UGA Dance Marathon

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>> My name Alexandra Stevens and I am at UGA Dance Marathon 2012.
Coming out as a freshman to UGA,
I knew I had a complete passion for UGA Miracle.
My passion for UGA Miracle came
from my own personal miracle story which happened
in my senior year of high school.
As a senior, at Greater Atlanta Christian school,
I was really involved in training for a Half Marathon,
Completely Healthy Child.
One day my mom and I were shopping down at Lenox Mall
and my hands and feet started tingling.
And I was like, "Mom, there is something wrong with my body.
I have to go to the car."
So we went to the car and the minute I sat down,
my whole body went completely limp.
I couldn't lift my arms and my legs.
And my eyelid shut by themselves and I couldn't open them.
Every single test for the next seven days came back negative.
They had no absolute idea what was wrong with me.
On the seventh day, it was a blessing
and prayers were answered when they found
out what was wrong with me.
They found a rare form of E. coli in my left kidney
which had completely shutdown my body.
And it's a disease that most adults die
between four to five days.
And I'd lived to the seventh day
because of Children's Healthcare.
It was not just a phase or not just their job but they cared
and wanted to make me well.
They just have a very, very strong love for their patients.
Seeing the families that this money goes to especially
on this day when the children come and they play for 24 hours.
And we're interacting with them and playing them and knowing
that the money that we raised goes to make them well and goes
to make them just better.
I mean, it's the feeling that you'll never forget.
You know that your dollar is helping save their lives
and helping save all the other children lives that are
down at Children's Healthcare.
But that hospital made me well.
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta made me be able to come here
as a freshmen and serve on UGA Miracle.