I have been on HIV drugs for the past month.

Uploaded by anubis2814 on 20.03.2012

So yes guys you read my title correctly. For the last month I have been on anti-retrovirals.
So sorry about the quality level in my videos. So do I have HIV? Well hopefully and probably
not. In fact that is why I've been on the drugs,
A month ago I was working with extracting DNA from blood. We will spin down blood from
alzheimers and on the rare occasion parkinsons patients, til it separates. When blood separates
from cetrifugation it splits into three parts. The red blood cells or erithrocytes on the
bottom, the white blood cells or buffy coat in a tiny layer in the middle, and the plasma
on the top. We are after the buffy coat so we pull off the plasma, dump that and suck
off the buffy coat with a pipette. After that we break down the cell walls and get the DNA
using a similar process to a miles powers experiment using stawberries. Of course we
have to use harsher chemicals along with the very exact chemicals he uses to break down
the walls as cell walls aren't anything like fruit cells and don't come with enzymes that
break themselves down because they aren't evolved to be eaten.
So go watch the video the link is below. Due to a procedural issue I can’t disclose,
there were little shards of glass on the bench. Now most of the time a lab and experiments
are engineered for safety but no one really thought about this issue. Normally we draw
buffy coats in the hood, but its ok to be done outside the hood, since I just got hired
and our department is growing. In the process you always make a bit of a
mess, though I did pour ethanol on all of the spots I dropped. When laying down lids
I got one of those nice little glass shard in on my thumb. Great. In a lab with human
fluids or tissues, no cut or accident is little, especially as we get blood on that rare occasion
of HIV infected individuals and you are never 100% certain that any blood is pathogen free.
However the chances of there being pathogens in the blood are really really low Ethanol
damages enveloped virus coatings so that reduces my chances even further but in the end it
doesn't rule it out completely. So to be safe rather than sorry, I decided to go on anti-retrovirals.
Prophyactic anti-retrovirals is a concept that was approved by the FDA a few years ago
and I read about them assuming I'd never use them. But I'm glad the research was done because
now my chances of HIV are ridiculously lower than they already were. So lets just say that
for the past month I’ve commiserated much more with HIV patients and I only had 2 of
the drug cocktail they get to prevent Aids. I’ve been tired draggy, my immune system
went off as the slightest thing, and I’m still not completely back to full constitution
even 2 weeks after it. So if I’m a little too aspy if you meet me at the reason rally
please cut me some slack, I’m very easily tired out and overwhelmed now.
On top of that my memory was fuzzy last month but I will go into more details on the side
effect in a later video. Lets just say that SofiaRune really gave me an earful on my video
“Lack of community has similar effects to solitary confinement” in my comments section
on comments I made that were both confusing and wrong. And it turns out I over expanded
the term epigenetics to include environmental developmental changes which now boggles my
mind because I knew the definition, but for some reason my memories got scrambled and
I could have sworn that Robert Sapolski had used it in that sense, but I looked back on
his books and he never used the word. I will at some point go through and make annotations
fixing the problems but I’m still not 100% to do that. I’m sure I’ll be embarassed
when I do. On the plus side however, people have asked
me through the years on youtube to make videos on microbiology and I never knew what to do.
So now I have something to cover. So every other week I will do a video probably 3 more
discussing my experience and the science behind it.