Vodka and Sushi level up

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What is up youtube!
Yo boy Eric Dexplorer in the house.Guest starring...
Look at that,I ain t even gotta say it do I?
What s good? How you doing Laoshu?
Oh you recording?
I m recording! We live, this is live.Oh? I m good man, about to get serious.
I m putting my silencer on my gun right now (call of duty reference)
Look at lady right there in the deli.
Yea, I m putting my silencer on right now and I m about to get serious
Yes sir!
So Moses actually came up here to Cleveland to go do some leveling up
Can you believe it ya ll?
So we at this place, I m not even gonna try to pronounce it, yes I am.
This is a Russian market here.
I think they have a restaurant in here as well if I m not mistaken from what I read.
So it s about to get random, we don t know what s about happen, what s even better they don t what s about to happen
So we about to go in here and punch some people in the mouth, catch this felony and head back to our next stop, so let s see what happens
This is my little baby here, Jade. Hello Kitty Jade
Jade, say hi
Speak some Russian
I don t know Russian!
Why you don t know Russian?
We gonna have Moses teach you, how about that?
Man, this place is serious
See these videos, videos right here.You ve been here before?
Nah, I ve droved past it.This is my first time, we are going to find out
I ve heard there is a market in here, there s the market right there
We going shopping!
I got it, let me get it
I m going to buy something
Since I m local here I can buy something and take it to the house
Want some candy Jade?
What some fitness bread? I don t know what that is
I love me some rye bread
Look at that symbol on there
That eggplant.I think Jade has had eggplant before
Have you had eggplant before?
No I ve never had it
I don t know if mommy know how to cook it
She has never had apricots either unless it was in something. Herring
Moses,listen in.Just want to make sure, want to confirm
Confirmed already
She could be speaking something else
Just go ahead and break it out on her. Ask her what s good here, I want to try something new
Just hit her with it
That s tomatoes?
I don t know what I want to try
Want to try some bakery Jade?
Behind you
It s ok
Hit her with something!
(Russian) How are you today?
I want to try some bakery Moses, ask her in Russian what s good
I want to try something
Hold on, Jade, you want to try something
They calling you man, they punching you all in your face
Jade wanna try this
You wanna try this salad right here
I want some meat, I don t want any salad
It has eggplant.
Oh ok
Hit her with something, punch her in the face
You want some salad? She don t really eat salad
She gonna funny and kind of flaky
I m gonna walk around
On the bottom is leaking
It s just the oil, let me get a towel
I need to find hera napkin it s oily at the bottom
You got to punch them harder than that
You got to ask them questions
My Russian kinda limited
It s ok, they we just revert to english
I m going to get some meat
Let s get some turkey that would be good
Just to get in
Still trying to figure out
I ll get whatever
This is serious right here
I looking for something that s cheap
I might get that ham
ask for some turkey
We always have an opportunity at the checkout
That lady like speak russian to me, right behind you
Jade, wanna wear my bag, it s probably too big for you.
Can you read me a bedtime story Moses? Read me that
You gonna grab a couple?
Ask her about the what kind of candy is good, she s buying a gang of chocolate better come punch this lady in the face!
She s back there
Look they got vodka candy
Oh man, wow
Is this good?
Yea, it has the vodka, it has vodka inside
(Russian) Is it very delicious? What is best?
The candy? In a box?
You can buy it by the weight
Yea they have the individuals candies
Do they have this individual?
It will looks like this.Look over there
Vodka, cherry and liquor and like barcardi
Ahh ok
I m gonna try it
He studies some Russian
You study? Where? Here?
(Russian)I study a little bit at home.
For what?
I saw you buying all the candy and I thought you would know what s good cause he s from Columbus
(Russian) My friend here told me that I can practice Russian here so I came.
I m gonna learn from him (laughs)
What else is good, I want to try a bunch of different things, because this is my first time visiting a Russian market
So any other candy that you recommend? Or just anything is good
Oh cakes
(Eric Russian- Thanks! yea boi!)
Ok, thanks!
Look all children books
Oh, you gonna break that out for the kids? The twins...
Yea, they are going to learn Russian
They going to learn everything! Poor kids! Poor kids are going to get every language
Now she said the candy is over here
Man, you don t want that. Man, I'm about to get some vodka candy
Jade you want some vodka candy?
What s vodka?
You about to find out!
My Russian needs to get better.It s ok, it was better
I don t know, let me see
Man, I don t know what this say, you want to try it?
Get something you want to try
Wanna try it, put it in here.What else you want to try?
I don t see any vodka candy
I got some
I m not trying it, I don t get down with that but I think it s interesting that they have that
I haven t seen anything like that before
Vodka candy
That s hilralious
If you are going to learn Russian you are going to have to experience the culture fully
The chinese have a plum wine
I ve never had a plum wine. It comes in a green bottle and has an actually plum in it
Ohh, how did it taste?
Well, I m not a drinker
Did it taste ok?
Yea it was alright
Did it make you frown?
Oh it goes down warm
Anything else you want to try Jade?
Is that a plum right there?
Vodka, look at that. Vodka candy
Probably do, everything is in Columbus. Columbus has everything (cultures)
Jade, you done?
What s this, this don t a have a bit of english on this
Good! That s how you learn
But what about when you can t read it?
Alright let's wrap it up
You going to get some turkey?
My Russian, I need to power it up. I mean I am leveling it up now but....
Get into the lab with it, huh?
Hmm, what s this?
Some exotic candy man
This is like pure authentic, this is the real deal. Woah! It s five dollars!!
72% what?
What does that say?
(Moses Russian)I don t know what that mean
This say it too, 70% cacao
It must have alcohol in it otherwise why would it have a percent on it. And that s why it probably cost so much
Yea probably
You ready?
Oh...not yet
You gonna get the meat?
The meat? Should I bother? You get enough leveling up in?
I can just buy this, oh get that roosky in right here!
We ready to go Jade
(Russian) How are you today?
I wish my English was as good as your Russian
Look! (laugh)
I ll be back
Hey they got this Russian paper. You need to take this to the house put this with your journey.
You can associate this with your journey
I ll take one too
The old woman was feeling the Russian, she was caught in the heat of the moment
She heard you and was like WTF?
(everyone laughs)
I have a plan for Russian but right now I m in Czech mode
This spot , Moses! It s serious. It s a Russian goldmine!
What is that? It looks like it just opened
I heard something
Hey, is this is a chinese place?
Yea, chinese..oh I don t know
(Russian) Are you Russian?
This is hilarious man
Look, that lady was just in the market
Hi, how are you?
Hi.What want take out
You can take a look around
Oh, we can walk around?
How long has this place been open for?
How long we ve been open? Oh about a month
Just a month? Where are you from?
I mean are you Chinese?
Are you from South China?
(Cantonese) Do you speak Cantonese?
You can look around I think it s pretty good
That dude was like...
I was slapping him all in the face (laughs)
That Canton?
You hear me? I was switching back and forth
Yea, I heard tai tai
He thought my wife was teaching me. I told him she s from Taiwan so I can t practice Cantonese with her
Look they have a part room over there
Sushi over here, you want some?
I hear Russian man
This is ridiculous, this is hilarious
In Cleveland getting in
You want some sushi? That is hilarious, they are speaking Russian. Watch this!
You want this sushi?
Watch this, I m about to get it in!
(Russian) Oh, you speak Russian? Nice to meet you. Hi!
I m moving to Cleveland
Don t do that!
We can get some sushi.I ve never had sushi before
You ve never had sushi? Oh my god, you japanese! That s your favorite language and you ve never had it what s wrong with you?
Man, I like my fish cooked. Ooh look!
He ain t japanese
If he is you better punch him in the mouth!
This is hilarious
We are just looking
You wanna get that?
He not Japanese
I know that, he s not Japanese
Probably gonna get a couple pieces of those
I know he doesn t speak any english.Nah, he can t speak any English
Go ahead and get in. Punch him in the mouth real
Ha, you silly!
I m just gonna get a couple of these
I almost start speaking Czech to that lady
Go ahead and punch him in the month
(Mandarin) Could you give me a box?
It s by weight
He s not Japanese though
(Cantonese)How are these?
He says this is spicy
(Mandarin) I prefer to eat spicy foods.
You like spicy?
Oh yea, I love spicy
(Japanese) I like spicy food
Karai is spicy in japanese
Jade, you going try some sushi today?
I never like to tell them that my wife is from Taiwan ,but Cantonese is a different language so they can t say anything about that
Watch this...
(Russian) Hello
She didn t hear me
That s it man, that is hilarious speaking Russian in a Chinese restaurant
What s next?
Can t get no better than that!
What s gonna happen next today?
That is awesome, this has been an awesome level-up
(Cantonese) That's it!
You can speak eight kinds of languages?
It s amazing, I can t believe it.Hope to see you again so we can talk later
Your amazing
j&Punching people in the mouth, that s what we doj&
Man, we just came from the Russian spot to the Chinese buffet.I thought it was going to Russian.
I thought it was going to Russian too but when I saw the green and red on the building I thought it was going to Italian
I thought the location would take advantage of the Russians and then I heard Russian people speaking.
And there was a Russian birthday party in a Chinese/Japanese restaurant
Yes sir, there you have it
I m confused
You confused?
I m bamboozled! (laughs)
There's another one across the street
That s too easy
That Guangdong!
Interesting stuff.
That video was very interesting that you guys saw
There was another part of the video that got cut out, well it didn t get cut I just couldn t find it.
I searched for it all night and I don t know what happened to it.
But at the beginning when we first went in there, I got some Russian in with a couple of women there
One was just a regular customer and another was working there at the deli
I don t know what happened to that part but in the future if I find it I will upload for you guys
One thing that was very interesting to me at that market was the fact that they had vodka candy and I ve never seen that before.
Chocolate vodka
Vodka in the middle of the chocolate then they have the alcohol proofs like 70% measuring the alcohol content, it was very expensive too
That was very interesting to me
So Russian, Cantonese, Mandarin and I get some Russian more in at the Chinese restaurant
We didn t know what type of restaurant at first because of the colors of the building on the outside and we just assumed that is was a Russian restaurant
Because there was a Russian market across the way and a lot of Russian was going in the restaurant
So we just went there and as you saw it was Chinese.A Chinese/Japanese buffet
That took place in Cleveland, I went up to see Eric and we just went to a couple of places
Cleveland is very diverse.I don t know if I can say it s as diverse as Columbus but they have a large community of foreigners
Irish, Germans, Czechs, amazing stuff
So when I was there, I got this on video at the Russian market. I bought a few children s books
I really do wish they had a Russian market here
This was like $4.50
I m not really studying Russian right now but I plan on going back to work on it
I m not sure when but these will be here waiting on me
Another one.Yes, they had a huge section of these books
So i had a great time, very interesting place. I will definitely be going back in the future
I need to find out if we have a Russian market here in Columbus, seriously because that was amazing stuff
So that s pretty much it, this video was like 30 minutes,
I wasn t that long but it took a lot of time because I had to put the clips together and then I had to cut some parts out
And of course I had to put the subtitles in for you guys
If you guys have any questions let me know otherwise thanks for viewing. I ll chat with you guys shortly