Gear Run: Rammstein

Uploaded by tcelectronic on 06.08.2010

Can you tell us a little bit about the rig, go through the signal chain? I know it's really elaborate , but as best you can.
The wireless signal is going to the receivers,
there are four channels for different tunings
With this device I can choose
between cable input for emergencies
or the four different channels.
And then we have a couple of stomp boxes.
Effects you can choose with a Skrydstrup looper
which is controlled with two midi boards -
one on stage and one for me.
So you are controlling a lot of the stuff from back here? 0:00:54.400,,0:01:02.910 Yes, and then the signal is split through the eight amps.
So you play through all eight amps or are there some backups?
No, one is backup.
Those on top is for the stage each cab, the one down there is for
Is that for the Is that for the main sound?
Yeah none of the cabs on stage are actually miked.
They are just for him (Kruspe).
To be able to tweak the volume on stage.
It must be really loud out there, it's like 150 watt heads
Actually it is okay, it is not that loud. It is just for him to be able to choose a little more gain.
This is his main guitar. Its a custom finish by the Guitar Center where I used to work.
One day Richard came with the idea to have a guitar that looks actually burnt like it was
scorched from the fire.
So we put paper on top,
scratched and burnt it and
covered it with a lot of layers.
So it's actually paper below the - it's paper...
it feels ...
So it's thick paper that's been burnt. It looks cool.
And all the other ones have different tunings?
Yeah Two different tunings. Drop D is the main tuning,
straight E,
low C for the lower stuff,
some other guitars are special, like this one here for special... 0:02:58.359,0:03:05.699 drop D tuning with an extra low C for the low parts of the song.
Can you show us this little tuning gizmo?
This one? That makes it a lot easier for me.
Sometimes when you stand behind the side bells or the bass front of the house
you get interferences with the bass.

You can just choose the spot that works, where the guitars don't respond that much.
And it's easy, you don't have to unplug nothing.

So you just??
Yeah it saves good time
We're from TC so we would love to hear a little bit about what TC gear you use?
We are using the (Nova) Delay pedal
So you are actually using different presets on the pedal?

Today we use this (Nova Dynamics). It gives us a little more compression
and volume in some spaces
for the clean stuff on the clean channel of the (Mesa Boogie) Rectifiers.
Well, cool! Thank you very much.
You're welcome.