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The Regiment Huzaren van Boreel goes up three to nil against the Java Riders Club.
And there's another score just at the end of the last chukka.
Well, that's it. Final score, Regiment Hurazen Van Boreel 4 to the Java Riders Club 0.
Thank you to all the ladies and gentlemen who made it to the match today.
Excellent shot, Captain!
Thank you, Colonel.
Not a real match against those peanuts, but some of them can really ride.
Even a monkey can learn to ride a horse.
It's the brain that makes a polo player.
Shall we continue our business ii my office over lunch?
Congratulation, Sir. Perhaps first you'd like to celebrate the victory of your team?
Make it two gins!
To the bar, gentlemen!
Cozy, eh?
Yes, yes.
I should just waste the bastards right now.
Easy, Tomas.
We're soldiers, not assassins.
He's taking too long.
Stall them
...and so after I finished with the first one, I went downstairs to the bar.
I had another drink and...
Stupid bloody darkie!
Get me a napkin!
Without us, what can they do?
This country is full of idiots!
Deliver these.
Then leave one by one.
See you at the rally point.
Where's Budi?
Now, I can take them out.
There's too many.
Budi's just a kid.
I said, "No!"
We can't.
We have to pull out.
If they take him alive?
They won't.
Now, move out.
You're the boss, Captain.
Where are your friends?
Allah, forgive me.
Marius, Dayan. Come on!
They're getting away!
You ready, Captain?
Yes, ready.
But will you, Captain?
It is said that...
"Time heals all wounds...
makes heroes of coward...
and wise men of fools."
You're an odd one, teacher.
Major Fadli was right. We could use some time off.
At least you get to see that pretty wife of yours.
When is she due?
That's great.
Hopefully, we'll still be stationed here when "little Amir" arrives.
God willing.
God willing.
My love.
Easy, you don't want to hurt our child.
Don't worry. He's a strong boy.
He keeps on kicking. Feel...
And somehow you know it's a boy?
See how he fights? A rebel, like his father... but I won't let this one become a soldier.
Better he be a teacher.
Are you all right, dear?
You seem changed.
It's nothing.
Come, show me our new house.
This way, honey, that's just the kitchen.
I know...
but a good soldier always reconnoiters the terrain.
Senja... I got something for you.
Senja, got you something...
so your lips look better.
Not that your lips aren't already perfect.
It's not much, but...
Sorry I'm late... you know that girls are never on time.
I would always wait for you.
Do you want to go inside and watch?
So handsome he is, acting like a hero.
Girls do like a man in uniform.
Fancy clothes don't win battles, Senja.
Don't be like that. I'm here with you.
Senja, hold on a second.
Look what I got.
Women shouldn't eat too much candy. You'll grow heavy!
Don't you know better than to tell a girl that?
Senja, do you know that...
I think you're the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.
Senja, I want to ask you something.
Go ahead.
Senja, I think you should stay here in the city.
Well, when the war is over...
we could, you know... think about...
I should forget about the war?
Just settle down and be your house slave?
I didn't mean that, Senja.
Look, the army is dangerous.
It's no place for a woman.
You think your war only hurts men, in battle?
This war came into my home long before you joined the cadets.
I'm just trying to protect you.
And you've done it so well.
You punk!
Think about it...
if the revolution succeeds, no more parties.
No more getting drunk.
No more trips to Holland.
Here, drink this...
To the colonial militia, the KNIL.
What? So now you refuse a drink?
Tomorrow you are going to start training.
What's going on?
He always hides behind you skirts.
He needs to become a real man.
Yes, mother.
I'm going to join the army.
And father has arranged it so I can fight my own people. Fantastic.
He has to fight for the future of this family.
You leave next week for training in Ambon.
We haven't talked about this. He could be killed.
What did you say?
What did you say?
I won't join the KNIL.
Because... because...
I want to join the Indonesian army.
I'm joining the Indonesian army.
You punk!
Stop! Enough!
Marius, please don't go.
He's right. It's time I started to act like a man.
But this time I'll show him.
Who knows? Maybe I'll be a General.
You don't have to prove anything to him.
Not to him...
to me.
How did it go?
Fantastic, Marius.
We went for a walk, watched a gamelan dance, and I bought her sweets.
We strolled arm in arm.
I figured I would quit while I was still ahead.
Tomas, you pissed her off and she ran away, huh?
Pretty much, yeah.
Dayan, your friend here is just not capable.
You should learn from an expert.
Watch me.
To your left...
you see the target to the west.
Then you place your heavy artillery here east of the enemy...
and you move slowly.
Patience, aim...
then fire.
I'm sorry. Are you okay?
I'm okay.
Will you keep me company tonight?
The man is a master.
When I face a woman, I just can't say a word.
Oh, sorry, Dayan.
Anyway, don't worry, Dayan...
Girls love a great listener.
Hey, waitress!
One coffee, please.
Yes, Sir.
Do you want coffee?
Two coffees.
Waitress! Waitress!
No need to waste your time with that dirty rabble.
Here, serve us. Anyone for coffee?
Yes, Captain.
Okay, coffee for everyone.
Excuse me?
I said, you and that drunken buffoon and the rest of Major Fadli's little dogs should leave.
This place is for real soldier.
Not drunks, retards and coolies.
Captain Sofwan?
Captain Sofwan?
I'm Sofwan, that's right.
Our hero!
Our hero, right?
You were at the battle of Semarang, right?
I've heard all about you.
The Dutch coming at you, wave after wave of troops.
Captain Sofwan, so tall, so courageous, so swift...
so swift in retreat!
A present for you.
What, it's not your color?
It's pink... perfect for you.
And what were you doing in that den of sin?
Philandering with cheap women and cheap liquor?
Actually, we spent quite a lot...
Shut up!
I gave you leave to rest and see your families...
not get into fights with Army regulars.
"intelligence" officers?
Don't you know better?
Captain Amir, nice of you to join us.
Sorry, Major, please excuse my lateness....
and the conduct of my men.
They put Captain Sofwan into the hospital.
He's fine.
About time that prick actually got into a fight.
Now, since we have idle hands here itching for battle...
I have an assignment for you.
But first, I want to show you something.
President Soekarno had this emergency ward set up three weeks ago...
and already it is overflowing.
But, Sir, they're civilians.
No such thing any more.
I brought you here to see someone.
Aryo was caught and tortured by the Depot Speciale Troepen.
It's led by the most ruthless killer in this war, Colonel Raymer.
Please, Sir... please!
If this Raymer and his men are such an elite unit, why do the Dutch use them for... this?
Brother, this is a war of the mind.
In Sulawesi, Raymer has frightened people so badly, they are lining up to turn in their neighbors.
And now, Raymer has moved to Bali.
Amir, your team has a knack for doing the impossible.
Lieutenant Dayan knows the island.
Tomas is the only man in the Army who has seen Raymer in action.
You should have a strong motive.
With a few hundred troops we can defeat...
The silent knife?
You mean, we just eliminate Raymer?
We assassinate him.
He's a war criminal.
It's justice.
It's murder, Major.
He would gladly do the same to you.
We are freedom fighters, Major, not murderers.
You are soldiers.
You do as you are told!
If those are my orders...
then I refuse them.
I can have you put in front of a military tribunal and...
And shot?
Do as you must, Major.
Killing a devil to save thousands of our people... that's too hard for you?
You would rather run back home to your wife and baby?
As always, Sir, you are well informed.
I will gladly cut Raymer's throat.
If I can get there before Dayan.
This is a dirty war, Captain.
Now, here are your orders...
I won't be a part of this.
I'm sorry, Dayan. I'm not your commanding officer any more.
Budi... dead.
I know what they have done to you.
I know they are evil men.
But are we no better?
They maim us, we kill them!
Where does it end?
What's the matter, love?
Sit down.
I resigned from the army.
But the revolution... you love the army.
I don't love the army.
I love my country, but...
Most importantly, I love you.
And our little girl.
Our little boy.
I just want to be by your side when our baby comes.
Just like a man to offer to wash the dishes, after they're almost dry.
Amir, it's going to be great having you around again.
We'll be like a real family.
Oh, I forgot.
Where is that bedroom again?
This is Java and this is Bali?
Now I understand. So, we laid here?
Tomas, Dayan is saying that this is a highly active enemy area.
You follow?
Carry on, Dayan.
What about these two balls, what are they?
Coral, Tomas, coral! Shallow water!
As shallow as your brain.
Hey, watch your mouth!
You think I'm stupid?
This is the sea... I know there are fish in the sea!
What do you mean by drawing fish?
Tap the damn thing all you wait but I still don't understand!
You make him angry,Tomas. Sit down! Let me explain.
Dayan is trying tell you that we can use a fishing boat and sail here.
We land in a fishing village disguised as fishermen. Get it?
I understand that.
I've been trying to explain that to Dayan.
It's difficult to communicate when two people can't read,write or even speak!
This is what happens, hey?
Children, meet your new teacher, Mr.Amir.
Good morning, class.
Good morning, Sir.
Cesa, what are you boys playing?
We are soldiers, Sir, fighting the Dutch!
Hand it over.
You shouldn't play with guns, okay?
All right, run along.
Just go.
I know what you're about to say.
Please, just go and win this war... so you can come home sooner.
See that, he caresses that machine gun like his woman.
You should see the girl Marius left in port.
Her name is Hilda.
And she is very sensitive about her weight.
But never doubt her, she can be a real man-killer...
especially when she is in the right arms.
If you like, I might let you touch her and feel her vibrations,Tomas.
Or maybe you prefer just to touch yourself?
The Dutch!
Tomas, the Dutch!
Dayan, the Dutch!
Everyone grab a weapon!
Bring your vessel to a halt or we will destroy you!
We paid you a fortune.
They paid better.
Dayan, the anchor!
Halt your vessel in the name of The Royal Dutch Navy!
Hey, Marius! Now what? Those Dutch dogs are right behind us!
Don't tell me you went to sailing school?
Ready about!
Hard alee!
Nothing to it, Tomas!
Aim to port!
Are you all right?
Marius, turn! Quickly!
how far to Bali?
Not far, Senja.
Almost there.
There goes my steering!
Every good captain knows when to abandon ship.
Sorry, Hilda, we're going to get a bit wet.
Come on.
Help him.
Hilda... Hilda... Hilda...
Marius, get back... Marius!
Marius! Tomas! Dayan!
Marius! Marius! Marius!
I don't think he knows anything.
I know what happens...
when these people are not well guided.
Look, it's Junius. He's in uniform!
A PETA cadet? Maybe he is in with the Japanese.
Maybe he will help us.
He has been in our family for many years.
Where did you hide those weapons?
How could you betray us? To these?
A terrible thing, to be ruled by outsiders with whips and guns, no?
They came to set us free.
Enough small talk.
I don't speak Indonesian!
You, who have been here three centuries...
cannot speak Indonesian...
while l, who have been here only three months, can.
Perhaps that is why he is with me.
No wonder he's with us.
Bring out the woman.
Where did you hide weapons, Colonel?
The tin mine, about fifteen kilometers south, by the railway shed.
South of my plantation, Bantunon.
We'll see about that.
It's true.
What you do?
Do you know the term, "run amok?"
Yes, Colonel.
It's one of the few local words I know.
They bow, they mumble, "Yes, master. No, master. Sorry, master."
But inside, they seethe with 300 years of such tiny humiliations.
And then, all of a sudden, when you least expect it...
they run amok.
Yes, Colonel.
I must speak to them in their own language.
So, I must let myself... run amok.
We need to move inland.
Major Fadli said that Raymer and his troops are very active along the coast.
He needs rest.
He's okay, as long as he's not at sea.
he needs water.
Good afternoon.
You've slept for six hours.
When did you get so brave?
I just wanted to get back on dry land, Senja.
Marius, the mighty sea captain who fears the sea.
I'm thirsty.
Don't drink this.
You need water.
Tomas went to fetch some.
Finally, he went down on his knees to you.
I don't know what you are talking about.
Don't pretend, Senja.
Marius, what are you doing?
You're all better then?
We're in luck.
Dayan found a local who says Raymer's headquarters aren't far.
Move it!
I thought you didn't like him.
Hey, Senja... why don't you go do something about that?
Tomas, wait!
Young love.
Very bad for military discipline, Hilda.
Tomas! Tomas!
Take it off!
He's alive, just unconscious.
My baby!
Where is the nearest doctor?
Hey! Where's the nearest doctor?
Wayan Suta...
We need to find the guerrilla commander, Wayan Suta.
Please, help us.
I know where he is.
I know where he is!
Stay with us, Marius. You hear me?
About your parent, I will help you bury them.
We don't bury our dead, we burn them.
Sorry, Dayu.
There's no one here.
Come on, move.
Out of the way.
Follow me.
I'll stay with him.
Two Republican army officers arrive in my palace...
on the same day.
To what do we owe this honor?
One officer...
one deserter, Sir.
You two are from the same unit, with the same mission?
- Yes, Sir. - No, Sir.
Who is Captain?
- I am! - I am!
He was our Captain. He resigned.
True, Sir. But I'm here now.
Who's senior?
I am, Sir.
You can't just show up whenever you wait!
Amir, as a Colonel of the Republican Army I'm going to reinstate you to your former rank.
But Tomas will keep command of this mission until it is accomplished.
- Yes, Sir! - Yes, Sir!
Now... Raymer.
He always travels with personal bodyguards handpicked from Depot Speciale Troepen.
Some Dutch, some local militia from other island.
Many of them suffered with Raymer in the Japanese prison camps.
Loyal to the death, and as brutal as Raymer himself.
You'll need an army just to get near him.
I spoke to people on the way here.
They all seemed... afraid.
They have much to lose, Amir.
Yes, include my family
I have nothing left to lose.
Perhaps you can get your neighbors to help us send these Dutch home.
Men like Raymer were born here. This is their home.
Not anymore.
He's not any better.
There is little hope.
What can we do?
But he's not a believer.
I am.
Allah is great.
I need a doctor... I am a doctor.
A virgin like you is well suited to be with me here in paradise.
Better than living in earthly misery with Tomas.
Five attacks in one week!
And the generals in Jakarta say my tactics are too brutal!
I don't care what the United Nation says about me.
Someone to see you.
Good evening, Colonel.
We should move to a safer place.
No place is safe in Bali.
We don't want the blood of these children's on our hands.
Before sunrise, we all leave.
I said, you!
Where are the rebels?
Attack, now!
Don't move!
Get up, now!
Get up!
I'll kill you.
Take cover! Take cover! Tomas! Tomas!
Are you all right?
Now, let's send these Dutch home!
Wanna play?
All right, come on.
Is he still there?
You agree?
Yes, but you have to be careful.
Come on...
The Qu'ran, Chapter Fussilat, Verse 34.
Allah says...
"Requite evil with what is good. "