Imagefilm "Imagine a place ..."

Uploaded by NRWinvest on 26.05.2011

The film begins with different images which raise the question as to the theme of the film. The view from the “Drachenfels” (Dragon Rock) over the Rhine as the carpet of cloud breaks up to reveal the river below. A Dülmen wild pony stands on a fog-shrouded paddock. Children run up the stairs of the Japanese School in Düsseldorf. A man rides a bicycle through the large office building of the ThyssenKrupp headquarters in Essen. A canoe trip on Hariksee lake, the paddle dipping into the water. Caption for these first scenes which do not yet reveal what the film is about:
"Imagine a place..."
A skydiver hovers in a vertical wind tunnel. The camera takes up the movement and flies up over the "Tetraeder" (tetrahedron) observation tower in Bottrop. It pans up into the sky, and a flock of birds flies across the picture in a similar geometric shape. A Tai Chi student follows this sideways movement with her hand. She is standing with other Tai Chi students on the roof of the Federal Art Gallery in Bonn. In the next scene, the camera pans sideways over a large herd of galloping Dülmen wild ponies. Caption over this and the next frame:
"...where nature inspires technology."
Two men are pushing a Ford car into a wind tunnel. A production hall with huge combine harvesters. A view from the banks of the Rhine over the city of Düsseldorf. Darkness falls in fast motion. Street traffic at night on a broad major thoroughfare in Dortmund, with the Evonik company headquarters just discernible in the background. Following on from the first caption "Imagine a place..." the next insert asks about a place where
"Technology boosts the economy."
View of the Cologne skyline at daybreak. Sunrise over a Cologne petrochemical plant, then the camera flies over a container ship on the Rhine and approaches Duisburg's container port. Caption:
"Logistics improves business."
Containers are being handled, the film follows a train laden with containers. Tracking shot under a bridge on the Rhine. A child is running and holding a model plane aloft, and in the next scene a plane takes off. Caption:
"Business connects people."
View of a runway and an airport building with a plane taxiing toward a gate. A couple perform modern dance in an empty factory building, their circling movement being taken up by the next image of the skydivers hovering in the wind tunnel. Caption:
"Where art meets science."
Wuppertal's overhead railway glides through the frame. A futuristic solar-driven vehicle drives along a road. Visitors in the Folkwang Museum in Essen. A girl walks through the museum carrying a small snow globe which contains a miniature of Cologne Cathedral. Caption:
"Modernity evolves from tradition."
The girl stands holding the snow globe in front of Cologne Cathedral, then she gazes around herself inside the cathedral. Flight over a Rhine bridge in Düsseldorf, a young woman in a park touches a small ball on her necklace, places her arm round the branch of a tree. The next scene shows an electric sports car driving along against the backdrop of the coking plant at Zeche Zollverein. A stone falls into a pool, and the ripples set the reflection of the colliery in motion. Caption:
"Open space creates open minds."
A man is balancing on a pipe over the surface of the water at the colliery. Climbers in an adventure park. A businessman strides through the ThyssenKrupp building and into the elevator. The elevator passes another elevator coming the other way. Several young scientists are busy in a large chemical laboratory. Caption:
"And ideas become inventions."
An aerial view of Dortmund's soccer stadium. The Schalke-Arena in Gelsenkirchen: The retractable pitch glides into the arena. A Tipp-Kick figure in close-up: a finger presses down on the figure, which shoots. Two boys in soccer shirts pass the ball to each other on the sidewalk. A group of soccer fans with migration background. Sitting on the shoulders of an adult fan, a small child holds a flag. Caption:
"Where passion unites cultures."
Girls in carnival costumes dance in front of an old industrial site, a panel of a solar power plant, the staircase of Zeche Zollverein, the cube building of Zeche Zollverein in the dark with illuminated windows, as it gets light in fast motion. A pupil from the Japanese school holds a cardboard model of the cube building in the air. The teacher writes Japanese characters on the board as more and more students put their hands up. Caption:
"Cultural diversity awakens curiosity."
The film again shows the dancing carnival girls, who are also raising their arms into the air. The students of the Japanese school are making different-colored cardboard models of the cube building. The dancing couple twirl around each other. Caption:
"Curiosity excites creativity."
A house wall decorated with mosaics, the reflecting, crooked buildings of Frank Gehry in Düsseldorf's Mediahafen district, clouds pass from one side of the picture to the other, the camera tracks past a plane, the electric car glides through the picture, the male dancer lifts his partner up and does one full turn, moving her around him like the hand of a clock. Caption:
"Where creativity drives our lives."
The two dancers stand opposite each other and form a triangle with their arms, the carnival girls form a triangular human pyramid, a view of the Bottrop tetrahedron as a triangle, a triangular path system in front of the ThyssenKrupp headquarters. The carnival girls ride down an escalator, a ride over a Rhine bridge, a ride on a bobsled run, two cyclists ride toward each other in front of the China Center in Düsseldorf.
In an even faster sequence, the film shows snapshots of the skydiver in the wind tunnel, a castle, a castle garden, an expansive landscape filled with horses, the camera pans up into the sky to a flock of birds. Caption:
"Welcome to North-Rhine Westphalia. Germany’s leading economic region."
The film fades to black. A logo appears. The writing in the logo says: "Germany at its best: Nordrhein-Westfalen".