Squaresville - Ep. 7 Shelly at Large: w/ Mary Kate Wiles, Kylie Sparks, Austin Rogers

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Hi, guys.
Hey, Shelly.
Hi, Esther.
So, I
know this is like totally stupid,
but I promised my mom I'd make sure.
I heard you guys joined a cult.
Is that true, are you guys in a cult?
No, Shelly, we're not in a cult.
Esther, you tend to wear a lot of black.
Are you like a gothic person?
Do you worship Satan?
Do you steal prescription drugs from your parents and grandparents?
Oh, man.
No, Shelly, we aren't into any of that stuff.
Why are we friends with this girl again?
She's a reject.
She needs our help.
She has gotta go.
Shut up.
Come on you guys, it's just what I heard.
I had to double check.
I didn't want to end
up being peer pressured into sacrificing
some squirrels or handing office
supplies or whatever.
I think you're confusing your signs for trouble deeds.
We're still just regular girls, Shelly.
I know.
I 'm sorry.
But maybe you want to come to my summer Solstice party?
We're offering my first period to the gods in return for a bounteous harvest.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
We know you've just been through
a lot lately and there's no reason to feel bad.
But it's just because sometimes I'm like oh, my God.
I can't believe you guys
are still my friends after everything
that I've been through with all
the other kids hating me because of whatever.
And they used to call you guys names and stuff.
And I usually call you names and stuff?
Wait, what do they call us?
And what did you say?
No, I told them
to shut the fuck up
and one time I even
bought Madison Snickers to shut up.
Oh, nice, you had to buy their friendship.
I'm just saying.
Thanks for sticking up for us.
Oh, hey!
Do you want a Cafe Kinglob carob chip bar?
My mom made them.
It's not exactly a
Snickers but you won't get early onset diabetes.
Thanks .
I don't understand
why you make it your duty to be friends with everyone.
It's not my duty.
I'm just trying to be nice.
Let's go, ladies.
Hurry it up or you're getting an extra lap.
Yeah, let's pick it up, ladies.
We told you we're on our periods.
Both of you?
That's how best friends are.
I'm just saying, if you're willing
to let anyone be your friend
no matter what they've done, then
what does friendship even mean?
Well, if you ever got drunk and peed on someone's shoes.
Decided to abandon your friends for newer, cooler ones.
Yes, if you ever did any those things.
I would still be friends with you if you were sorry.
I would never do that to you.
Hurry up, ladies!
We're not going any faster!
How do you get away with talking to him like that?
Are you kidding?
Acting like a bitch is the only way to sell it.
Hey, hey, Pierce.
Which is short for Percival, right?
Perce is short for Percival too.
So, I'm gonna call you that.
No, it's not.
It makes you sound rich.
Are you gonna be walking home with us from now on?
Oh, hey, you totally should.
We live so close.
Oh, it's cool, guys.
I'm actually catching a ride.
Hey, ladies!
What's up, bird brain?
Don't you have somewhere to be, like at home napping or something.
I 'm just here pickin' up my lovely lady.
Yeah, we're hanging out now.
Wait, how do you two know each other?
Summer school.
Shelly here taught me the ways of calculus.
and I taught her the ways of love.
So gross.
You guys want a ride?
No way.
Suit yourself.
Yeah, I so
would have taken a ride.
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