Chum Chum Recipe Video | How to make Cham Cham

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Today we will make cham cham.
It is a traditional Bengali sweet and is prepared with fresh chena.
Let’s see what ingredients are required fro making cham cham.
Full cream milk - 1 liter (5 cup)
Sugar - 2 cup (400 gram)
Mawa - ¼ cup
Coconut powder - 2-3 tbsp
Lemon juice - 2 tbsp (2 lemons)
Ararot - 1 tbsp
Pistachios - 6-7
Green cardamom - 3-4
Yellow color Kevara essence
Powdered sugar - 2 tbsp
Boil milk firstly for making cham cham.
Meanwhile slice pistachios thinly and finely and peel cardamom to make cardamom powder.
Once the milk boils, turn off the gas.
Make milk cool down bit. It should remain 80% hot.
Add water in same quantity in lemon juice.
Milk is made to cool down so that the chena comes out soft and tender.
Now add little lemon juice in the milk at a time and mix nicely.
Moment milk starts to coagulate stop adding lemon juice in it.
Milk has coagulated now.
We can also use vinegar or tatri water to coagulate the milk.
Now strain the milk.
Take a sieve and spread cloth over it.
Pour coagulated milk on top of the cloth.
The water will get drained out in the utensil kept beneath the sieve.
Pour cold water on chena so that it gets washed and cooled. It will remove the tartness of lemon.
Cover the chena from all sides and squeeze to drain all water.
Chena is now ready.
Mash it with your hands to make it soft.
Mash for 3-4 minutes like this.
Now add ararot in it and mix well.
We don’t need cham cham to be much spongy, which is why we add ararot in it.
Chena for making cham cham is ready. Now we will make cham cham from this.
On one side make round balls from chena and on other side make sugar syrup for cham cham.
We are using pressure cooker for making cham cham.
It can be made in open utensil but this takes 10-15 minutes, but in cooker it takes less then 10 minutes for making cham cham.
Add 4 cup water for 2 cup sugar. Turn the gas on and let the water boil.
Meanwhile prepare balls for cham cham.
Break small pieces from chena and give them round shape.
Cham cham has oval shape, so we will give them oval shape.
Firstly bind the chena with your hands and then shape it up.
Prepare all cham cham like wise.
We have made 4 cham cham without color and in 4 cham cham we will add little color.
Take less then 1 pinch color and mix in chena.
Divide it into 4 equal parts.
Bind with hands and later give it oval shape.
Now add cham cham in boiling sugar water.
Cook for 7-8 minutes more after it simmers once.
Reduce the flame and boil cham cham for more time.
Meanwhile prepare stuffing for cham cham.
Finley crush the mawa with help of spoon, add sugar and cardamom powder and mix well.
Stuffing is ready.
After 8 minutes, turn off the gas and cool down the cooker.
Take cold water and place pressure cooker in water. This will make cooker cooled down quickly.
Open the lid. Cham cham are now ready.
Take them out from cooker so that they get cooled down and can be stuffed.
Add 2-3 drops of Kevara essence in the cham cham for nice aroma.
Now stuff the cham cham.
Take one cham cham in your hand and slit it from centre.
Fill little stuffing in cham cham.
Now coat it with coconut powder.
Garnish with pistachios.
We have used mawa for stuffing,
but it can be made in many ways like
cashew nuts paste can be used as stuffing or rabri stuffing can be made or malai stuffing can be made or date palm paste with dry fruits can be made as stuffing.
Make whatever stuffing you like eating.
Very awesome tasting cham cham is ready.
It can be stored in refrigerator for 7 days.
Try this recipe at your home and share your experience with us.
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