REINCARNATED (ft. Snoop Dogg): Official Documentary Trailer

Uploaded by vice on Jul 30, 2012


My life is in stages, you know what I mean?
JUROR: We the jury in the above entitled action find the
defendant, Calvin Broadus, not guilty of the crime of murder
in the first degree.
SNOOP DOGG: Whether it's me performing live on stage.
MALE SPEAKER: Let me hear you say Snoop Doog!
CROWD: Snoop Dogg.
SNOOP DOGG: I've been going through stages in life.
That's what my life has always been based on.
And that's what forced me to find a new path.

FEMALE SPEAKER: Snoop Dogg is still in Jamaica, observing
and participating in authentic Jamaican culture.
SNOOP DOGG: I've been on the top ever since
I've been in it.
I got rap songs that will never die.
And that ain't with no disrespect, but
I'm tired of rapping.
I want to do a record, a whole record, with no rapping.
Fuck Snoop Dogg.
Don't think about none of the shit he rapped about--
hustlin', and making money, and drug
dealing, and shooting.
All that shit will be out of here.

SNOOP DOGG: I didn't just want to come here and say I made a
record in Jamaica and grew some dreadlocks.
Rastafari called me.
I finally made it to paradise.

MALE SPEAKER: He don't feel me [INAUDIBLE].
Oh shit, man.
SNOOP DOGG: Come hear some of this California one time, calm
your nerves.