Black Jack TV - Full Episode 32 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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As I stand in the wind on a hill by a port town,
my head feels unusually empty.
I was watching the town from the south side of the shore.
And so I sunk my unsteady passion into the depths of the sea.
This surging power...
It's something hidden in everyone, everywhere.
Day after day, everyone tries their best.
But people get annoyed when I mention it.
It makes me glad...
that I found my place here.
I searched for the reason
why we can believe in the same air
as long as we're alive.
He weaves the thread of life with his miraculous control of a scalpel.
The genius surgeon who lives on a cape.
His name is Black Jack.
Oh, yes?
These are all the bags you have, right?
Also, would you mind taking the mail?
I don't mind.
It's no trouble.
Look! Look!
It's a souvenir for Sharaku!
You can buy souvenirs on our way home.
What kind of shell is this?
It's a trumpet shell.
Let's go.
The Terror of the Azure Sea
Originally "The Blue Terror" by Tezuka Osamu
How'd it go, Taichi?
Perfect, Dad.
See, Dad?
You beat me.
Let's head back.
The Doctor's coming to visit us.
The doctor? He's...
Hey Doc, do you also own the island we're visiting today?
Yes, I do.
It's called Sankai Island.
What good does it do to buy so many islands?
Islands teeming with life are beautiful, aren't they?
I want to keep them that way.
I won't let you waste any more money!
Hey now. Don't call it a waste.
But it is a waste!
You'll understand one day.
Huh? There are people.
Hey, Doc!
Hey! Taichi!
What are you here for?!
I brought food and other supplies.
The regular guy could have done that.
You didn't have to come.
You don't appreciate our work?!
We didn't ask for...Ouch!
Hey, Taichi! He's the owner of this island!
That's why I don't like him!
Someone who lives in a city doesn't need to own a island!
Stop it!
Doc, did you buy these people with the island?
That's a good one!
Pinoko, they both live here.
We live by the sea.
We're men of the sea!
Wait up!
Oh, I brought some mail for you too.
Thanks a lot.
It's not a pretty house, but come and relax for a while.
Thanks. We want to stay the night if we can.
We want to have the pleasure of seeing the sun rise and set.
City folk trying to act cool...
Hey! Taichi!
Is that it?
Yes, it is.
Have some tea.
Tropical fruit too!
Isn't it tough without any women around?
It's been two years now since my wife died, so I've gotten used to it.
But I feel sorry for him.
But he's growing up strong.
No, he's still a kid.
He tries to act strong, but he's still not experienced enough.
He's just a kid; he doesn't know what to fear.
I'm not a kid!
Yes, you are.
Am not!
You don't know the true terror of the sea yet.
Terror of the sea?
I'm not scared of it at all!
I'm different from those city folks there!
Want a piece of me?!
Listen, Taichi.
You may be the son of a fisherman,
but you aren't a true fishermen yourself until you know how truly terrifying the sea can be.
I already know!
No, you're still a kid.
I don't get it!
I don't understand what you're saying!
I'm gonna go catch some fish.
Don't forget to stay away from the Western shore!
I know!
Hey Doc, I want to go see the sea too.
That's fine.
But you can't swim, so don't go in the water.
Also, don't go near the shore on the west side, OK?
Is it that dangerous?
The side is filled with sharp rocks.
There are poisonous creatures too.
"Seikai High School"
Doc, I'm thinking about sending Taichi to the high school in town.
I think this island's better for him than the town would be.
Sure, the wind blows cold in town towards outsiders.
But I want him to experience that harshness.
Why's that?
When he told me he wouldn't go to high school and wanted to become a fisherman, I was overjoyed.
But he takes the sea far too lightly.
He may die there.
We can't count on people helping us if we stay on this island.
I need him to mature a lot more.
That's why you want to send him to town?
But you'd be alone.
I'm always alone at sea.
This letter's a reply from the school.
They said they'd give me the application after meeting with me in person.
I'm going to go see them now.
then you can use the boat I used to get here.
I'll be back by evening.
Tell Taichi to get dinner ready when he returns.
I'm Pinoko.
Nice to meet you.
Hey now! You're rude!
You're the ones that are rude!
What are you talking about?
Sankai Island is ours!
We've lived here as far back as my granddad!
I thought Doc bought this island.
As if I care!
A crab!
Crab! Crab!
Wait up!
Ow! Ow!
Calm down!
You need to grab crabs by their backs.
City kids know nothing.
You're smart.
Anyone would know that.
you catch fish with that stick?
But the Northern shore wasn't good today.
You can't catch any here?
I want to catch fish.
It's too hard for a kid.
I'm not a kid!
Then come with me.
We'll move to the Eastern shore.
Hey, that's Doc's boat.
Does he have something to do on the mainland?
I'll get a big catch and surprise him!
Let's go!
Wait, Taichi!
Wait up!
It's so quiet...
Why is it so quiet?
I see!
The tide's out now, so the sound of the waves is further away.
Neither the Eastern nor Southern shores have any fish.
Maybe the Western shore...
Come on...
Come on...
Here it comes!
But it's a catch!
Oh? Where'd he go?
The low tide made this the perfect spot for fishing!
The Western shore's dangerous? Yeah, right!
There's no better fishing spot than this!
It's already this late.
Where'd he go?
Just how late do you plan on playing?
That's not it.
I was catching fish with Taichi, but then he disappeared.
I searched the Eastern shore, and the Southern and Northern ones too, but I couldn't find him.
What about the Western shore?
But I'm not supposed to go there, right?
Could he...
Dang it. It won't budge.
Is that...
That's Taichi.
Taichi, what's this?
It's a giant clam.
It got my leg.
It's huge.
It's buried between the rocks and the sand, and it won't budge.
This isn't something just anyone can do.
We'll have to wait for your dad to come back.
But the tide's already starting to rise.
How long do we have before it comes in?
I don't know.
Two hours, maybe?
It becomes twice as deep as my height.
You'll drown for sure like this.
Taichi, where do you keep the scuba gear and oxygen tank?
In the storage shack.
Wait here.
Let's go, Pinoko!
Don't worry; we'll save you.
Is this it?
Darn. It's padlocked.
Pinoko, go ask Taichi where the key for the storage shack is.
You mean I have to go back?
Doc, he doesn't know.
He said it'd probably be somewhere in the house.
We can't open it without the key.
Pinoko, we must find it!
Key! Key! Key!
Key! Key!
Where's the key?
Darn, where is it?
"Sea Creatures"
Doc, I can't find it.
Pinoko, keep searching for the key.
What about you?
It's time for an operation.
But I've never performed an operation like this before.
Did you find the key?
What's that?
You want to break the shell with a hammer?
That'll crush my leg!
It's a wedge.
All right.
I can't pull out my leg with that.
But I need to stick my arm in.
Your arm?
This is your encyclopedia.
It says that clams have two adductor muscles and those are used to keep the shell shut.
I'll force the shell open with my scalpel.
If I can sever the adductor muscles, it should open the shell.
And if I can figure out where they are, I should be able to do it without seeing them.
What if that doesn't work?
Then you might as well give up.
If something goes wrong, my arm will get stuck and then I'll die too.
Let's do it.
First, the mantle.
Are you all right, Taichi?
The clam feels the pain too.
The tide's rising quicker than I thought it would.
I'm going to die!
Come on!
Don't give up!
I'm going to die!
I'm going to drown to death!
I'm going to die!
Taichi, are you really the son of a fisherman?
Or are all the men of the sea wusses like you?
Don't mock men of the sea!
I haven't given up yet!
Believe in me!
Is this...
Here it is.
This is it.
I've severed one.
One more to go.
This'll be it.
Let's go!
I was...
I was a fool, Dad.
The sea's the same as it always is, but...
Darn. That's the best I can...
Don't die, Taichi!
How's Taichi?
Is he dead?
Are you kidding?
A man of the sea won't die so easily.
You've done it!
Hey, Taichi, are you awake?
How do you feel?
I was scared.
I thought I was going to die.
I really thought I was going to die.
Are you...
Do you hate the sea now?
The sea's scary,
I still love the sea.
It's really pretty!
"Seikai High School Admissions Guidelines"
Hey, isn't that...
He doesn't need it anymore.
Hey, Doc, look.
Hey, Doctor!
I'll feed you delicious clams when you come back next time!
Come again!
Hey Taichi,
I'm going to go out to fish now,
but you don't have to come along.
Wait, Dad.
I can...
I can come with you.
You never know what might happen at sea.
You think you know everything now?
Hey Doc, let's work harder and harder, and then we can buy all the islands in the world.
Hey now. Don't ask for the impossible.
It's not impossible.
I want to capture your heart with my silly smile.
Only look straight at me.
Being kind isn't good enough.
I want to get in touch with your true heart,
deep within the you that nobody else sees.
Being in the gentle sunlight,
I wish on the clover that plays the melody of dreams,
and I search for a ray of hope beyond the blue skies,
because I want to stay by your side forever.
The promise we made long ago in a far away place...
is finally coming to a realization, overcoming the incredible distance,
just as it was led by the light.
Show me!
They might want to use me as an experiment for research.
It's only for an examination.
I knew it. My mom is...
You must be the invader's boss!
Let's escape!
That man in black's an invader!
If it's hopeless, it's best to just tell him that!
It's true.
Next Karte - An Invader from the Sky.
How late do you plan on play...
An octopus?