Just touch that.
Cold, touch that. Yeah, look.
T-t... it's stone cold.
[Bleep] Who cooked the Wellington?
I did, chef.
'Cause it cooked perfectly. Take them back now.
I can give you another one in 30 seconds, chef.
Chris, you ready?
Royce, got the garnish?
Bring him the garnish. Come on, Royce.
Got two Wellingtons and no garnish.
One minute on garnish.
All right, take it easy. Get it hot.
Royce gets so [bleep] nervous. He's like a little girl.
[Bleep], dude, you guys aren't communicating.
Bland. It's bland. It's bland.
Yes, chef.
Butter, cream. Look, it's black.
[Bleep] you see?
My God, work it!
(Royce) Chef Ramsay...
I wanna say I'm sorry I, uh...
I'm sorry I disappointed you.
I didn't know how you wanted your mashed potatoes.
I don't know how to wake you up anymore.
You're like a zombie! Sorry, chef.
You make him look [bleep] good!
(Announcer) Two hours into dinner service,
and not a single entree has left either kitchen.
Patience is wearing thin in the dining room.
I do apologize.
(Announcer) And the red kitchen is crumbling quickly.
How long on the bass? Two minutes, tops.
A real [bleep] two minutes, or a playful two minutes?
Coming through. Pardon me, chef.
40 seconds on...
I've got six bass going. Where...
Chef, I told them to start the bass, because...
Six? Yes.
It's supposed to be cooked to order! It's fish!
Coming down with scallops.
I don't understand why I'm getting yelled at.
I'm trying to [bleep] put out food for the customer.
I mean, I'm pissed off that he's mad at me.
Ladies... stop!
All of you come here.
You're telling her to cook six bass
for three tables in front of what we're doing.
And then this arrives.
We're screwed.
(Gordon) For the seventh time...
Touch them. Touch them.
All of you... Get out!
Hey, you. Take that with you.
Get out of my [bleep] sight.
Get out! Out!
God! Oh, my God.
Absolutely useless.
Holy [bleep].
"I got fish. I got fish." You cocky bitch.
Don't ever call me a [bleep] bitch again.
You understand?
Barbie's the reason why we went down tonight.
I don't know why she's [bleep] here.
The two fish that had to go...
[Prolonged cursing]
What is wrong with you?
(Announcer) Two hours into the second
dinner service in Hell's Kitchen...
Get out!
(Announcer) And the red team has been kicked out.
"I got fish, I got fish." You cocky bitch.
(Announcer) And the lack of harmony
in the kitchen has now exploded in the dorm.
[Bleep]! Get the [bleep]!
You [bleep] idiot!
What is wrong with you?
Bitch, stop.
(Announcer) Meanwhile, back in the blue kitchen...
Oven op... oven open.
(Announcer) The men bring their third attempt...
We're going sirloin?
(Announcer) At the first entrees
to chef Ramsay for approval.
All of you, come here.
What is that?
I'm opening a steakhouse in Vegas.
Take that.
Yes, chef.
[Bleep] off, all of you.
Get out.
Get out.
Get out.
Just give us another shot.
That's all I want us to do, is just...
Need one more shot.
I do apologize.
There's nothing else being served tonight.
The blue kitchen has been closed.
So please... Thank you very, very much for coming in.
What a bizarre, strange evening.
The dish where I expected
not one little problem anywhere, from both kitchens,
I got a meltdown.
Tonight clearly the losing team is...
The women...
And the men.
A sinking ship and a runaway train.
Each team, come up with two individuals
that you don't want in your team any longer.
Do something properly and all together
for the first time tonight.
[Bleep] off, all of you.
(Don) I don't know how things got so crazy and out of hand.
It was just... [Mimics explosion]
We couldn't cook [bleep] scallops.
We got served a scallop [Bleep] milkshake yesterday,
and we [bleep] scallops up.
I got to say, Chris,
you [bleep] me with th... with the fish.
I totally [bleep] that first [lndistinct] of scallops.
There's no excuse for it.
Chef really has high standards, but it's a [bleep] scallop.
I'm going to man up.
I'm going to take responsibility for my actions.
My first nomination is for myself.
I should've asked for help.
I sh... didn't and... I collapsed on it.
(Announcer) The blue team's first nominee comes easy.
Chris made it unanimous for himself.
(Announcer) And it looks like
it'll be an easy decision for the red team...
The first nomination is going to be Barbie.
Yes. (Announcer) As well.
All I wanted to do was to see this dinner service finished.
You [bleep] idiot.
Like, go the [bleep] home.
Nobody wants your bitch ass here.
I [bleep] it up. I'm going up there.
You done brought the Memphis out of me, ho.
You [bleep] it up, I swear to God...
We already have one nominee,
is that what you're saying? Yes, we already have one.
Yes, so now we're only voting on the second.
I'll go against you, dawg. Stop.
Put me up against her. We need to decide on two.
So give me a [bleep] paper.
We all want Barbie to go home.
Tiffany, come talk to me.
However, we have to pick two people
to put up for elimination.
I don't feel that anything happened tonight
to anybody to warrant them going home, besides Barbie.
I am going to nominate Roshni tonight because
I don't think she's going to get sent home,
so if I vote for Roshni, then I think chef
will definitely get rid of Barbie next.
I agree with you. It makes sense.
I'm totally in.
Rosh, I want to tell you right now, like,
I voted for you, and it's nothing personal.
And I don't think you'll go home.
Based on tonight's service,
I don't deserve to be up on that chopping block,
and I don't think that that's fair.
That's not what chef asked us to do.
We've got to come to a decision.
I... Don, you didn't come through with the pizzas.
That [bleep] station is hard.
Chef Ramsey said, who's your weakest link?
I felt Don was my weakest link.
You know, that's my personal feeling.
Everyone's pointing the blame at Don.
But I think Don overall had a better service tonight
than both myself and you.
If you guys believe that I'm the weakest link,
then vote me up.
And I'll defend my honor.
I didn't waste the money for scallops.
I didn't waste the time for pizza.
I never seen what
the mashed potatoes [bleep] looked like here.
Really? 30 years old, all the experience,
somebody has to show you how to make mashed potato?
Come on, man.
For me, the weakest link
is the person that cannot man up for his [bleep].
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
When did I not man up, though?
Now! You're not manning up.
This is so [bleep] unfair.
This is so [bleep] unfair that I'm in this position again.
I am torn. I gotta be honest with you.
We got to get rid of her! That's what I said.
Barbie is going home.
Bye bye!
Au revoir.
Write me a [bleep] postcard.
Teams, have you reached a decision?
(All) Yes, chef.
Dana. Yes, chef?
First nominee and why, please.
Our first nominee tonight is Barbie,
because we feel she is not a team player, chef.
Second nominee.
Our second nominee tonight, chef, is Roshni.
Roshni? Yes, chef.
Okay, so you think that these two
are the worst chefs in your brigade?
Yes, chef. Thank you.
Blue team, have you come to a consensus?
(All) Yes, chef.
Guy, first nominee and why, please.
First nominee is Chris,
based on performance on the fish station.
Chris. Yes.
And the second nominee...
(Announcer) The red team has nominated
Barbie and Roshni for elimination.
As for the blue team,
the men unanimously nominated Chris.
And now they must give chef Ramsay
their second selection.
The second nominee is...
Based on the performance on garnish station.
Barbie, Roshni, Chris,
Royce, step forward please. Let's go.
Let's start off with Roshni.
I'm a strong chef, I'm passionate.
I don't know, chef, why I'm up here.
We had to come up with two nominees.
And that was the reason why.
Dana, does this make sense?
We could not come to a consensus
on who else should be voted,
based on tonight's service.
Really? Everybody on this team
unanimously voted for Barbie as our first vote.
Barbie. Yes, chef?
Tell me why you think you should stay in Hell's Kitchen.
I made some mistakes.
I do not plan on making those same mistakes again.
So who is the worst in the red team, then?
Robyn and Kimmie, chef.
What did Kimmie do wrong tonight?
Kimmie brings down morale. She does.
What? Are you kidding me?
For me.
Barbie is the one who lowers the morale on this team.
Oh, my God.
Royce, you're gaining every minute,
every hour, every day, a bad reputation.
Why do you think you should stay in Hell's Kitchen?
I have all the dedication and all the knowledge.
And I'm going to tell you
to put mashed potatoes in a large pan
to incorporate butter and cream
to make it a little bit sexy.
I definitely don't think my performance tonight, though,
warrants me being the worst chef on this team.
I think the gentlemen behind you feel that way.
That's why they nominated you.
Chris, why do you think you should stay in Hell's Kitchen?
I think I should stay in Hell's Kitchen
'cause I'm a strong cook.
I have passion, I have desire to be here.
No, seriously, chef.
I [bleep] It up on the scallops, I did.
I was frazzled.
And I just got... [Bleep] Up,
and I was in quicksand. I just kept sinking and sinking,
I couldn't get my head out of it.
I'm deeply sorry that a non-stick pan
and three scallops frazzled your mind.
My decision is...
Roshni, Royce,
back in line, both of you.
Now I face a very difficult decision.
Truthfully, you both should be going home.
My decision is...
Back in line.
Chris, give me your jacket please.
If your mind is frazzled
at this stage of the game,
there's no way on earth you're going to Vegas, big boy.
Yes, chef. Thank you.
Good night. I appreciate it.
Hell's Kitchen is brutal.
It's tough.
Chef Ramsay's intimidating, you know?
And... I just cracked under the pressure.
Wake up.
Big time.
Listen carefully.
Tomorrow morning,
I have a very, very big surprise for all of you.
Now piss off.
Thanks, chef.
What? Are you [bleep] kidding me?
You're bringing the devil back on our team?
We're all going to make Barbie's life hell.
This is not a good thing for the blue team.
I'm tired of losing.
I would like to win a dinner service.
I would like to win a challenge.
You know, go outside and see a flower.
I'm not giving up.
In the end, there's only going to be
one of us left standing.
And guess what?
It's going to be me.
I'm sure that Chris prays
that he never sees another scallop.
And after tonight,
I pray I don't see anymore of him.
(Announcer) Next time, on Hell's Kitchen...
Barbie may have survived elimination...
Back in line.
Barbie's still here.
It's so annoying.
I'm not going home tonight.
(Announcer) But will she survive...
I'll [bleep]...
And you're gonna be going [bleep] home.
(Announcer) ...The night?
Somebody needs to tell the [bleep] bitch what's up.
You want to get [bleep] choked out?
You want to get [bleep] choked out, you dumb [bleep]?
I'm shaking in my boots.
(Announcer) And when the blue team's
dinner service... Awful.
(Announcer) Erupts in chaos...
I can't sink any further.
Why is it so difficult?
(Announcer) Chef Ramsay takes drastic measures.
Oh, Royce, two seconds please.
I know who he's calling.
(Announcer) And you won't believe...
And I'm like "oh, [bleep]."
(Announcer) Who he gets on the phone.
(Announcer) Find out who survives
[Bleep] idiot.
(Announcer) Next time What are you doing?
(Announcer) On an intense... Brutal!
(Announcer) Explosive...
(Announcer) Combative...
(Announcer) Hell's Kitchen.