Gimnazisták és egyetemisták tiltakozása az Educatio kiállításon

Uploaded by MOHAmagazin on 20.01.2012

I am a secondary school student
I studied, I fought in vain.
I am a teacher
I might loose my job.
I am a university student.
I did not have to choose between running into debt or losing my freedom of movement.
There will be each time less people who can say the same.
The government takes away the future of next generations.
The have made a law without asking anyone’s consent,
not the experts, not the teachers,
not the students, not their families.
Although it is about their future!
Because of this law hundreds of thousands of people do not know what they can expect.
They can throw out their hard work and their dreams to the bin.
Their faith in the future has been taken away.
The government is afraid of training economists and sociologists,
because it would become obvious that their policies are a mistaken!
They are afraid of training lawyers,
because they would call to account the deconstruction of the constitutional state.
Why do they support less engineers
if they say there is a need for them?
Someone who applies to university now does not even know if he will be able to get a place.
If he will able to get, he does not know how many thousands of forints he will have to pay.
If he does get a state scholarship he will not know for how many years he will be forced to stay and work in Hungary.
Universities will go broke before students finish their studies.
Thousands of experts will lose their jobs.
Why do they punish future generations for their own mistakes?
Why do they force young people to leave their homeland?
What have talents of the future done to deserve loosing their dreams?
We want a better higher education,
but the government destroys what we already have.
We can’t let our future ruined!
We can’t let our universities destructed!
The university belongs to us and to those who come after us!
We will continue in February!
(Peter Princzinger, president of Hungarian Educational Authority) I'd like to thank you for the attention you gave to me.
(high school student) I would like to study economics, and now I have no other choice than to pay. Or I can go abroad.
There will be 250 state financed places for economists when they admit how many more students in a year!?
(interviewer) Have you heard about the new student loan scheme?
Student loan, no thank you.
I don’t want to start my life with a 5 million forints debt.
The new higher education law does not concern me because I am already doing my masters.
But, I find the drastic reduction of the number of state scholarships outrageous
and I am very sorry for those secondary school students who are in their last year now and are held in uncertainty.
We have done this protest because we wanted to shake public opinion
and call students to express their discontent and say out loud why this is unfair.